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									Upper Eden Community
 Neighbourhood Plan

 Tom Woof

 18th June 2011
Is there something wrong
 with countryside policy?
  Vital Villages, Market Town Initiative, Rural
  Regeneration Cumbria, The Pub is the Hub,
  Commission for Rural Communities, SPARSE,
  RPDE, ACRE, Matthew Taylor Review, Rural
  Services Network, Upland Policy Review,
  Rural Communities Policy Unit, Centre for
  Rural Economy, Parish Planning, Cluster
  Planning, Community Led Planning, Big
  Society, Neighbourhood Planning
   Upper Eden Area
470sq km

Most sparse in England

High self employment

High retired

Under employment

High owner occupation

Demographic shift to ageing population
Upper Eden Area
‘Federation’ of 17 parishes

2002 Kirkby Stephen Health Check and Action Plan

Vital Villages project

Exit strategy coincided with 2004 Planning and Compulsory
Purchase Act

Upper Eden Cluster of Parish

2005 work with ACT (VAC) on joint parish plan (Upper Eden
Community Plan)

2006 UECP published

Supported by Parish precept, County, District, RDPE, Big Society
Grant Fund


  Discussion Groups

Projects that attempt to deal with distance, isolation,
problems/opportunities, and local governance

Practice and policy

Renewable Energy

Kirkby Stephen Tourist Information Centre


Neighbourhood Planning

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