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									                                                                                                                                                         KEVIN COEN
                                                                                                                                                               12 noon
                                                                                                                                                          SUNDAY, JANUARY 24

                                                                                                                                                         SOOEY CEMETERY
     UIMH 273 EANÁIR — JANUARY 2010 http://saoirse.info 1.50 (£1stg, USA $30 p.a.)                                                                    RIVERSTOWN, CO SLIGO

  RSF gives leadership to a new generation
                                                                                                                                              the 26-County administration,        of the past, but is also capable
                                                                                                                                              faced with a choice between          of formulating a distinct and

                                                                                                                                              taxing the rich or taking from       definite answer to the problems
                                                                                                                                              the       marginalised         and   of the present and a political
                                                                                                                                              vulnerable, have chosen to put       and economic creed capable of
                                                                                                                                              their hands in the pockets of the    adjustment to the wants of the
                                                                                                                                              poorest. Employers and the           future.’
                                                                                                                                              state are intent on rolling back        “Armed as we are with
                                                                                                                                              any advance made by workers          clearly thought out and radical
                                                                                                                                              over the course of the last          programmes for real political
                                                                                                                                              century.                             and economic democracy in
                                                                                                                                                 “In the face of all this a weak   ÉIRE NUA and SAOL NUA

      not reform
                                                                                                                                              and reformist trade union            we can take our rightful place
                                                                                                                                              leadership were deliberately         in the vanguard of the struggle.
                                                                                                                                              humiliated and wrong-footed             “The All-Ireland Republic
                                                                                                                                              by the Dublin administration in      for which we struggle has to be
                                                                                                                                              their vain attempts to lay the       – returning to Connolly again –
                                                                                                                                              basis for yet another so-called      of such a character that: ‘the
                                                                                                                                              ‘Partnership Agreement’.             mere mention of its name
                                                                                                                                                 “Tinkering at the edges of a      would at all times serve as a
                                                                                                                                              discredited and failed social        beacon-light to the oppressed
                                                                                                                                              and economic system is not           of every land.’
                                                                      young people simply taking           political status is vital in the   enough. Real revolutionary              “Just as imperialism is not
The conditions for revolutionary change may exist                     their place in the latest phase of   coming year. By denying            political and economic change        confined to one country the
but will come to nothing unless they are acted                        the historic struggle for Irish      British attempts to criminalise    is demanded. In its obituary of      solidarity in the fight against it
upon. The creaking edifice will only tumble if it is                  freedom.                             them      the    prisoners    in   Dáithí Ó Conaill SAOIRSE             must also be international.
pushed.                                                                  “It is our duty in Sinn Féin –    Maghaberry are engaged in a        (February 1991) pointed out          Over the coming year we must
   As we enter a New Year and     that British rule in Ireland will   the only political organisation      battle to deny the British         that he ‘viewed the Republican       continue to develop our role in
the second decade of this         be met with resistance. The         representing the revolutionary       Government’s criminalisation       Movement not as a political          the international struggle
century in his first public       attacks on British Crown            Irish Republican tradition -- to
address in Ireland as President   Forces and the wave of              give political expression and
of Republican Sinn Féin Des       repression and resistance           leadership to this new
Dalton set out the challenges     which followed are evidence of      generation.
and opportunities which face      the fact that the nature of            “The coming year is also
Republican Sinn Féin in the       British occupation in Ireland       likely to see an intensification
New Year. He was speaking at      has not changed but neither has     of the normalisation of British
the grave of former Vice-         the attitude of a section of the    rule and partition. Speaking on
President of Sinn Féin Dáithí Ó   Irish people.                       RTÉ television on December
Conaill in Glasnevin Cemetery        “The young people in the Six     28 the 26-County President
on January 1.                     Counties who took on the            Mary McAleese signalled the
   “The coming year presents      forces of the British Crown         possibility of a visit to the 26
us all with huge challenges but   were dismissed as ‘apolitical       Counties by the Queen of
also opportunities. The two       thugs’ or merely representing       England. We in Sinn Féin
fronts on which it is essential   an       ‘anti-social’     youth    equally signal our intention to
that we engage in 2010 are        subculture. We know what the        oppose such a visit.
political and economic.           truth is. These young people           “Mary McAleese’s use of
   Over the course of last year   represent a new undefeated          the word ‘collegial’ in
events on the ground in the Six   generation prepared to take on      describing 26-County relations
Counties testified to the fact    British rule in Ireland. They are   with the British state is worthy
                                                                      of note. The Concise Oxford
                                                                      English       Dictionary     11th
                                                                      revised edition 2006 defines
                                                                      collegial       as      meaning:
                                                                      ‘belonging to or relating to
                                                                      shared responsibility.’ Or           • The colour party leading the parade to the Republican Plot in Glasnevin Cemetery,
                                                                      alternatively as one of a            Dublin where Republican Sinn Féin President Des Dalton delivered his New Year
                                                                      number of colleges belonging         address at the grave of Dáithí Ó Conaill (see report of commemoration, page 9 and ‘50
                                                                      to the same university. This use     Years Ago’, page 14).
                                                                      of such language is a                                                   party, but as the main catalyst      against imperialism.
                                                                      significant pointer as to the        of the Irish people’s historic     of progressive forces to                “We extend our greetings to
                                                                      thinking of the political            struggle for Irish national        achieve Irish Freedom.’ It is        all engaged in the noble quest
                                                                      establishment in the 26-County       independence.                      the role which we must live up       for national liberation. We face
                                                                      State and how they view their           “Like James Connolly we         to.                                  a common enemy but also
                                                                      relationship with Britain.           must recognise that: ‘If you                                            share the common goal of
                                                                         “At this time we are also         remove the English army to-           “We would do well to heed         securing and defending the
                                                                      conscious of the Republican          morrow and hoist the green         the advice of Connolly given to      inalienable rights common to
                                                                      prisoners in both Portlaoise and     flag over Dublin Castle, unless
         2010 CALENDAR                                                Maghaberry. We extend them           you set about the organisation
                                                                                                                                              those intent on building a
                                                                                                                                              national movement over a
                                                                                                                                                                                   all peoples and nations.

             €5 / £5stg each, plus p&p                                our greetings and pledge them        of the Socialist Republic your     century     ago:    ‘It    must        “Our work is clearly marked
     Order now from 223 Parnell Street, Dublin 1,                     our solidarity. Support for the      efforts would be in vain.’         demonstrate to the people of         out for us. It is our duty to
     Telephone: 872 9747; e-mail: saoirse@iol.ie                      Republican       prisoners      in      “A war is being waged on        Ireland that our nationalism is      bring to the task all our
                                                                      Maghaberry in their fight for        working people globally. Here      not merely a morbid idealising       energies and abilities.”
2                                                                                                                                                              Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010

