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					                                    Ohio ICD-9 Diagnosis Codes

                                IMAGING RESOURCE CENTERS
                       30 W RAHN RD, SUITE 3 DAYTON, OH 45429
                        Please perform the following examinations:
                     DEXA Scan (Bone Density Study) CPT Code 77080
252.01    Primary Hyperparathyroidism       733.09 Other Osteoporosis
255.0     Cushing's Syndrome                733.13 Pathologic Fracture of Vertebrae
256.2     Postablative Ovarian Failure      733.90 Osteopenia, Disorder of Bone
256.31    Premature Menopause                       and Cartilage, unspecified
256.39    Other Ovarian Failure             962.0   Poisoning by Adrenal Cortical Steroids
268.2     Osteomalacia Unspecified          995.20 Unspecified Adverse Effect of Drug
627.2     Symptomatic Menopausal                    Medicinal and Biological Substance NEC
          or female Climacteric States      995.29 Unspecified Adverse Effect of Other Drug
627.8     Other Specified menopausal                Medicinal and Biological Substance
          and postemenopausal disorders     V49.81 Asymptomatic Postmenopausal Status
733.00    Osteoporosis, unspecified                 (age related) (natural)
733.01    Senile Osteoporosis               V58.65 Long-term (current) use of steroids
733.02    Idiopathic Osteoporosis           V58.69 Long-term (current) use of other medications
733.03    Disuse Osteoporosis               V82.81* Special screening for Osteoporosis
* Use V49.81 in addition to V82.81 to denote patient is a post menopausal woman
                        Please perform the following examinations:
                  Vertebral Fracture Assessment (VFA) CPT Code 77082

255.0     Cushing's Syndrome                733.13 pathologic fracture
724.1     Pain in Thoracic Spine                        vertebrae
724.2     Lumbago                           733.14 pathologic fracture
724.5     Backache Unspecified                          neck of femur
733.00    Osteoporosis, unspecified         733.15 pathologic fracture
733.01    Senile Osteoporosis                           other specified part of femur
733.02    Idiopathic Osteoporosis           733.16 pathologic fracture
733.03    Disuse Osteoporosis                           tibia or fibula
733.09    Other Osteoporosis                733.19 pathologic fracture
733.10    pathologic fracture                           other specified area
           unspecified site                 733.90 Disorder of bone and cartlidge unspecified
733.11    pathologic fracture               781.91 Loss of Height
           humerus                          V58.65 Long Term (Current) Use of Steroids
733.12    pathologic fracture               V58.69 Long Term (Current) Use of Other Medications
           distal radius and ulna

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                                            Ohio 2009

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