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					            Trail of   The Bank
Elections                         Democracy   Vocabulary
             Tears       War

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The 1824 election result was called
__________________ by Andrew
What is the “Corrupt Bargain”?

          100 POINTS
When John Quincy Adams became
President in 1824, he named ______
      as his Secretary of State.
Who is Henry Clay?

    200 POINTS
In 1828, a democrat named ______
   won the Presidential election.
Who is Andrew Jackson?

      300 POINTS
In 1832, the Whigs made the
 _______ an election issue.
What is the Bank of the United
         400 POINTS
 When Andrew Jackson left office
after two terms, his Vice President,
      _____ became President.
Who is Martin Van Buren?

       500 POINTS
True or False? The Cherokee were
   permitted to stay in Georgia
 according to the Supreme Court
decision of Worcester v. Georgia.
What is true?

In 1830, Native Americans lost their
 land in the Southeast according to
           the _________
What is the Indian Removal Act?

           200 POINTS
This Cherokee created an alphabet
          for his tribe.
Who is Sequoyah?

   300 POINTS
This Seminole chief tried to resist
removal from his land in Florida.
Who is Osceola?

   400 POINTS
This Chief Justice of the Supreme
Court ruled in favor of the Native
American tribes of the Southeast.
Who is Chief Justice John Marshall?

            500 POINTS
This was the president of the Bank
      of the United States.
Who is Nicholas Biddle?

       100 POINTS
   This is the reason that Andrew
Jackson was against the Bank of the
            United States.
   What is he thought it was
undemocratic and benefitted the
          200 POINTS
True or False? The Whigs supported
   the Bank of the United States.
What is True?

  300 POINTS
 When Jackson vetoed the Bank of
   the United States’ charter, he
ordered money to be deposited into
What are state or “pet” banks?

          400 POINTS
This was the effect of closing the
   Bank of the United States.
What is an economic crisis or panic?

            500 POINTS
More people gained the right to vote,
      or _____ in the 1820s.
What is suffrage?

   100 POINTS
These 3 groups of people did not
 have the right to vote in 1824.
Who are Native Americans, women,
     and African Americans?
           200 POINTS
This requirement for voting was
    dropped in many states.
What is ownership of property?

          300 POINTS
 These people tended to support
Andrew Jackson and the democrats
Who are western farmers and eastern
         factory workers?
            400 POINTS
  These groups of people tended to
support John Quincy Adams and the
Who are northern businessmen and
       southern planters?
           500 POINTS
People who work to get rid of
  slavery are called _____.
Who are abolitionists?

      100 POINTS
This word means to cancel a law.
What is nullify?

   200 POINTS
This term means to withdraw from
           the Union.
What is secede?

   300 POINTS
This is a tax on foreign imports.
What is a tariff?

   400 POINTS
This was the name southerners gave
        the Tariff of 1828.
What is the Tariff of Abominations?

            500 POINTS

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