          Prisoner ‘a pawn in Maghaberry plot’                                                                                                             Gearrscéalta
                                                                               note was planted by prison
     A REPUBLICAN prisoner at Maghaberry jail in warders at the high security jail
                                                                                                                     police.                             Sympathy to Ó Brádaigh
                                                                                                                        The letter says Brendan
     Co Antrim appears to have been the victim of a who are opposed to reforms he
     set up in a bid by prison warders to oust the new was trying to introduce.
                                                                                                                     McConville makes the case
                                                                                                                     quite simply that “there’s no
                                                                                                                                                         IN A statement on December 27 Des Dalton,
     prison governor.                                    The      British     Prisoner                               coincidence between the             President of Republican Sinn Féin said:
   In September, a piece of                    Last month, partly in           Ombudsman Pauline McCabe              departure of Stephen Rodford           “Republican Sinn Féin extends deepest sympathy to our Patron
toilet-roll containing the name             response to the discovery of the   is to investigate the case            from his post consequent upon       and former President Ruairí Ó Brádaigh on the tragic death of his
of the governor, Steve Rodford              note, Rodford ordered a               A letter of complaint from         the alleged ‘finding’ of the        granddaughter Sadhbh on December 26.
and his car registration number,            massive four-day lock-down,        Belfast solicitor Kevin Winters,      offending piece of paper”. It          “It is impossible to adequately frame words of condolence at
were allegedly found during a               resulting in rising tension        acting        for       Brendan       also suggests that the note was     such a time. However Irish Republicans will join with me in
search of a cell occupied by                inside the jail. He resigned       McConville, says his client had       planted in order to facilitate a    extending our sympathy and support to the Ó Brádaigh family on
Brendan McConville, who is                  mid-December because of fears      no connection with the note and       “wider agenda within the            the cruel loss of their beloved Sadhbh. Ar dheis Dé go a hanam
charged with a Continuity IRA               that he was under threat. It is    had volunteered to provide            prison”.                            uasal.
attack in Craigavon in March.               now widely accepted that the       samples of his handwriting to
                                                                                                                                                         Name omitted from
       New CPT criticisms of Maghaberry                                                                                                                  calendar our notice that the date of
                                                                                                                                                         IT has been brought to
                                                                                                                                                         the death of H-Block Hunger Striker Kevin
    THE Celtic League, in a statement on December                              report contained a quite             Rodford took charge of the           Lynch, Dungiven, Co Derry was inadvertently
    8 said that the European Committee for the                                 forceful critique of the regime      high security prison near            omitted from the 2010 Republican calendar.
    Prevention of Torture (CPT) had released its                               for intimate searches of             Lisburn in July after his            This will be rectified in the 2011 calendar and
    most recent report on its visit to police barracks                         prisoners”.                          predecessor left in the wake of      for the record Kevin Lynch died on hunger strike
    and prisons in England and in the Occupied Six                                The full CPT report can be        a major controversy sparked          in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh on August 1,
    Counties in Ireland.                                                       found at:                            by the suicide of a prisoner         1981.We apologise to the family for the
                                            and indeed has been in the            http://www.cpt.coe.int/docu       who was supposed to be under         omission.
                                            news recently following the        ments/gbr/2009-30-inf-               observation.
   “One of the facilities visited
 was Maghaberry Prison in                   resignation of its new
                                                                                  On December 6 the
                                                                                                                      During his tenure another
                                                                                                                    prisoner committed suicide
                                                                                                                                                         New definition of Irish
 which a number of Irish
 Republican prisoners are
 detained. The prison has often
                                              “The CPT criticised medical
                                            provision at the prison and also
                                                                               governor of Maghaberry jail
                                                                               resigned less than five months
                                                                                                                    and allegedly bomb-making
                                                                                                                    parts were found during a            citizenship
                                                                               after taking up the post. Steve      major search of the jail.            IN A statement on December 7, Kevin Devlin,
 been the centre of controversy             highlights overcrowding. The                                                                                 PRO of Comhairle Laighean (Leinster Executive),
                                                                                                                                                         Republican Sinn Féin, said:
                                                                               other towns and cities.              caught up in drugs, then take           “It is with a sense of shock and anger that Republican Sinn

         Drugs: battle joined!                                                    “Because of the vast sums of
                                                                               money involved in the drugs
                                                                               trade, the temptation to break
                                                                                                                    action to steer them away from
                                                                                                                    this path to nowhere,
                                                                                                                       “Remember our country can
                                                                                                                                                         Féin learned recently that anyone born in the Six Occupied
                                                                                                                                                         Counties of Ireland has their nationality registered with the 26-
                                                                                                                                                         County Department of Social and Family Affairs as ‘Northern
 IN A statement on January 2 Kevin Devlin, PRO                                 the law is as great to those who     stand together and destroy the       Irish’.
                                                                               are paid to uphold it, as it is to   evil trade they perpetrate.             “Given that this is not a recognised nationality, even by the
 Comhairle Laighean, Republican Sinn Féin said                                 those in more vulnerable places      Don’t let them exploit our
 that the media in Ireland are happy to portray the                                                                                                      British, it begs the questions: (a) by whose authority is this false
                                                                               in society.                          children and grandchildren any       information being retained in peoples’ personal and official
 State’s fight against drugs as a just and                                        “Republican Sinn Féin vows        longer. Addicts are oxygen to
 honourable one.                                                                                                                                         records? and (b) is it part of a long-term process of brainwashing
                                                                               to lead the way in opposition to     the dealers so if we cut off their   Irish citizens into accepting not only British rule in Ireland, but
   “The reality is, and was                 taking, drug dealing and drug      drug dealers and those who           supply then they cannot exist.       also the physical and emotional division of our country?
highlighted in 2009, that                   importation/manufacture.           supply them.                                                                 “It would be interesting to know if anyone born in Donegal is
politicians only get involved if               “A number of the Free              “Zero tolerance is the only          “Make no mistake, the battle      registered likewise.
it means scoring points and the             State’s police force, including    way to eliminate the problem.        to destroy the drugs trade will         “The person in this case, a member of Republican Sinn Féin
Gardaí are, at best, inept and at           detectives, were found to be       If you have a friend or a family     be a long one. But it is one         born in one of our Occupied Counties but living in Dublin,
worst compliant in allowing the             working with known drug            member who, for whatever             Republicans must fight from          regards himself rightly as Irish and incredibly, when pointing this
continuing scourge of drug                  gangs in Dublin, Limerick and      reason, has found themselves         the front.”                          out to the supervisor, himself a fellow Ulster man, was asked to
                                                                                                                                                         produce his passport to verify his citizenship.
                                                                                                                                                            “This is not acceptable and should be challenged at every
                                                                                                                                                         opportunity by us all, Republican or otherwise.”

                                                                                                                                                         Reckless planning
                                                                                                                                                         contributed to flooding
                                                                                                                                                         IN response to the flooding of large areas in
                 • is committed to supporting prisoners for which CABHAIR is responsible                                                                 Ireland during the months of November and
                      • is generating publicity in support of Irish national independence.                                                               December, Fergal Moore, Vice-President Sinn
                                                                                                                                                         Féin Poblachtach thanked those who responded so
                                We need your support. Our website address is:                                                                            generously to the appeal for aid for the stricken
                                 http://irishfreedom.net                                                                                                 families. In a statement on December 2 he said:
                                                                                                                                                            “Those who have contributed to flood relief appeals are to be
I would like to join Republican Sinn
Ba mhaith liom bheith i mo bhall de
                                                           JOIN                                                        OUR AIMS
                                                                                                           For a full British withdrawal from
                                                                                                                                                         greatly commended. For the most part, aid has come from
                                                                                                                                                         ordinary working-class people who have taken it upon
                                                                                                        Ireland . . . The establishment of a true
      Sinn Féin Poblachtach                            REPUBLICAN                                                 32-County FEDERAL
                                                                                                             DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST
                                                                                                                                                         themselves to offer and organise assistance in the face of
                                                                                                                                                         dithering and procrastination from the administrations in Leinster
                                                                                                                                                         House and Stormont. Republicans will offer their support and
Ainm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    SINN FÉIN                                        REPUBLIC . . . The establishment of
                                                                                                              a new all-Ireland parliament,
                                                                                                                                                         assistance to those who are in need.
                                                                                                                                                            “The gombeen culture fostered by Fianna Fáil over generations
Seoladh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                          completely outside the present              has led directly to thousands being left homeless as they have
                                                                                                            partitionist set-up, to oversee the          discovered that their homes have been recklessly built on flood
.............................                                                                                                                            plains. These people must be compensated in full by the
                                                                                                        running of the new neutral non-aligned
                                                                                                                                                         developers who have hoodwinked them.
                                                                                                                        Ireland . . .                        “In the meantime they should be housed in some of the many
     Tel: . . . . . . . . . . . .Age (if under
                                                                                                                                                         thousands of properties that lie empty across the country that are
                      21). . . .                                                                                   OUR HISTORY                           being held onto by speculators in the hope that prices will rise,”
                     Send to:                                                                           Formed in 1905 . . . We are the oldest           Fergal concluded.
         Teach Dáithí Ó Conaill                                                                         political organisation in the country . .
      223 Parnell Street, Dublin 1
Teil: 01-872 9747; Facs: 01-872                                                                             . Organised throughout the 32
        or 229 Falls Road, Belfast
                                                                                                          Counties . . . We have continuously
                                                                                                        rejected the failed political entities of
                                                                                                                                                         Results of Dublin 2nd prize no 561;
                                                                                                                                                         DECEMBER results: 1st.prize ticket no 501;
          e-mail: saoirse@iol.ie                                                                         the Six and 26 Counties in existence            3rd prize no 552; 4th prize no 468; 5th prize no 128; 6th prize
               http://rsf.ie                                                                               since the British partitioned our             no 067; 7th prize no 377; 8th prize no 217.
    or contact your local paper seller for                                                                             country . . .
                   details                                                                                                                                       SAOIRSE February edition
           For a full British withdrawal from Ireland                                                                                                               published 3/2/2010
Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010                                                                                                                                                                       3

