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Word problems 12.docx - year22011-2012 - home by waishengda


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        1- Bikes for Tykes is having a sale. Racing bikes cost 489 €. Mountain bikes cost 275 €. You get a
           discount of 145 € if you buy both bicycles. How much will it cost to buy both bikes?

        2- Mr. Kroft is a postman. He delivered 378 pieces of mail before lunch. He delivered 445 pieces of
           mail after lunch. How many pieces of mail did he deliver in all?

        3- The concert hall has 465 seats. The orchestra had 2 sold out performances. How many people
           went to the concerts?

        4- Hockey sticks are on sale. The Sport Shop had 680 hockey sticks in the morning. There were only
           195 hockey sticks left at the end of the day. How many hockey sticks did they sell?

        5- 480 cans were collected during the recycling program this year. 165 fewer cans were collected last
           year. How many cans were collected in both years?
6- Todd read 137 pages of his book last week. He read 95 pages this week. He only has 54 pages left
   to read. How many pages are in Todd's book?

7- Ethan has a balance scale. He found that 2 blue blocks will balance 1 red block. A blue block
   weighs 258 grams. How much does a red block weigh?

8- Rachel collected 635 football cards. She collected 241 more cards than Tori. How many cards did
   Tori collect?

   9- 427 tickets were sold for the play this weekend. Eric counted 295 chairs in the auditorium. How
      many more chairs are needed?

   10- Brian ordered 440 turkey sandwiches for the party. He also ordered 365 ham sandwiches.
       There were 187 sandwiches left after the party. How many sandwiches were eaten?

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