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					                                                                 SFCC Graphic and Web Design Update
Volume 1                                                                                                                                 Spring 2006

SFCC Students Win Ad Awards
Thirteen students at Spokane Falls Community College took home ADDY
awards at the student designer competition sponsored by the Spokane
Advertising Federation.

•Gold medal and Best of Division, collateral                           he new Student ADDY Awards have an
     material/Poster: Karli Fairbanks                                  abbreviated set of categories that cover all major
•Gold medal, sales promotion packaging: Travis                         aspects of the advertising and design industry.
     Flory, Brenda Wilson                                        This structure provides a competitive framework and
•Silver medal, sales promotion packaging: Kenneth                allows students to showcase their talent. The work is
     Brewer, Kraig Kochel, Anna Morgan, Jesse                    held to the high creative standards established by the
     Scheller, Trista Soto                                       existing ADDY Awards. The new national program
                                                                 parallels the existing three-tiered professional ADDY
•Silver medals, direct marketing: Anna Morgan, Jesse             Awards competition and offers a $1,000 cash prize for
     Scheller                                                    the National Student “Best of Show” winning entrant.
•Silver medal, interactive media / online advertising:
     Austin Anderson                                             All Silver and Gold winners are forwarded to the
•Silver medal, editorial design: Stefani Currer                  District competition comprised of Washington,
                                                                 Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. They are
                                                                 judged against specific criteria defined for our region.
The following students won awards at the District Level
                                                                 All Gold District winners are then forwarded to the
(Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana):
                                                                 National ADDY competition.                                      Anna Morgan’s
•Silver Award: Trista Soto for her package design
                                                                                                                                  student show
•Silver Award: Leah Mow and Stefani Currer for the                                                                            invitation is going to
     Wire Harp                                                                                                                 the National ADDY
•Silver Award: Anna Morgan for her package design                                                                                 Competition.
•Gold Award: Anna Morgan for the Graduate
     Design Invitation

Gold awards are sent to the National level.

                   Contents:                                     SFCC / EWU 2 plus 2
           SFCC Students Win
       Ad Awards .................................... pg 1
     SFCC/EWU 2 Plus 2 Transfer Track 1
                                                                 Transfer Track
   SFCC Students take 2nd and 3rd                                Effective July 1, 2005.

  Place in Poster Competition 2          astern Washington University and Spokane Falls Community College have created
 Reality What a Concept 2        a working partnership offering Graphic Design students the best of both worlds in
 Tooting Your Own Horn 2          education and career choices.
  What do Designers Make ............................. pg 3      This partnership allows students to begin at SFCC, earn an A.A.S. degree in Graphic
   SFCC Graphic Design Students                                  Design, and then transfer as a Junior to EWU’s Department of Engineering and Design,
     Collaborate on Statewide Project 3             where students can earn a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design.
       Spokane Ad Federation Recognizes                          In order to be qualified to enter the program at EWU, students must complete specific
          Student 4                   course requirements at SFCC. For specifics go to:
    SFCC Students take                                                                              Reality What a
    2nd & 3rd Place in Poster                                                                       Concept...
    Competition                                                                                                                       Designers sit
                                                                                                                                      across the table
    Sponsored by the Recycling Foundation of Washington the 2006                                                                        from design
    Recycling Poster Competition was open to registered university and                                                                     students
    college art/design students.
                                                                                                                                           and give

         ach university or college was allowed to submit up to five entries into the competition.
         All artwork submitted was to be evaluated by an instructor or department                                                       them realistic
         administrator. Student designs that were chosen by SFCC faculty to submit were:                                                  feedback
               Karli Fairbanks, Karl Peterson, Matt Dirks, Anna Morgan and Jesse Scheller.                                               about their
                                        Awards                                                                                             work.
                                        • First place--- Emily Chu, Seattle Central Community
                                             College, $750
                                        • First runner up - Brenda Wilson, SFCC, $150               In April, the SFCC Graphic Design
                                        • Second runner up - Karli Fairbanks, SFCC, $100            Club took off for Seattle to attend
                                        • People’s Choice: Jesse Scheller, SFCC, Starbucks          the American Institute of Graphic
                                             Gift Certificate
                                                                                                    Arts’ (AIGA) annual Reality Check
                                        The main goal of the poster contest was to stimulate
                                        an increase in paper recycling. While the poster            review.

