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									1. SILT: fine, fertile soil

2. DELTA: triangle shaped marshy area

3. SANDSTONE : rock formed from pressed sand

4. CATARACTS: dangerous whitewater rapids

5. PAPYRUS: paper like sheet for writing

6. CULTURE: way of life shared by a group of people

7. ENGINEERING: putting science to practical use

8. HIEROGLYPHICS: little pictures that represents words or letters

9. ADOBE: bricks of sun-dried mud; also the word meaning house

10. TUTORS: private teachers

11. KOHL: black powder mixed with water

12. OCHRE: red clay

13. HENNA: plant dye

14. AMULETS: good luck charms

15. SHIFT: simple loose fitting dress

16. LOINCLOTHS: wrap-around skirts

17. WORLD VIEW: way of looking at life, the world and the universe

18. DEITIES: gods or goddesses

19. AFTERLIFE: happy continuation of life on earth with all its pleasures

20. PHARAOHS: Egyptian kings

21. EMBALM: technique for preserving the human corpse

22. MUMMIFICATION: form of embalming

23. NATRON: salty drying agent when mummifying a body

24. SHROUD: burial sheet

25. SARCOPHAGUS: stone coffin
26. OBEISANCE: to bow or submit

27. NOMARCHS: tax collector

28. PUBLIC WORKS: huge building project

29. MONUMENTS: structure to help us remember something of importance

30. CONTINUITY: long-term stability and security for a country to do well

31. LEGACY: something one generation leaves for these to follow

32. CIVILIZATION: can contain one culture or several that lasted for a long time

33. EGYPTOLOGY: study of ancient Egypt

34. NIB: pen that is cut from reeds, has a sharp point

35. BIBLIOGRAPHY: list of sources used

36. SHEMU: harvest time

37: SKHET: flood time

38: PERET: sowing time

39: HORUS: sky god

40: SETH: brother and enemy of HORUS

41: THOTH: God of writing, counting and wisdom

42: KHNUM: Creator god

43: HATHOR: Goddess of Women

44: SOBEK: God of the Faiym Region

45: RA: Sun god

46: AMUN: Sun God who became linked to Ra

47: ANUBIS: God of mummification

48. OSIRIS: God of vegetation and ruler of the underworld

49. ISIS: Wife of Osiris and mistress of magic

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