     Gearrscéalta                                                                      Call for Adams to resign from
AGM of Galway                                                                                Bobby Sands Trust
Comhairle Ceantair                                                          FORMER H-Block hunger striker Gerard                                                                     intelligence agencies and the
ON December 16, 2009 a large crowd gathered for the                         Hodgins called on December 29 for Gerry                                                                  Provisional         leadership:
AGM of Galway Comhairle Ceantair of Republican                              Adams to resign from the Bobby Sands Trust in                                                            nobody cared for the victim,
Sinn Féin.                                                                                                                                                                           all had their own agendas.
                                                                            light of his actions surrounding the accusations                                                              “Whether Gerry Adams
   Elections for the Comhairle Ceantair were held with the following        against his brother, Liam Adams.
people being elected to the positions, Chairperson Tomás Ó Curraoin,                                                                                                                 remains or goes as the leader
secretary Brendan Madden, treasurer Seán Mac an Iomaíre, assistant            The Sands Trust is currently    Gerry Adams a financial                                                of [Provisional] Sinn Féin is
treasurer Chris Kilcommins, PRO Brian Kilcommins.                          run out of the Provo offices on    beneficiary. “It came in the                                           an irrelevance to me and I
   At the meeting Republican Sinn Féin’s elected representative on         the Falls Road in Belfast, and     draft version of the new trust                                         wouldn’t comment on it other
Galway county council Tomás Ó Curraoin sent the best wishes of the         its members are Gerry Adams,       documents drawn up in 1994                                             than to say Gerry is probably
Comhairle Ceantair to the newly-elected President of Republican Sinn       Danny       Morrison,     Tom      though Adams said that it                                              the most morally apt person to
Féin Des Dalton who took over from lifelong and steadfast Republican       Hartley, Jim Gibney, Brendan       should read the president of                                           lead an organisation which
Ruairí Ó Brádaigh who was elected as Patron of the organisation at the     ‘Bik’      McFarlane,      Síle    Sinn Féin of the day. We                                               appears, in its upper echelons
105th Árd Fheis of the organisation recently.                              Darragh, Caral Ní Chúilin,         didn’t agree to either.”                                               at least, to be a depository for
   Tributes were paid to the outgoing president on his lifelong activism   and Peter Madden (Madden              Hodgins’ letter to the Irish    • Bobby Sands                       informers, paedophiles and
for the Republican cause and his continued support of the principles       and Finucane represent the         News (Belfast) is very hard                                            God knows what else.
laid down in the 1916 Proclamation, and the members of the Comhairle       Trust). Hartley, Morrison and      hitting. The full text follows:    Adams and Morrison to wind             “I would call on him to
Ceantair wish him all the best on his new role on the Ard Chomhairle.      Adams have been on the Trust          “Ten years ago the family       up the organisation they run        resign immediately though
                                                                           since its inception.               of Bobby Sands asked Gerry         using Bobby’s name, much            from the Bobby Sands Trust
Wreath-laying ceremonies in                                                   The Sands family have
                                                                           rejected the Trust and have
                                                                                                              Adams and Danny Morrison
                                                                                                              to wind up the Bobby Sands
                                                                                                                                                 has come to light about the
                                                                                                                                                 high level of penetration of
                                                                                                                                                                                     as I believe further association
                                                                                                                                                                                     with a discredited Provisional
Kilrush 23 a wreath was laid in honour of the
On November
                                                                           publicly called for it to be
                                                                           wound up. “We came to look
                                                                                                              Trust; their reasons for this
                                                                                                              included they don’t believe
                                                                                                                                                 the Provisional leadership by
                                                                                                                                                 British intelligence agencies:
                                                                                                                                                                                     leadership besmirches and
                                                                                                                                                                                     dishonours the sacrifices
                                                                           closer at the Trust and in turn    the Bobby Sands Trust is all       so much so in fact it is            Bobby and the other men of
Manchester Martyrs at the Monument in Kilrush, Co                          were concerned at the lack of      Gerry and Danny claim it to        difficult not to juxtapose this     ‘81 made in the name of
Clare. Wreaths were also laid at the Monument to                           control or accountability,”        be.                                information alongside the           freedom. One of Bobby’s
Comdt Willie Shanahan and Captain Michael                                  said one family source.               “Bobby Sands was a man of       new-found           ostentatious    most famous quotes is: our
McNamara and also to Vol Patrick O’Dea, Vol John                           “There were no records of          principle, a man of honour, a      wealth of the Provisional           revenge will be the laughter of
O’Gorman and Section Leader Michael Keane in                               minutes etc or proper accounts     man of courage and a man of        leadership and not conclude         our children!
                                                                           and it was debatable if they       unblemished character. He has      there is truth in there!               “Gerry Adams is not a man
Doonbeg Cemetery.                                                                                                                                   “The latest episode on the
   After years of letter-writing to the Kilrush Town Council and to the    ever functioned as a Trust but     inspired thousands throughout                                          who can continue this charade
                                                                           rather as an extension of          the globe in their struggles for   true     face     behind     the    that he and he alone speaks for
editors of the Clare Champion, Clare People and the Clare Express
                                                                           [Provisional]SF.”                  social justice and remains a       Provisional leadership mask is      Bobby, the hunger strikers, the
complaining about the Manchester Martyrs monument being used as a
                                                                              There was also family           beacon of hope for the             a very disturbing one, given        Blanketmen and women.
resting place for the sale of Christmas trees, our campaign finally paid
                                                                           concern over an alleged            oppressed, the imprisoned and      that it concerns the rape and
off. This year no trees have been resting against the monument. They
                                                                           attempt by the Provos to insert    the socially conscious.            abuse of children and the             “Not in my name Gerry,
are now using the Town Hall instead.
                                                                           a clause in the new Trust             “In the intervening years       manipulation of that heinous        Not in my name Gerry, most
New Internet presence for                                                  which would have made              since Bobby’s family asked         crime      by     the    police,    definitely not in my name.”

