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									                                                                          SKILLS DEVELOPMENT

                The New York Times Upfront
         Reinforces Social Studies and Literacy Skills

                               T       he New York Times Upfront uses age-appropriate articles from The
                                       NewYork Times to teach junior high and high school students about
                                       both the present and the past. By reading Upfront, students gain an
                               understanding of current and historical events and are exposed to a variety
                               of perspectives on these topics. At the same time, Upfront helps students
                               sharpen their critical thinking skills and gives them a chance to discuss and
                               write about world and national issues of relevance to them.

            The following essential skills are addressed in
           The New York Times Upfront for Grades 9 to 12:
      READING COMPREHENSION                                               WRITING
• Experience reading as an enjoyable and useful      • Experience writing as an enjoyable and useful
  activity.                                            activity.
• Practice reading a variety of non-fiction          • Practice essay writing skills by writing five-
  articles addressing current and historical           paragraph essays on issues read and discussed.
  events.                                            • Write with a specific purpose and for a
• Read with a purpose.                                 specific audience.
• Use the following comprehension strategies         • Write in different genres:
  specifically important for reading non-fiction        • Short and long essays      • Reflection pieces
  texts and articles:                                   • Letters                    • Critique pieces
   • Interpret text                                     • Persuasive pieces
   • Evaluate text                                   • Expand knowledge and further analyze issues
   • Pose questions                                    through writing about topics learned.
   • Retell                                          • Answer different types of questions:
   • Analyze and synthesize ideas                       • Short answer               • Fill-in-the-blanks
   • Make inferences                                    • Multiple choice
• Use the text to develop and support opinions.
• Answer questions based on the text.
• Make personal connections to the text.
• Gain and apply an understanding of a variety
  of non-fiction features found in newspapers
  and magazines, such as:
   • Editorials and op-ed articles
   • Maps, graphs, and charts
   • Quotes
   • Interviews
   • Statistics
   • Diagrams
   • Political cartoons
• Use a variety of media to enhance
  understanding of a topic.
                                                                                   SKILLS DEVELOPMENT

                         The New York Times Upfront for Grades 9 to 12
                  LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT                                        TEST PREPARATION
         • Read aloud a variety of genres.                      • Practice answering questions similar to those
         • Practice conversation skills through                   on standardized tests.
           discussions of text.                                 • Practice general test-taking strategies.
         • Learn and use new content vocabulary.                • Answer different types of questions in
         • Practice communication and public speaking             preparation for standardized tests:
           skills through debates:                                 • Multiple choice
            • Present opinions with supporting information         • Fill-in-the-blanks
            • Practice speaking for a specific audience            • Open ended
         • Practice strategies to determine word                   • Vocabulary
           meanings:                                               • Critical thinking
            • Use information about word parts                     • Comprehension
            • Use context clues
            • Use definitions given within the text
                                                                                       Maps, photographs,
                         RESEARCH SKILLS                                                 and graphs help
         • Articles and issues provide students with                                  students visualize and
           opportunities for further research and enable                              better understand the
           students to develop the following research                                     issues at hand.
            • Gather and present research through debates and
              writing activities
            • Expand understanding about an issue through
              additional research
         • Independently research a variety of topics
           related to the text.
         • Use the Internet for research and information
         • Use research to develop strong, supported
           opinions and ideas.

Articles address important
  current events as well
   as issues relevant to
      students’ lives.

                Every issue of Upfront includes
                political cartoons, which serve      Opposing opinions and
                  as tools for discussion and     perspectives on an issue serve
               enhance students’ understanding     as a springboard for further
                       of current events.              debate and analysis.

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