Winter Tic-Tac-Toe by waishengda


									                                        Winter Tic-Tac-Toe
                                     Reading and Writing Project

Name _________________________________                          Due Date January 13, 2012

Each student needs to complete three activities (in a row) throughout the month of
January. We will be doing various lessons using The Mitten by Jan Brett and The Mitten
by Alvin Tresselt. Some activities may not be clear to the student until we have read all
three stories in class. The top left square will be completed in class with the teacher.
From this square, two other squares (to create tic-tac-toe) must be finished to have a
completed project. See the attached rubric for grading information.

Read and compare Alvin               Design a mitten out of               Think of OTHER animals not
Tresselt’s version of The Mitten     construction paper and put           mentioned in the Jan Brett story.
to Jan Brett’s version. Do a Venn    pictures of animals that hibernate   Think of ways the other animals
Diagram of animals that are in the   or sleep a lot for winter “inside”   could get into the mitten (ex.:
first version, second version, and   the mitten.                          owl’s sharp talons, rabbit’s big
both versions.                                                            kickers, etc) Fill in this sentence
                                                                          for at least 5 different animals:
                                                                          The animals let the _____ into
                                                                          the mitten when they saw its

We will have read two versions       Interview at least 20 of your        Jan Brett uses descriptive verbs in
of The Mitten. Record the            family members, neighbors,           her writing, including: lumbered,
differences (in animals and          friends, and/or teachers. You will   snuffled, jostled, wriggled,
illustrations) on a chart. Write a   need to ask them what their          swooped, and trotted. You will
short paragraph detailing the        favorite forest animal is. Chart     act out these words to have your
differences.                         your findings in a graph.            classmates guess which word you
                                                                          are acting out.

Pretend you have taken a nature      Write a song/poem/jingle about       We discussed in class how Jan
hike. What animals did you see?      your favorite version of The         Brett and Alvin Tresselt each
Make a collage of animal pictures    Mitten. Be prepared to turn in a     adapted The Mitten from a
that you may have encountered        copy of your words and perform       Ukrainian folktale. There are
on your hike.                        in front of your classmates!         many different versions of the
                                                                          story. Write and illustrate your
                                                                          own version/adaptation of the
                                                                          story. If you liked Jan Brett’s
                                                                          style of illustration, you may also
                                                                          choose to imitate her “style”.

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