RSF Germany & Austria &
THE website of Republican Sinn Féin Germany
Austria is currently unavailable under the domain-
                                                                                           British Army used
name www.irish-solidarity.net.
   We are working on a new, more professional Internet presence at the
moment. Our webmaster was forced to take this step because our
                                                                                        ‘waterboarding’ in 1970s
previous, well-known website in the German language was deleted by                                                                               slowly over his face from a         but it produced a drowning
our provider due to ‘offenses against the terms of use’, as we were         EVIDENCE that the British army subjected                             bucket. “It nearly put me           sensation and it was pretty
informed. No further explanations were given.                               prisoners in the Occupied Six Counties of                            unconscious,” Holden was            unpleasant.”
   The new website should be launched in January 2010. In the                                                                                    quoted as saying. “It nearly           Seven months before
meantime you will find a temporary website under following name:
                                                                            Ireland to waterboarding during interrogations
                                                                            in the 1970s emerged in December 2009 as Liam                        drowned me and stopped me           Holden was detained by
http://rsf-europe.blogspot.com/ This Blog includes contact details and                                                                           from breathing. This went on        British soldiers, the Heath
our statements since December 2010.                                         Holden, Belfast, launched an appeal against his                      for a minute.” A short while        government had publicly
                                                                            conviction for murder.                                               later he was subjected to the       repudiated and banned five
John A Costelloe                                                              Last month (December 20,        mouth, and that “this was
                                                                                                                                                 same treatment again, he said.
                                                                                                                                                    The jury took less than 75
                                                                                                                                                                                     “interrogation techniques”.
                                                                                                                                                                                     RUC officers had learned the
remembered 13, 2009 Cumann Na Saoirse
ON Sunday, December
                                                                           2009) Liam Holden’s case
                                                                           was referred by the Criminal
                                                                                                              repeated on a number of
                                                                                                              occasions”. All of the
                                                                                                                                                 minutes to convict him of
                                                                                                                                                 capital murder. Liam Holden
                                                                                                                                                                                     techniques -- hooding, sleep
                                                                                                                                                                                     deprivation, starvation and the
                                                                           Cases Review Commission            allegations of waterboarding
Náisiúnta and the O’Donovan Rossa Society co-hosted                                                                                              did not appeal, however, with       use of stress positions and
                                                                           (CCRC) to the Court of             come from a period after
                                                                                                                                                 relatives saying at the time        noise- - from British military
a first anniversary memorial to honour the life and                        Appeal in Belfast.                 March 1972.
                                                                                                                                                 that they believed his trial had    intelligence officers, but
work of our late friend, John A Costelloe, who passed                         Liam Holden became the             Liam Holden was a 19-
                                                                                                                                                 been “rigged” and was a             Heath assured the Commons
away on December 18,                                                       last person in the Occupied        year-old chef, a nationalist
                                                                                                                                                 “farce”.                            that they “will not be used in
2008.                                                                      Six Counties (under British        from Ballymurphy in Belfast,
                                                                                                                                                    He was eventually released       future as an aid to
   A large crowd of family, friends                                        jurisdiction) to be sentenced      and was arrested during a raid
                                                                                                                                                 from prison in 1989.                interrogation”.
and colleagues turned out to                                               to hang after being convicted      by soldiers of the Parachute
                                                                                                                                                    The new evidence that the           There were subsequently
honour and remember the life and                                           in 1973 of the murder of a         Regiment on his parents’
                                                                                                                                                 CCRC has submitted to the           unconfirmed allegations that
work of an exceptional person.                                             British soldier, based largely     home in October 1972. He
                                                                                                                                                 court of appeal is being kept       the British army had
John was a long-time and active                                            on an unsigned confession.         was accused of being the
                                                                                                                                                 secret.                             experimented with other
member of both organizations. In                                           His death sentence was             sniper who, a month earlier,
                                                                                                                                                    In 2005 Rod Richard, the         methods of torture, including
addition to his work in the Irish                                          commuted            to      life   had shot dead Private Frank
                                                                                                                                                 former Welsh Office minister,       electric shocks, and the use of
Republican movement, John was a                                            imprisonment and he spent 17       Bell of the Paras. He said that
                                                                                                                                                 told a Welsh newspaper that         drugs. Towards the end of the
retired New York City firefighter                                          years in jail.                     after being arrested [in his
                                                                                                                                                 he had been waterboarded            decade,               Amnesty
and an accomplished actor.                                                    The account that Holden         bed] the soldiers had taken
                                                                                                                                                 during        his     counter-      International was reporting
   He was a member of the Screen                                           gave at his trial is remarkably    him to their base on Black
                                                                                                                                                 interrogation training as a         that ‘terrorism suspects’ were
Actors Guild and appeared in many                                          similar to those that have         Mountain, west of Belfast,
                                                                                                                                                 Royal Marines officer in the        again being mistreated, this
movies and television programs.                                            emerged since the CIA began        where he was beaten, burned
                                                                                                                                                 late ’60s. A former member of       time by RUC detectives,
As an actor, he was most well                                              using           waterboarding      with a cigarette lighter,
                                                                                                                                                 the Royal Marines says that         “with sufficient frequency to
known for his role in The • John A Costelloe                               techniques while interrogating     hooded and threatened with
                                                                                                                                                 he and his fellow officers and      warrant the establishment of a
Sopranos, in which he played Jim                                           suspects in Guantanamo and         execution.
                                                                                                                                                 their      men     were       all   public inquiry”.
“Johnny Cakes” Witowski. John also                                         other secret places of                At his trial in April 1973
                                                                                                                                                 waterboarded at the end of             A number of Republican
appeared in several productions with the renowned La Mama                  detention.                         Liam Holden denied the
                                                                                                                                                 their escape and evasion            former prisoners told the
Experimental Theatre Club in Manhattan.                                       Lawyers for Liam Holden         charge and provided an alibi
                                                                                                                                                 training at Lympstone, Devon,       Guardian newspaper that
   During the warm and intimate event, John was remembered in a            have identified two others         for the time that the soldier
                                                                                                                                                 in the late 60s and early 70s.      waterboarding was used as a
variety of song, poetry, personal reflections and video as a man of many   who also claim they suffered       was shot. He told the jury that
                                                                                                                                                 “You were tied to a chair and       form of punishment, as well
talents and interests. His father spoke of how John’s knowledge and        water boarding. One of the         he had been pushed into a
                                                                                                                                                 they would tip you over on          as a means of extracting
understanding of Irish Republicanism was the core of his commitment        men said that in April 1978,       cubicle where he was held
                                                                                                                                                 your back, put a towel over         confessions (guardian.co.uk,
to social justice, human rights and sovereignty for all people.            RUC members put a towel            down by six men, that a towel
                                                                                                                                                 your face and pour water over       December 21, 2009).
   video @ www.irishfreedom.net                                            over his face and poured           was placed over his head, and
                                                                                                                                                 you. I can’t recall what we
                                                                           water over his nose and            that water was then poured
                                                                                                                                                 called it - not waterboarding -
4                                                                                                                                                    Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010