                                        needed to have universal appeal, posters were to
                                                                                                          eality Check is an event designed to give students
                                        be targeted to businesses or K-12 grade schools or
                                                                                                          and newcomers to the field constructive portfolio
                                        institutions of higher educations (colleges
                                                                                                          feedback from experienced Northwest design
                                        and universities).
                                                                                                    professionals. Held every spring, AIGA Seattle has
                                        Washington State’s latest measured recycling rate was       been checking reality for the past eight years. Hands
                                        38% of the waste stream. The state’s goal is to reach       down, this is the opportunity to show your work and
         Karli Fairbanks                50% recycling by 2007. Increasing paper recycling is        ideas (completed or in-progress) to some of the best
                                        an essential component of reaching that goal. There is      art directors and designers. Students are encouraged
                                                                        more paper, including       to bring 7-10 pieces and let the reviewers, some of the
                                                                        cardboard, mixed            area’s top professionals, help a student understand the
                                                                        paper, high-grade           basic principles and ideas behind creating a powerful
                                                                        paper and newspaper,        design portfolio.
                                                                        still being disposed of
                                                                                                    Students from all over Washington State met with
                                                                        in our waste stream
                                                                                                    Seattle designers for some one-on-one feedback
                                                                        (and landfills) than
                                                                                                    on portfolio pieces. Sometimes
                                                                        any other recyclable                                             Hands
                                                                                                    positive, sometimes brutal,
                                                                        commodity. The goal                                            down, this is
                                                                                                    the feedback was eagerly
                                                                        of the poster is to                                         the opportunity to
                                                                                                    received by students who
                                                                        educate the public                                         show your work and
                                                                                                    walked away from the
                                                                        about the importance                                     ideas (completed or in-
                                                                                                    event with a more clear
                                                                        of paper recycling                                       progress) to some of the
                                                                                                    idea of what it takes to
                                                                        and to stimulate                                          best art directors and
                                                                                                    make professional design.
                                                                        an increase in                                                  designers.
                                                                        paper recycling.
          Jesse Scheller                     Brenda Wilson

    Tooting Your Own Horn
                                                                                                    Whether speaking at the HOW Design Conference,
                                                                                                    writing for magazines and web sites, or promoting
                                                                                                    his design efforts, Jeff Fisher is known throughout the
    Effective Marketing & Promotional Tips                                                          industry for his “Toot! Toot!” promo efforts and will
                                                                                                    shared marketing tips & methods used to promote

         he SFCC Graphic                Author of The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success,            his own work over the past 30 years. As children we
         Design Club teamed             Jeff Fisher has recently been stocked on the shelves of     are taught it is not nice to brag or boast about our
         up with the EWU Visual         bookstores around the world. A somewhat irreverent          accomplishments, talents and skills. As a design
    Communication Design                look at the business of graphic design, the book            professional “tooting your horn,” through effective
    Program to bring Jeff Fisher,       is based on the author’s mantra of “it’s better to          marketing and promotion efforts, is a must for a
    the Engineer of Creative            be a smart-ass than a dumb ass.” That presence              successful creative individual or firm.
    Identity for Jeff Fisher Logo       on bookshelves will increase with Identity Crisis!:
                                                                                                    The event was received well by students and working
    Motives, to the Spokane             100 redesigns that transformed stale identities into
                                                                                                    professionals. Fisher spoke in the SFCC Music
    Advertising Federation              successful brands, a book Fisher is currently writing for
                                                                                                    Auditorium and at the Museum of Arts and Culture.
    May luncheon.                       HOW Design Books.
                                                                                                    Spokane Ad Fed Luncheon prices are $10 for SAF
                                                                                                    members / students, $20 for the general public. For
                                                                                                    other SAF events go to:

2     The Home Page                                                                                                         Volume 1 Spring 2006
What do Designers Make?
                                                                                                                          The good news for
                                                                                                                          employees entering
                                                                                              Web designer                the design industry is
$50,000                                                                                                                   that the job market
                                                                                                                          remains strong
$40,000                                                                                                                   with exciting job
                                                                                                                          possibilities along with
                                                                                                  Designer                attractive wages.

