October 8 to 12 2012

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					                            Week of: October 8th – 12th

    Dear Parents,                                              This week we are learning about…
I really enjoyed conferences last week. It was               MATH
nice getting to visit with everyone. This week,              Number Sense – All About the number “5.”
we will be learning about Nocturnal/Diurnal                  Ten Frames
Animals. We are learning that Nocturnal
animals are active at night and Diurnal animals              LANGUAGE ARTS
are active during the day. Also, we will be                  Rhyming words, alliteration, concepts of print, Beginning
investigating characteristics of living and                  sounds ,
nonliving things, and what living things need to             Writing: Character, Setting
survive. We will be reading many fiction and                 All about the Letter :”Ee”
nonfiction books to support our units of study, In
Math, we are continuing to work on number                    New Sight Words: want, the, you, not, do, orange,
sense with 10 frames. Please continue to work                yellow
on letter recognition and sounds, our sight
words, and read with your child daily for at least           Review Sight Words: cat, dog, to, like, and, I, can, run,
15 minutes each day.                                         we, play, a, red, blue, purple, green,

Have a wonderful week!                                      SOCIAL STUDIES AND SCIENCE
                                                             Living and Non Living , Diurnal/Nocturnal
Mrs. Abbott
                                                             Christopher Columbus

                     Reminders:                                Mrs. Abbott’s Contact Information:
•     Please remember to send a healthy nut free snack
      and a bottled water with your child daily. Our snack   Phone: 972-347-7315
      time is at 2:15 P.M.
•     Our classroom can get really cool at times. Please     Email:
      send a light jacket to school with your child.
                                                             Conference time: 12:30 – 1:15 P.M

                                          .   Upcoming Events:)
• Oct. 11th - Fall Pictures
• Oct. 19th - Falcon Festival/Red Ribbon Week

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