TUES, DECEMBER 1: A pipe bomb was
thrown at Strabane RUC station. There were no
   A bill paving the way for the devolution of
policing and justice in the future has passed its
final stage in Stormont. The bill creates a justice
department and allows a justice minister to be
appointed with cross-community backing.
WED. DECEMBER 2: As more scandals
emerge over the abuse of children in homes, a
Co Down teenager appealed to the health
minister in Stormont not to close a children’s
home in Belfast which he said ‘turned his life
   Up to six politicians based in the Occupied
Six Counties are expected to announce they are
to join the 26-County Fianna Fáil Party.
   Politicians questioned the RUC tactics over
facilitating a midnight protest by over 200
loyalists in Portadown last Saturday night.
Loyalists organised the protest “to show
Republicans that we will not tolerate their
presence in the area or their behaviour”.             • The Special non-jury Court sat for the last time in Green Street, Dublin on December 18 as the courts are moving to a new
   The family of Kevin McDaid, murdered by            purpose built building in Parkgate Street.
loyalists (facilitated by the RUC) in May 2009
were forced to leave their home because of            Policing Partnership meeting in Derry.               arrest.                                              detained by the Egyptian authorities. John
abuse by loyalists.                                   THURS. DECEMBER 10: Two men were                     TUES. DECEMBER 22: Between 450 and 500               Hurson and Peter Canavan, on behalf of Holy
   The US is to send over 30,000 more troops to       convicted in the Special non-jury Court in           homeless people are daily seeking breakfast and      Trinity GAA Club, Co Down, O’Neills in
Afghanistan; there are currently 71,000 US            Dublin of possessing bomb-making equipment.          dinner at the Capuchin Day Centre, Dublin,           Strabane and the GAA Store in Portadown
troops there and 120,000 US troops in Iraq.           Terry McConnell, Andersonstown, Belfast and          nearly double the number two years ago. The          donated jerseys, goalposts, footballs, training
FRI. DECEMBER 4: Workers in Corus,                    Cormac Fitzpatrick, Monaghan will be                 number of food parcels the centre provides to        cones, DVDs, books and other items that John
Teeside, England were told that all 1,700 jobs        sentenced in January.                                people and families in need each week has also       Hurson took with him on the Viva Palistina
are to be lost.                                          The Commission for Energy Regulation              risen from 400 in previous years to 1,000 at         convoy to Gaza. Naom Chomsky and Peter
   Liam Clancy, the last of the famous ballad         approved the construction of a gas pipeline to       present.                                             Canavan are co-presidents of the Gaza GAA
group the Clancy Brothers died at his home in         serve import and re-gassification terminal for          A parliamentary investigation in Lithuania        Club.
Co Waterford after a long illness.                    liquefied gas on the Shannon estuary in north        found that the US Central Intelligence Agency           The RUC/PSNI custody ‘suite’ at Newry, Co
SAT. DECEMBER 5: Four teams of volunteers             Kerry.                                               ran a secret prison in Lithuania where al-Qaeda      Down and one in Armagh city have been closed
left Ireland for Gaza to deliver ambulances and          Seventy workers at the US owned American          suspects may have been held. Head of the             down. Those arrested are now being brought to
humanitarian aid. The groups, from Tyrone,            Power Corporation (APC) in Castlebar, Co             parliament’s national security and defence           Lisburn.
Galway, Dublin, Derry and Cork will join up           Mayo are to lose their jobs when the plant closes    committee, Arvydas Anusauskas, said the                 Former hunger striker Gerard Hodgins called
with other volunteers in London and hope to           in May. At one time the plant employed 1,000         investigation found Lithuanian intelligence          on Gerry Adams to step down from the Bobby
reach their destination on December 27.               people.                                              opened two detention centres in co-operation         Sands Trust, which is run by the Provos, in light
   National Irish Bank, which employs more            FRI. DECEMBER 11: The Social Welfare Bill            with the CIA.                                        of recent allegations surrounding his brother.
than 630 people at nearly 60 branches around          which legislates for cuts of €760 million next       WED. DECEMBER 23: The Criminal Assets                TUES. DECEMBER 29: According to State
the country, is reported to be preparing job          year passed all stages in Leinster House, Dublin.    Bureau legislation is under review in the 26         papers just released, Margaret Thatcher
losses and branch closures.                              The Dawn meats Abattoir at Middleton, Co          Counties.                                            considered taking the vote from the Irish in
   Earlier this month, Permanent TSB                  Cork will close next week with a loss of 80 jobs.       Snow was causing severe disruption across         Britain and bringing them “fully within the
announced plans for 120 job cuts and 11 branch           Taoiseach Brian Cowan is to take a 20% pay        Ireland.                                             UK’s immigration laws” in 1979.
closures.                                             cut. His current salary is €285.583, after his pay      €25 million will be spent on new public              Mordechai Vanunu, the man who revealed
   Environmental campaigners formed a human           cut his salary will be €228,466. A person on         services identity (ID) cards for over-16s in the     Israel’s nuclear secrets to the world in 1986, was
wave in Dublin to call on the Administration to       basic social welfare payment receives €10,608,       26 Counties.                                         placed under three days’ house arrest after being
push for a meaningful deal at the forthcoming         after cuts they will receive €10,192.                   Author Colm Tóibín will be honoured by his        detained for violating a ban on maintaining
UN climate change summit in Copenhagen.               SAT. DECEMBER 12: Gordon Brown, British              native Enniscorthy, Co Wexford.                      contact with foreigners.
Hundreds of participants lined the route from         PM, spent the night with British troops in              Some airports, including Schipol in                  The travel bill for TDs and Senators in the 26
Custom House Quay to Government Buildings             Afghanistan after meeting with President Hamid       Amsterdam, are considering full body scans for       Counties for the yea came close to €1m.
on Merrion Street.                                    Kairzai.                                             passengers flying to the USA after an incident          Dr Deirdre Mongan, co-author of a Health
   Steve Rodford, governor of Maghaberry              MON. DECEMBER 14: Danish police                      aboard a Delta flight to the US on Christmas         Research Board (HRB) report entitled Social
Prison, Lisburn, Co Antrim, resigned less than        detained over 1,000 demonstrators during a           day.                                                 Consequences of Harmful Use of Alcohol in
five months after taking up the post.                 mass rally in Copenhagen where the 192-nation           British Prime Minister has been informed that     Ireland, claims that alcohol is a bigger problem
SUN. DECEMBER 6: The Annual Apprentice                UN climate conference is being held. An              he will have to give evidence at the Iraq inquiry.   than illegal drugs; that it is doing more harm to
Boy’s Lundy March took place in Derry.                estimated 40,000 people joined Saturday’s               IBEC, the employers group, has officially         Irish society than drugs. It was the third report
MON. DECEMBER 7: New Department of                    mostly peaceful march.                               withdrawn from the pay terms of the national         on alcohol abuse in two months. The Slán
Education figures indicate that provision for         FRI. DECEMBER 18: Derry building firm,               agreement reached with the 26 County                 Report concentrated on the profile of drinking
special needs pupils is largely concentrated in       Tradeforce in the Springtown Industrial Estate is    Administration and the social partners in            patterns and alcohol-related harm, while the
“free” State-run schools and in disadvantaged         to lay off seven of its workforce because of the     September 2008.                                      third Rape and Justice in Ireland highlighted the
areas. Some leading fee-paying schools make           downturn in the construction industry.                  Trade unions in the 26 Counties are               major role of alcohol in rape cases.
little provision for students with special               William Graham retired after more than 40         considering a two-stage strategy –a work to rule     WED. DECEMBER 30: A number of shots
educational needs.                                    years as a journalist at the Irish News.             and a ban on co-operation with any proposals for     were fired at Crossmaglen RUC barracks in
   Greek police fired tear gas at hundreds of            The RUC/PSNI defended their decision to           public service reform - in their campaign against    south Armagh.
rioting youths in Athens in the second day of         take over the investigation into loyalist murders    pay cuts for public service workers.                    Explosive material was found in an
violent protests to mark the one-year                 and RUC collusion with loyalists, from the HET.         More than 50% of foreign workers who have         abandoned lorry at Cloghogue on the A1 Newry
anniversary of the police killing of a 15-year-old    Families of the victims say the takeover is          come to the 26 Counties since 2004 have              Road. 1,000lb of explosives was packed into
boy. About 5,000 students, workers and leftists       “sinister”.                                          probably left according to the Central Statistics    barrels and drums inside the lorry and a number
marched to parliament. Schools, ministries and           A retired police officer was arrested in          Office.                                              of houses were evacuated for several hours. The
tax offices closed down and transport was halted      England in connection with claims that evidence      SUN. DECEMBER 27: Demonstrations in Iran             section of the main Belfast-Dublin road between
as teachers and public servants walked off the        was hidden during the investigation into the         continue as opposition grows towards the             Cloghoge and Jonesborough remained closed
job for three hours to join nationwide                death of Stephen Lawrence in south London in         government        of      President    Mahmoud       until 10pm.
demonstrations. Riot police formed a cordon           1993.                                                Ahmadinejad. Serious clashes with the police            More than 20 members of the RUC and their
around the Athens university area, where most            The special non-jury court in Green Street,       left eight people dead in Tehran. The injured        families have had to move house in the
of the clashes took place the day before. Two         Dublin heard its last case. The court is moving      were treated at home by doctors as the police        Occupied Six Counties in the past six months
policemen were injured and about 30 youths            to the new complex in the Phoenix Park. The          waited at hospitals to arrest the injured. Steel     because of fears that they were being targeted
were detained in yesterday’s unrest in Athens.        court opened its doors in 1797 and in 1798 the       batons were used by police during the protests.      for assassination by Republicans.
TUES. DECEMBER 8: The lawyer for the                  Sheares Brothers were among the United               MON. DECEMBER 28: Caoimhe Butterly and               THURS. DECEMBER 31: Released 1979
family of Robert Hamill, kicked to death in           Irishmen who were tried there. In 1803 Robert        John Hurson both members of the Viva Palestina       State papers in Ireland and Britain were carried
Portadown by loyalists while the RUC looked           Emmet was sentenced to be ‘hanged, drawn and         Convoy, went on hunger strike to protest against     in several newspapers.
on, suggested that the then chief constable           quartered’ at Green Street, where he made his        Egypt’s refusal to allow a convoy of                    The death took place of the former Catholic
Ronnie Flanagan “gave the nod” for the RUC to         famous speech from the dock.                         humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, which remains        Primate of All Ireland Cardinal Cahal Daly at
cover up allegations of collusion.                       Thousands turned out for the funeral of the       under a strict Israeli blockade.                     the age of 92.
WED. DECEMBER 9: The family of John                   “dissident” cleric Ayatollah Hussein Ali                The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign         MON. JANUARY 4: The High Court in Dublin
Brady, Derry, found dead in a Strand Road, RUC        Montazeri in Iran. He criticised the regime in       said that two members, Zoe Lawlor from               granted 72 possession orders to mortgage
barracks in October, protested at the District        Iran in 1980s and spent five years under house       Limerick and Hilary Minch from Dublin, were          lenders in the last eight weeks.
Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010                                                                                                                                                                          5

