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					                                   Odyssey Travelogue
                         Scoring Guide, English 9, 55 points, Major Work
Imagine what it would be like to travel with Odysseus. Create an interesting character with a strong and
unique perspective, and although the time period is before writing, imagine you can write and create a
diary, journal or series of letters documenting your journey.

Your journal must include:
 Seven written entries of approximately two thirds of a page each that demonstrate your perspective
   of the journey’s events. The story of The Odyssey cannot be changed, but should be seen with your
   character’s viewpoint and opinions. For example, maybe your character sees an event that Odysseus
   was not there to see.
         First Entry should establish your character by creatively and smoothly revealing your
            identity, your life during the Trojan War and your reaction to the fall of Troy.
         Remaining Entries should focus on your character’s role, perspective and opinions during
            seven different events of The Odyssey.
 You should have three artifacts to document the events you write about. These could be things
   (shells, fabric, etc) or drawings/maps of what you have seen. Make sure your artifacts show
   something accurate about the event and add information about your perspective of the event. Each
   artifact should be explained as part of an entry and attached with the related entry.
 A creative format for your journal that gives it a flavor of the time period and your character.
   Do not buy materials for the visual entries or journal, but creatively use things you find around
   your house. Remember your writing is worth the most points, so don’t spend a lot of your time
   doing this!
 Most importantly, your journal must reflect the deeper personal significance of these events on
   your character. The events of The Odyssey force Odysseus to confront difficult issues about
   being a leader, father, son and person. As part of the journal, your character must reflect on the
   importance of these events and explain what he or she is learning from them.
 Category       Below Standard           Approaching Standard               Meets Standard               Above Standard
Ideas &     Many inaccuracies or       Minor inaccuracies or           7 events are accurate with   7 or more events are
Content     very general or fewer      lacks detail only 5 events      some detail                  accurate with detail and
(writing)   than 5                     Evidence of learning, but       Insights from learning but   added events
15 pts      Little or no evidence of   may be superficial or brief     may not be very deep or      Smoothly deals with deep
            personal learning                                          smooth                       insights within entries
Voice       Character is               Appropriate character is        Appropriate character        Creative and appropriate
(writing)   inappropriate or           attempted but is                voice with consistent        character with strong
15 pts      inconsistent               inconsistent or bland           point of view                opinions and viewpoint
            Language is often          Language is usually clear,      Attempts language to         Uses language effectively
            unclear or confusing       but not unique to a             show character               to create strong character

Artifacts   Unrelated to events,       Artifacts lack care or are      Neat artifacts show effort   Creative artifacts show
15pts       messy or lacking           unrelated to events             and are related to entries   great effort and are
                                                                                                    related to entries
Conven-     Messy, rushed or shows     Legible but little attempt at   Neatly attempts to create    Creative authenticity
tions       lack of care               authenticity                    authenticity                 Few or no convention
10 pts      Many distracting errors    Some distracting errors         Minor convention errors      errors

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