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									               IT Induction: Access to Core Services
Signup for an IT Account, see page 2 of the Guide to            Having problems? Call one of the tutors/
IT Services. Make sure you complete the password                support staff. Outside of the session visit the
recover details. Don’t forget, make a note of                   IT Service desk in the John Rylands library or
your username and password.                                     call 3065544.

Close the IT Signup process/IT Account Manager and              Can’t log in? Make sure the Caps Lock and
return to the Login screen. Log in with your new                Num Lock are not on. Try again taking extra
central IT username and password.                               care. Still having problems? Go through IT
                                                                Signup again and click ‘Account Recovery’
                                                                to recover your password.

Once the machine has logged in open a web browser               Need more info about your computer
(e.g. double click Internet Explorer) and go to the IT          account?. See
Account Manager Click     
Favorites, then Add. All Favorites in IE are stored on          gettingstarted/
your P: drive. Make a note of your email address and
close the web browser.

Open a web browser. If StudentNet is not the home               You can log directly into the student portal
page go to                                                      from Click         
‘Student Portal’ and log in with your username and
password. Browse My Home, My Studies and My Ser-

Go to My Home, view your ‘Mail Summary’ click ‘Go               Need more info about using email? See
to webmail’.                                          
                                                                studentemail. View videos on how to use email
Read any emails you already have. When you have
finished, click ‘Log out’ and close the browser win-  
dow. You should now be back in the portal.                      training/resources/getting-started

Go to My Studies, check under Blackboard . Are any              Need more info about the VLE? See
online courses listed? Your course may not use Black- 
board. Your tutor will inform you if you have a course
with a Blackboard component. Minimise the browser.

Open up Word, type your email address and save it to            Need more info about using p drive ? See
my documents as myemail.doc. Close down word, check   
the file is there by clicking Start, My Documents. Can          filestorage/.
you see, your document, your Favorites folder, and your         View videos about using your p drive from
public-html folder (used for html files for personal web
pages?                                                          training/resources/getting-started

Go back to the Portal (if the web browser is still open click
it on the task bar at the bottom of the screen if not, follow
                                                                As above for resources on using your p drive
Step 4 again). Make sure you are in My Home. Under p
drives on the right click ‘click here’ to access your p drive
on the web. View your myemail.doc file. Close p drives.

Close the Portal. Close any open windows. Double                Need more info about printing ? See
click the icon for Select Printer on the desktop.     
Identify where the printers nearest you are located.            printing/

Find the IT Induction presentation on the web (see              Additional online resources available from
below for link). Make sure you are aware of available 
training                                                        trainingcourses/trainingresources.
           IT Induction: Useful Websites

Need more info about your computer account?. See
Getting Started
IT Account Manager

Want to access Induction information? See
Faculty ICT Office

Want to find a computer cluster? See
Central Clusters
Faculty Clusters

Need to gain access to a range of student services? See
The Student Portal

Interested in more IT training? See
Faculty ICT Office
Central IT Services

Need more info about using email? See
Central IT Services
Faculty Office Videos

Need more info about using p drive ? See
P drives on the web
File Storage
Faculty Office Videos

Need more info about the VLE? See

Need more info about printing? See
Central IT Services

Need more info about software? See
Central IT Services
Office 2007

Need more info about security? See
Central IT Services

Want more information about Additional Services? See
Purchasing IT Goods
PC Repairs
Wireless Access
Renting a computer

Need to contact the IT Service Desk?
Go to John Rylands Library, Oxford Road, or
Go to Joule Library, North Campus, or
Call (0161 30) 65544, or

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