        A day in the life of a
         Republican POW
                                                                                                                                                                              routine, it is by far a hell of a lot better
 Below we carry a detailed account of a day in the life of a                                                                                                                  than the routine up to the protest of
 Republican prisoner in Maghaberry jail, given to SAOIRSE                                                                                                                     2006. A lot of ground was gained then
 by a released POW.                                                                                                                                                           but a lot more work needs to be, and is
 MORNING begins at 7-              I must point out here that when I                                                                                                          being done, both inside and outside
 7.15am with a loud kick at say cook a meal this is only heating                                                                                                              the prison.
                                                                                                                                                                                 If it has not been obvious by what
 the cell door to ascertain if our prison food in a microwave. As                                                                                                             has been stated by now, let me say the
 we are still in the land of the Republican prisoners we are refused                                                                                                          following: if we are locked down for
                                 the right to cook and prepare a decent
 living.                         meal on a cooker. Facilities such as                                                                                                         whatever reason we refuse to eat any
    With a quick f*** off from within                                                                                                                                         meals in the cells. In the last number
                                             cookers are available to other
 the 8x4 box, the screw takes himself                                                                                                                                         of weeks [in November 09] we were
                                             prisoners but denied to ourselves.
 to the neighbouring cell. I listen and                                                                                                                                       locked down for almost 72 hours,
 laugh as the screw gets the same                                                                                                                                             during this period we carried out a
 reception from my fellow Prisoners of        EVERY DAY THE SAME
                                                Every day in Maghaberry is the                                                                                                fast.
 War.                                                                                                                                                                            We will not allow ourselves to be
    At 8.15-8.30 the cell doors open,        same. We have two landings, Roe 3
                                             and Roe 4, with approximately 12 to                                                                                              criminalised by a system driven by a
 only three Republicans are allowed                                                                                                                                           systematic hatred of everything
 out at the same time. The three men         15 men on each. The routine is
                                             divided between both landings.                                                                                                   Republican. The Northern Ireland
 are continually shadowed by up to                                                                                                                                            Office (NIO) and prison estate as a
 nine and sometimes 11 thugs in                 If you look at it through the eyes a
                                             Republican prisoner it goes as                                                                                                   whole is a bastion of unionism and
 British uniform. As Republicans we                                                                                                                                           loyalism. They have for years tried to
 refuse to eat our breakfast at this time.   follows:                                  • Maghaberry jail.
                                               MONDAY:                                                                                                                        intimidate defenceless Republican
    Instead we try to get to the canteen                                               locked down until 2.15pm.                  men on Roe 4 are also served their          prisoners and indeed they attempt to
 were we can get together and have our          8.30-11.45am: Roe 3 have access to
                                                                                          2.15pm: Yet another head count.         meals at this time. As we refuse to         carry on with their criminalisation
 meal as a unit. It must be pointed out      the yard and canteen.
                                                                                       The men who have visits are moved to       eat in our cells, the men try to eat a      policy in Maghaberry today. But with
 that the prison expects us to eat all our      8.30-11.45am: Roe 4 have access
                                                                                       the prison van three at a time. Those      quick snack or they return to the           your help and with our resolute we
 meals in their cells. As the cell           to their landing canteen, shower and
                                                                                       who remain behind on Roe 3 are then        cells and eat nothing until the             will defeat these monsters of British
 contains a toilet we refuse to eat any      phone. At 10am they have intercell
                                                                                       given access to the shower, landing        following morning.                          Imperialism.
 meals in what can only be described         association, only three men to a cell.
                                                                                       canteen and classroom and intercell           4.30pm: All movement to the yards           I would like to finish now by
 as a lavatory. At the appointed meal           11.45: Roe 3 are called upon to lock
                                                                                       association.                               are complete. Roe 4 are locked down.        thanking the genuine Republican
 time Republican prisoners collect           up. Intercell association also end for
                                                                                          3.45pm: Roe 4 are called upon to           5.30pm: The men on Roe 4 are             people of Ireland and abroad; without
 their meals and place them in a             Roe 4 at this time.
                                                                                       lock up. Intercell association also ends   given access to a seven minute phone        your help and assistance our struggle
 container. We then carry our meals to          12noon: A head count is carried out
                                                                                       for Roe 3.                                 call.                                       and that of our comrades is futile.
 the canteen when we are on                  by the screws.
                                                                                          4.00pm: Another head count. Roe 3          7.45pm: The men on Roe 3 are                Finally a word of praise and respect
 association.                                   12.15pm: Roe 4 are moved to the
                                                                                       are then given access to the yard,         called upon to lock up.                     to all political prisoners worldwide,
    At this time, and at all meal times,     yard three men at a time. They collect
                                                                                       moved three at a time. The men                8.15pm: The house is locked down.        you are in our thoughts, “the flame of
 we have personnel appointed to carry        their meals at this time, which they
                                                                                       collect their meals from the storage       All men in the cells.                       resistance burns brightest through the
 out specific tasks and duties. In this I    prepare and eat while on association.
                                                                                       container. They also collect their            This routine is on a rotational basis.   hearts of the those imprisoned for
 mean some men cook or prepare a                12.20pm: Roe 3 collect their meals
                                                                                       evening supper. These meals are then       The following day Roe 4 will receive        their beliefs”.
 meal and other men then carry out the       three men at a time and place them
                                                                                       prepared in the canteen by the             the two association periods, Roe 3
 task of washing up after we have            into a container.
                                                                                       appointed Republican prisoners. It         one.                                          Go raibh mile maith agaibh agus
 finished.                                      12.45pm: Another head count is
                                                                                       must be pointed out here that the             Although this is a monotonous            Tiocfaidh Ár Lá.
                                             carried out on Roe 3 and the house

            Republican Sinn Féin speaker at Italian conference
   DECEMBER 2009 saw another important                                                                                                          President of Republican              political prisoners - who are
   example of solidarity with the Irish liberation                                                                                              Sinn Féin, Des Dalton,               being denied their right to
   struggle due to the work of Republican Sinn Féin                                                                                             which read:                          political status by the
   in Italy.                                                                                                                                                                         British government in the
                                                                                                                                                   “On behalf of Republican          oppressive prison regime in
    A    spokesperson      of         situation in the Occupied
                                                                                                                                                Sinn Féin I thank Partito            Maghaberry prison in the
 Republican Sinn Féin in              Six Counties and explained
                                                                                                                                                Comunista dei Lavoratori             Six Occupied Counties - is
 Italy was invited to an anti-        the political solution of the
                                                                                                                                                for the invitation to take           an area where international
 imperialist meeting in               Republican       Movement,
                                                                                                                                                part in this conference. As          publicity and protest is very
 Florence.                            ÉIRE NUA, stressing its
                                                                                                                                                Irish Republicans we                 important.
    The conference titled;            contents and motivations.
                                                                                                                                                recognise that the ongoing              “The support we receive
 Northern Ireland - a                    Afterwards Massimiliano
                                                                                                                                                struggle against British             internationally for the
 forgotten           conflict,        answered several questions,
                                                                                                                                                imperialism in Ireland is            struggle for Irish Freedom
 organized by the Partito             concerning both the ÉIRE
                                                                                                                                                part of the international            has always been highly
 Comunista dei Lavoratori             NUA        program       and
                                                                                                                                                fight against imperialism. It        valued. The work of our
 (Workers         Communist           Republican Sinn Féin
                                                                                                                                                is not enough to oppose              International      Relations
 Party), was held on                  solidarity with the bodies
                                                                                                                                                imperialism      -     either        Bureau is a vital part of
 December 12, in the offices          and organisations that
                                                                                                                                                political or economic - in           building a network of
 of Archivio 68 Association           oppose          imperialism
                                                                                                                                                one country unless you are           solidarity for the Irish
 in Florence, Italy.                  worldwide.
                                                                                                                                                prepared to oppose it                struggle       and       Irish
    During the conference,               Sara          Parmigiani,
                                                                                                                                                internationally.                     Republican solidarity with
 the newly published book             journalist and editor of the
                                                                                                                                                                                     national liberation struggles
 Storia del conflitto anglo-          Italian website The Five
                                                                                                                                                   “In Ireland our struggle          throughout the world, such
 irlandese (A History of the          Demands, participated in
                                                                                                                                                for a free and independent           as the Basque Country,
 Anglo-Irish conflict) was            the event together with
                                                                                                                                                32-County       Democratic           Brittany, Palestine, Iraq and
 presented. The book is               Giulia Caruso, a journalist         • Massimiliano Vitelli,           Republican       Sinn     Féin      Socialist         Republic           Afghanistan etc”.
 written in Italian by                whose main focus is on              spokesperson in Italy.                                                continues. The lesson of
 Riccardo Michelucci and              Ireland.
                                                                         situation in other areas, like     autonomy and the right to           Irish history is that while            The meeting was very
 published by Odoya.                     The four speeches from
                                                                         the Basque countries, was          self-determination for all          British occupation of                successful and was an
    Massimiliano      Vitelli,        the podium were followed
                                                                         discussed. All speakers            people.                             Ireland remains it will be           important opportunity to
 Republican Sinn Féin                 by a lively debate. After
                                                                         focused their statement on           Massimiliano Vitelli also         met with resistance. This            raise the voice of true Irish
 spokesperson in Italy,               discussing and analyzing
                                                                         the general aspect of              addressed the conference            lesson has been borne this           Republicanism              in
 outlined     the     current         the state of Ireland, the
                                                                         national     and     cultural      with greetings from the             year. Support for our                Continental Europe.
6                                                                                                                                                  Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010