                                                                                                                                 ccording to the
                                                                                                                                     AIGA | AQUENT
$20,000                                                                                      Print production                    Survey         of
                                                                                                                          Design Salaries 2005,
                                                                                                   artist                  the average annual salary for
$10,000                                                                                                                   entry level designers
                                                                                                                          nationally is $32,000.00.
               2000         2001         2002         2003       2004          2005               designer

SFCC Graphic Design Students
Collaborate on Statewide Project
SFCC graphic design instructor Betsy                        “west” side of the paper. In other words, salmon,             were chatting online like
Ward, frequently talks about her work                       seals and Pacific Ocean on the left - Appaloosa               old friends.”
                                                            horses, ponderosa pine and Palouse hills on the
with her sister, Ann Reid, a fine arts                      right. The Native American tribal element was                 The collaborative pieces will
instructor at Skagit Valley Community                       the final piece added to tie the sides together. To           be on display on two bulletin
College, Mount Vernon.                                      put it another way, Nez Perce and Snohomish                   boards on the second floor

                                                            natives can move about the page.                              of the Technical Arts Building,
      he conversation picked up this quarter in
                                                                                                                          Bldg. 19, 3410 W. Fort
      particular, as Ward was teaching a requisite
                                                            The students were separated into teams of two to four.        George Wright Dr. for
      drawing class and so was Reid. The two thought
                                                            Teams communicated with one another via e-mail. As            several weeks.
it would beneficial if the students worked together on a
                                                            one side of the project was finished, it was scanned
real-world design project that spanned the Cascades,
because in today’s global marketplace, projects can
                                                            and e-mailed to the other side to be printed                  For more information,
literally span countries.
                                                            and modified.                                                 contact Betsy Ward
                                                                       To make each finished product unique the           533-3715
The assignment became the East Side/
                                                                           team members color their copy of the
West Side Collaboration Project.
                                                                              work and each campus displays their
Ward’s graphic design students                                                  final product.
and Reid’s fine art students
                                                                                    Building relationships through
collaborated on a mock
                                                                                     their work together became
project promoting the State
                                                                                      one of the unexpected
of Washington through
                                                                                       dimensions of the project.
drawings of flora, fauna
                                                                                       At the end of the project,
and Native American tribes
                                                                                       students also exchanged
found on both sides of
                                                                                       photos so team members
the state.
                                                                                       could see what each other
The Spokane students were                                                             looked like.
to research native plants                                                                                                      Ward’s graphic
                                                                                    “I think they really enjoyed the        design students and
and animals found in the
                                                                                   mystery of who was working on           Reid’s fine art students
region and sketch them on
                                                                                 the other side of their project,”        collaborated on a mock
the “east” side of their paper.
                                                                              says Ward. “As we reached                project promoting the State of
Likewise for the Skagit Valley
                                                                           the end of the project they                 Washington through drawings
students - only theirs showed up on the
                                                                                                                         of flora, fauna and Native
                                                 Photo by Betsy Ward                                                     American tribes found on
                                                                                                                           both sides of the state.
                                 First year design students present their
                                       “East meets West” drawings.

Volume 1 Spring 2006                                                                                                         The Home Page
                              Spokane Falls                                                                              NON-PROFIT
                              Community College                                                                         ORGANIZATION
                                                                                                                         US POSTAGE
                              MS 3190
                              3410 W. Fort George Wright Drive                                                             PAID
                                                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 714
                              Spokane, WA 99224-5288                                                                     SPOKANE, WA

    Spokane Ad Federation Recognizes
    Student Achievement
    The Spokane                      graphic design, photography, music or marketing
                                     communication programs at accredited local /
    Advertising Federation           regional colleges and universities.
    hosts “A Red Shoe
    Event” Holiday Party             This year’s event was held December 7, 2005 at The
    and Art Auction                  Big Easy Concert House.
    every December to                Each year local designers are asked to create works
    raise money for the              of art from unfinished furniture. The SFCC Graphic
    Toni M. Robideaux                Design Club Officers: Sean Finley, Anna Morgan, Karl
    Scholarship Fund,                Peterson and Brenda Wilson created this year’s chair to
                                     be auctioned off. It sold for $425.
    which honors
    her contributions                This years scholarship recipients are:
    to the Spokane
    advertising, art and             •Krista Brand, graphic design major, North Idaho
    design communities.

                                     •Mark Cox, music major, Eastern Washington
          he Toni M. Robideaux
          Scholarship Fund
          recognizes and rewards     •Sean Finley, graphic design major, Spokane Falls
    student achievement and                   Community College
    excellence in advertising
    arts. All funds generated go     •Kristina Hines, music major, Eastern Washington
    directly to students currently             University                                             Photo by Dean Davis Photography
    enrolled in visual and                                                                     The SFCC student chair sold at auction for
    performing arts, advertising,    •Jamie Kay Murphy, theater / set design major, North                     $425.00
                                         Idaho College

4     The Home Page                                                                                              Volume 1 Spring 2006

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