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OfficeServ 7200
       Data Server
        S/W Upgrade
         (Boot ROM)

           Jun, 2006

        OfficeServ Lab.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

                          Samsung Confidential & Proprietary
7200            1/7       Information
      NOTE (upgrade method of Boot ROM)

Boot ROM can be upgraded with boot loader. (above v1.23)

1.     Connect the serial cable to the SIO port of board. This cable has to be connected with
       your local PC. (baud rate : 19200)
2.     Turn on the system.
3.     Please input “d” or “D” when following messages are displayed in serial console. Then
       system booting will be stopped, and changed to boot loader mode.

                                                           Samsung Confidential & Proprietary
                       7200                     2/7        Information
     NOTE (upgrade method of Boot ROM)

4.   Check boot loader environments. Boot loader environments should be changed if it
     incorrect. (Please input ‘printenv’)

                                                        Samsung Confidential & Proprietary
                      7200                   3/7        Information
     NOTE (upgrade method v1.1x -> v1.2x)

5. Change network parameters to connect WIM module to TFTP server.
   To upgrade software,WIM module has to be connected to TFTP server which has the entire
   package image.

         WIM => setenv ethaddr=
         WIM => setenv ethaddr 00:00:f0:48:23:12 <- MAC Address of WIM (if you need)
         WIM => setenv ipaddr       <- IP address of WIM.
         WIM => setenv serverip    <- TFTP server IP.
         WIM => setenv netmask     <- Network mask.
         WIM => setenv pkgversion 1.21           <- Package version to be installed.
         WIM => setenv ethact eth0 (using eth0 interface)
         WIM => saveenv

6. Please save environments that you changed. Please input “saveenv” like following diagram.

                                                          Samsung Confidential & Proprietary
                       7200                    4/7        Information
    NOTE (upgrade method of Boot ROM)

Environment(OS7200)                         In this case we will use eth0 port

                    IP :

                                   Hub or Switch
  TFTP server
  e.g. Execute the PumpKIN program.
      S/W package exists in the TFTP server directory

                                                                                 Serial I/O cable

                                                               Management PC

                                   TFTP root directory
                                                        Samsung Confidential & Proprietary
                     7200                   5/7         Information
     NOTE (upgrade method of Boot ROM)

7.   Enter the “install bootldr” command
      install [os | firmware | configdb | logdb | all | bootldr ]

      os       – Linux Kernel
      firmware – Root File System           Then following messages are displayed in the serial console.
      configdb – Config DB File System      Please wait until the entire package would be installed successfully.
      logdb    – Log DB File System         Maybe it takes about 20 minutes to install all package images.
      all      - All of them (except Boot ROM)
      bootldr  - Boot ROM Program (wim-bootldr.img-v1.24)

                                                                    Samsung Confidential & Proprietary
                            7200                           6/7      Information
     NOTE (upgrade method of Boot ROM)

8. If upgrading procedure was done successfully, then you can boot the system with newly
   installed package image. Please input “boot”, then following messages will be displayed
   in the serial console
9. If above messages are displayed in the serial console, it indicates that system booting is
   one successfully. Then you can configure the system with upgrade software via Web page.

                                                            Samsung Confidential & Proprietary
                        7200                    7/7         Information

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