            Isolation of political prisoners
                                                                                                                                                 She said that we must show       has never been adequately
    FROM December 18-20, 2009 members of Sinn                                                                                                 solidarity with each other and      addressed and it is an area we
    Féin Poblachtach attended and participated in the                                                                                         stand together, “Isolation is a     must become more aware of
    8th International Symposium Against Isolation,                                                                                            powerful tool of the oppressor.     and do something about”.
    held in London.                                                                                                                           We must not let the oppressor          On Sunday the Cultural
   President Des Dalton,            countries.                                                                                                have that tool. We must wrest it    Event took place in Hackney
General Secretary Josephine            On Saturday December 19                                                                                back from him and use it to         and music was supplied by the
Hayden, Dieter Reinish,             the Symposium opened with                                                                                 become stronger.”                   Turkey Group Yorum, who
International Affairs Bureau        Repression and isolation                                                                                     She spoke of the ten men         gave a wonderful performance.
and Dermot Douglas, secretary       towards countries. Speakers                                                                               who died on hunger strike for          All the delegates assembled
Comhairle       Átha     Cliath,    from Venezuela, Honduras, Sri                                                                             political status only for that      on the stage and Des Dalton
travelled from Dublin and           Lanka, Palestine, Iraq and                                                                                special status to be given away     presented Sandra with a
Kevin McCrory came from             Cuba spoke in the morning.                                                                                17 years later by the one-time      bodhrán, made by the POWs in
Scotland. Members of the               After lunch the Symposium                                                                              comrades of Bobby Sands.            Portlaoise jail, for Yorum.
James          Stephens/Roger       continued with Intimidation                                                                                  “Republican Sinn Fein               He said: “The struggle
Casement Cumann, London             policy     towards       political                                                                        supports the Continuity IRA         against       imperialism       is
also attended the symposium.        opposition by laws and                                                                                    prisoners in Maghaberry and         international. It is not enough
   On the Friday night they         political prisoners.                                                                                      Portlaoise prisons who share        to oppose imperialism in one
attended a function in Luton           The speaker from Turkey                                                                                our aims and ideals for a 32-       country without opposing it
organised by the London             was a member of the band                                                                                  County Socialist Republic.          across the world. In Ireland the
Cumann of Sinn Féin                 Yourm, who are made up of                                                                                    “The political prisoners are     struggle      against     British
                                                                         • Josephine Hayden, Sandra Bakutz, Des Dalton, Dieter
Poblachtach. Arriving frozen at     activists and ex-POWs. They          Rienisch and Kevin McCrory at the isolation Conference               once again demanding free           imperialism          and      the
10.40pm, 12 hours late, the         are the voice of the prisoners.      in London.                                                           association; an end to              occupation of part of our
ballad group Saoirse erased the     He asked that we remember the                                                                             controlled movement and the         country goes on.
memory of delays, snow and          122 political prisoners in           been or are in prison or in       criminalization of black youth     right to organise their own            “One front of that struggle is
biting winds.                       Turkey, who lost their lives         exile.                            in the States; Les Lewidow of      wing. Medical neglect is a          being waged within the walls
   Every year since 2002 the        during       the      19th-22nd         Other speakers included        CAMPACC, who outlined the          problem in both prisons as          of Maghaberry prison by the
International Platform Against      December operation and               David Enright, Solicitor of       broad definitions in the British   indeed it is too for all POWs.”     Republican        prisoners    in
Isolation has organised a           during their resistance to the F-    Howe Co, Ealing; an ex-           Terrorism Act 2000.                                                    defence of their right to
Symposium. The original             type isolation prisons.              political     prisoner     from      Josephine           Hayden,        She     concluded:      “Our     political status.
impetus came from the                  Letters of solidarity from the    Argentina who spoke of the        Republican Sin Féin sent           struggle goes on, your struggle
opposition to the state in          POWs in Turkey were read             effects of solitary confinement   solidarity greetings from the      goes on, we resist the                 “In supporting the campaign
Turkey’s use of isolation cells     out.     The     President      of   and collusion between the         conference to POWs all over        normalisation of the unnatural,     of the Irish Republican
and isolation prisons against its   Progressive Lawyers in Ankara        state, police and judiciary; a    the world. She spoke of the        we resist the criminalisation of    prisoners in Maghaberry we
political opponents.                also addressed the delegates         member of the Helen Barbour       fight of the POWs in               our political prisoners and we      take this opportunity to salute
   The symposium was held at        and said that “because of our        Foundation who said one of        Maghaberry and Portlaoise          resist the isolation of political   all political prisoners who are
Bolivar Hall in London, home        stance against fascist laws we       their functions is to ‘bear       prisons for Prisoner of War        prisoners.                          engaged in struggle against
to the Venezuelan Embassy           are branded terrorists”.             witness’; a representative of     status once again and the             “But in particular more must     imperialism – the common
and had three themes: Political        Iratxe Urizar, a lawyer from      the Jericho Movement in the       conditions they currently          be done by all of us to fight       enemy of humanity. We face a
prisoners, Blacklists and           the Basque Country said that         USA who spoke of the US as a      endure. All were sentenced by      against the jailing of children,    common enemy but also share
Sanctions/aggression towards        one per 1,000 Basques have           “racist empire” and the           the non-jury courts.               the scandal of child prisoners      common goals.”

         RUC cover-up over plastic bullet death
    THE High Court in Belfast was told on December                       happened.                            They are also challenging a     by a baton round fired as she       Nora McCabe’s skull and she
    10 that an RUC cover-up surrounding the killing                         Jim McCabe was seeking a       decision not to prosecute any      returned from the shops to her      died the next day.
    of an innocent woman by a plastic bullet led to “a                   court order to quash the          members of the RUC for             home in Linden Street, west            The RUC left the scene,
                                                                         decision not to charge the        perjury or attempting to pervert   Belfast.                            claiming not to have been
    breakdown in the rule of law”.                                       sergeant who fired the fatal      the course of justice at the          Opening the application for      aware of what had happened,
   Lawyers for the husband of       charges. It was also contended       shot or his commanding chief      inquest into Nora McCabe’s         judicial     review      Barry      and they subsequently made
Nora McCabe claimed the             that video footage from the          superintendent with either        death.                             Macdonald QC said the baton         statements        categorically
RUC closed ranks and lied           scene in Belfast 28 years ago        murder or manslaughter. Both         The 33-year-old mother of       round was fired “for no good        denying any involvement in
under oath to shield two            “comprehensively destroyed”          men have since died.              three was killed in July 1981      reason” by a police sergeant        the incident at Linden Street.”
colleagues from facing murder       police accounts of what                                                                                   from a Land Rover. It fractured
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     Oration: Des Dalton, President, Republican Sinn Féin.                                                                                    Limerick city: Brugha/Sabhat, Hurson/Sands Cumainn:
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  Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010                                                                                                                                                                           7

    Tuesday, December 1,           75% of Suzanne Breen’s legal        2009. Severe disruption was                                                                                   was attacked for the second
 2009. The RUC again               expenses arising from a court       caused in Twinbrook when a                                                                                    time in a few days. Their front
 displayed that they simply        case they took against her.         suspicious device was found                                                                                   door was broken in the latest
 have only changed their name         A shop in north Belfast was      outside a block of flats in                                                                                   attack, two days previously
 and uniform and not their         petrol-bombed. No one was           Summerhill Drive. It was later                                                                                stones, bottles and bricks were
 long-standing brutality against   injured.                            declared a hoax.                                                                                              thrown at the house. Their
 their victims when they              Saturday, December 5,               Wednesday, December 9,                                                                                     home was also broken into in
 physically knocked a young        2009. The McKelvey/Steele           2009. A new book A                                                                                            July last and wrecked. The
 lad down as they chased him       Cumann, Republican Sinn             Beleaguered Station, The                                                                                      attacks are racially motivated.
 during rioting in the Old Park    Féin held their first in a series   Memoir of Head Constable                                                                                         Thursday, December 17,
 area of north Belfast.            of white-line pickets for the       John McKenna 1891-1921,                                                                                       2009. John Paul Wootton,
    The RUC were accused by        Republican      POWs.        The    was launched in the Central                                                                                   accused of the killing of an
 nationalists of “heavy-handed     response from the Belfast           Library. The book details the                                                                                 RUC constable in March was
 policing” after two men were      public was very good, despite       sectarian nature of the RIC and                                                                               refused bail in the High Court
 arrested in Belfast on            Provo councillors standing          the pressure that he endured.                                                                                 in Belfast.
 November 29 having been           outside the Cultúrlann across          Thursday December 10,                                                                                         Sunday December 20,
 sprayed with CS gas.              the road watching the response      2009. Lawyers for Jim                                                                                         2009. The McKelvey/Steele
    Patrick McCafferty, Belfast,   from the Belfast people.            McCabe, husband of Nora            • Republican Sinn Féin laid a wreath at the grave of Joe                   Cumann of Republican Sinn
 lodged complaints with his           A man was injured after          McCabe killed by a plastic         McKelvey in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast on December                         Fein launched their new
 solicitor over continued          shots were fired through the        bullet in 1981, claimed in the     19.                                                                        website. It can be found at:
 harassment by the RUC who         window of a house in Norglen        High Court, Belfast, that the                                                                                 www.rsfbelfast.freewebspace.
 are trying to recruit him as an   Parade, Ballymurphy, west           RUC “closed ranks and lied         involvement. The lawyers are           disturbance, but turned out to      com.
 informer. He also claimed that    Belfast.                            under oath” to shield two          challenging a decision not to          be of no significance.                 Monday, December 28,
 he was being stopped and             A protest was held at the        members of the RUC from            prosecute any member of the               The        McKelvey/Steele       2009. Iris Robinson, DUP MP,
 searched up to four times a       Ardoyne shops in protest at the     facing murder charges (both of     RUC      with     perjury     or       Cumann held the second of           announced her retirement from
 week. His father Terry is         Shankill Flute Band which is        who are now dead). No one          attempting to pervert the              their white-line pickets for the    public life due to health
 serving a 12-year sentence in     dedicated to UVF killer Brian       was ever charged with Nora         course of justice at the inquest.      POWs, and would like to             reasons. She is married to
 Maghaberry jail.                  Robinson who shot dead              McCabe’s murder. The RUC              Saturday, December 12,              thank the public for their          Peter Robinson, DUP MLA
    Friday, December 4, 2009.      Paddy McKenna outside the           left the scene and claimed later   2009. A suspicious object was          positive response.                  and First Minister at Stormont.
 The RUC were ordered by a         shops in 1989.                      they did not know what had         found in the Stockman’s Way               Monday December 14,
 Belfast Recorder judge to pay        Monday, December 7,              happened and denied any            area of Belfast caused much            2009. An Indian family home

