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Media Contact: Calvin Cole, President, Commercial Operations North America, 512.422.2700,

              UC-Davis and Stemcyte Announce Cord Blood Banking Partnership

Covina, CA, November 15, 2012 – StemCyte, Inc. proudly announces an agreement with the UC
Davis Umbilical Cord Blood Collection (UCB) Program in Sacramento to advance the collection,
processing and registration of high quality and diverse cord blood cells from California mothers
for public banking. The cord blood will be used in treating patients facing life-threatening
illnesses. The agreement is the first of its kind under California’s unique statewide program.
Legislation signed into law in 2010 called for the University of California to establish and
administer a public umbilical cord blood banking program for the state, funded by a $2 fee on
new birth certificates.

The partnership approved with StemCyte establishes an initial term to accelerate the collection of
donated cord blood units with the highest quality and potency of cells that can treat illnesses.
Qualified cord blood units will be placed on the national registry that is searched by transplant
physicians worldwide to treat over 70 known medical indications. Headquartered in California
with 88 employees, StemCyte, was one of the original Cord Blood Banks to be contracted by the
US Government to help build the National Cord Blood Inventory. The Company has an over 10
year partnership supplying high quality units to the federally administered National Cord Blood
Inventory. StemCyte retains the highest independent lab accreditations and has established
partnerships in California with some of the largest birthing hospitals to enhance its UCB
collection capacity making it a logical partner to the state.

“StemCyte strongly supported California in establishing a public cord blood bank system that
draws upon California’s unique diversity. We could not be more thrilled with our new role
helping to bring these life-saving units from California donor families to the public,” said Calvin
Cole, President of Commercial Operations, North America. “Through this new partnership,
StemCyte continues to build on its global commitment to quality cord blood banking and
advanced therapies.”

The Company will perform cord blood collections and processing under agreement with the state
administrators at UC Davis for an initial six-month period. Partial reimbursement toward the
costs of qualifying donor mothers, collecting the cord blood, transport, lab processing, testing and
maintenance of the units will be made only for units qualified to be listed on the national cord
blood registry.

About StemCyte, Inc.

Located in the US, India and Taiwan, StemCyte has established one of the largest, most racially diverse,
and highest quality cord blood stem cell banks in the world. StemCyte has supplied over 1,750 cord blood
products for over 70 life-threatening diseases to over 200 leading transplant centers worldwide. StemCyte
is actively involved in the development of new umbilical cord blood-based cell therapies. The Company
supports the largest clinical study for using unrelated cord blood transplantation for thalassemia, one of the
most common genetic diseases in the world, and the development of trials investigating regenerative spinal
cord therapies. StemCyte is one of the only for-profit companies contracted by the US Department of HHS
to help contribute clinical grade cord blood units to the public National Cord Blood Inventory for unrelated
transplants. Its headquarters are in Covina, CA. To learn more visit

             1589 W. Industrial Park Street, Covina, CA 91722 | 626.646.2500 |

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