                                                                                    statement is to publicly apologise to      withdrew its political, military and              “The fact he lectured on human

       Guth na Mumhan:                                                              the people of the Mid-West for even
                                                                                    suggesting such a dreadful course of
                                                                                    action,” Paddy Kenneally concluded.
                                                                                                                               economic forces from our country.
                                                                                                                                  “The Border divides our country
                                                                                                                               and prevents Ireland realising the
                                                                                                                                                                              rights must be questioned because the
                                                                                                                                                                              army he serves has abused human
                                                                                                                                                                              rights not only in Ireland but

         Inniu is Inné                                                              Border must be
                                                                                    questioned not
                                                                                                                               financial and business potential of a
                                                                                                                               united entity trading as one unit with
                                                                                                                               one currency.
                                                                                                                                                                              throughout many parts of the world.
                                                                                                                                                                                 “The British seem to have short
                                                                                                                                                                              memories – and surely the human
Green war future for                     be the first to object to American war     shopping                                      “It is time for politicians to cease        rights of the 13 Irish people murdered
                                         plans in areas of conflict.                WHILE the drift of people and money
Shannon slammed                             “While Shannon Airport is in a          across the Border to purchase goods
                                                                                                                               criticising people for cross border            by British soldiers in Derry were not
THE very idea that the future of                                                                                               shopping and instead to take the case          respected. If anything the British are
                                         difficult financial situation and the      and services in the Six Counties in the    for a united Ireland to the British.”          guilty of mass murder and a campaign
Shannon Airport should be dependent                                                 run up to Christmas was frowned
on American conflict around the          coming year looks bleak because of                                                    British soldier lecture at                     of intimidation and repression against
                                         the continuing conflict with the           upon by trade and political                                                               the nationalist and republican people
world is the latest U-turn from the
                                         budget carrier Ryanair, this is purely a   organisations, the fact is the existence   Curragh an insult                              of the Occupied Six Counties.
Green Party in Clare, a spokesperson                                                of partition must be questioned, Des       THE fact that a British Army officer
for Republican Sinn Fein said on         commercial decision and it should be                                                                                                    “Today many commemorators
                                         resolved in the normal way of              Long from Corbally in Limerick, a          lectured in the Curragh, the first
December 19, 2009.                                                                                                             Queen’s soldier to do so since 1922 is         seem to think that the border or
                                         business.                                  member of the Ard Comhairle of                                                            partition no longer exists but the
   Paddy Kenneally from Crusheen                                                    Republican Sinn Féin said on               an insult to the memory of all the men
said that the latest statement by the       “To advocate more American troop                                                                                                  reality is the country is divided and
                                         carrying flights as the financial          December 10.                               and women who fought in the War of
Green Party Councillor Brian Meany                                                                                             Independence, Joe Lynch from                   that division is enforced by the British
                                         saviour of the Airport is an insult to         He said that question of why the                                                      presence.
in relation to the future of Shannon                                                Border is in place seldom seems to         Beechgrove Avenue in Ballinacura
Airport was an insult to all the Irish   everyone who has campaigned against                                                                                                     “Having British army officers
                                         American war planes using the              arise in the pricing debate.               Weston in Limerick, the Republican
people who have campaigned against                                                                                             Sinn Fein chairman in the southside of         lecture at the Curragh is certainly not
                                         civilian airport.                             “There is an outcry over people                                                        the way to win the hearts and minds of
imperialism and American military                                                   crossing the Border to buy at lower        the city, said on December 24.
expansionism.                               “Shannon is a civilian airport that                                                                                               the Irish people but all these attempts
                                         has survived against all the odds on       prices in the Six Counties but there is       He said to add insult to injury the
   “To say that more American troop                                                                                            British soldier lectured on human              to normalise the British presence in
                                         the west of Ireland supported by the       no outrage over the existence of the                                                      Ireland can be traced back to the
carrying planes should transit                                                      Border itself.                             rights and humanitarian law.
Shannon Airport and that the Airport     people in the Mid-West from Clare                                                                                                    Stormont Agreement.
                                         and Limerick and Galway and Kerry             “The exchange rate between                 “This British soldier, Lt Col. Mark
should go after this business is an                                                                                            McKinney while born in Portrush                   “The normalisation of British rule
                                         and Tipperary.                             sterling and the Euro is kept                                                             has now being taken to the very heart
appalling statement to make.                                                        artificially high by the trade             served for 17 years as a Royal Marine
   “The Green Party representative          “The idea that Shannon should be                                                                                                  of the 26 County Administration’s
                                         dependent on American wars is alien        organisations simply to exploit the        in the British Forces and his presence
seems to forget that his own party is                                                                                          in the Curragh certainly indicates a           military establishment but it must be
                                         to the spirit of freedom ingrained in      customer. There would be no artificial                                                    exposed and indeed resisted.”
very much against the American use                                                  division if the British adhered to the     widespread campaign to normalise
of Shannon Airport and in fact would     the Irish people and the least the
                                         Green Party can do over this appalling     aspiration of the Irish people and         British rule in the island of Ireland.

   TEACH DÁITHÍ Ó CONAILL                                                                                                                      Taxpayer to pay for
      RENOVATION FUND                                                                                                                            M3 double toll
                                                                                                                                              FERROVIAL made a                      the toll company would be
                                                                                                                                              sweetheart deal with the              compensated by the taxpayer.
  The Trustees and Ard Chomhairle have                                                                                                                                              Campaigners also drew attention
                                                                                                                                              26-County State under
  decided to set up a fund to renovate the                                                                                                    which the toll company
                                                                                                                                                                                    to the fact that the tolling period is
                                                                                                                                                                                    45 years and not 30 as reported
Republican Sinn Féin Ard-Oifig, Teach Dáithí                                                                                                  would be compensated by               widely in the press.
   Ó Conaill, 223 Parnell Street, Dublin 1.                                                                                                   the taxpayer if traffic                  The traffic figures on the
                                                                                                                                              levels did not reach the              existing N3 are dropping yearly
                                                                                                                                              specific/expected targets.            since its peak in May 2006.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Figures will continue to fall as
  Donations will be gratefully received from                                                                                                       SaveTara campaigners called      unemployment has risen by 116%
                                                                                                                                              on December 11 for the
          members and supporters                                                                                                              resignation of the 26-County
                                                                                                                                                                                    in a year and the total unemployed
                                                                                                                                                                                    in the county now stands at well
        of the true Republican cause.                                                                                                         Minister for Transport, Noel          over 11,000.
                                                                                                                                              Dempsey, over the issue of the
  All moneys received will be acknowledged                                                                                                    tolling of the M3 motorway.
                                                                                                                                                                                       The rise of population in Co
                                                                                                                                                                                    Meath was directly linked to the
                 and receipted.                                                                                                               Campaigners        have      drawn    so-called Celtic Tiger, when
                                                                                                                                              attention to the fact that the road   people moved out from Dublin.
                                                                                                                                              was to be tolled twice for years         As far as an alternative public
         Donations should be sent to:                                                • Des Dalton, President Sinn Féin                        now but the message fell on deaf      transport system for Co Meath is
                                                                                     Poblachtach making a presentation of a                   ears until recently when a letter     concerned, this deal with Ferrovial
    The Dáithí Ó Conaill Memorial Fund, 223                                          Celtic Cross to Kitty O’Brien, Cork,                     (Meath Chronicle, July 18) from       means that the State now has a
            Parnell Street, Dublin 1.                                                recently in recognition of her contribution              the campaign again drew attention
                                                                                                                                              to the sweetheart deal under which
                                                                                                                                                                                    conflict of interest vis-a-vis the
                                                                                     to Sinn Féin down through the years.                                                           rail option and the M3 motorway.
 8                                                                                                                              Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010

            Seán Sabhat remembered
                  in Limerick
     ON Sunday, January 3 Republican Sinn Féin held its
     annual Seán Sabhat commemoration in Limerick City.
   The large crowd led by three      McGuirk said: “He died, not for
pipers and a Colour Party            any romantic dream, but for a
marched from Bedford Row to the      people – a nation.”
Republican Plot in Mount St             Turning to the Ireland of today
Lawrence Cemetery. There the         she said: “The same patriotism is
ceremony was chaired by Ard          visible today when we consider
Chomhairle member Des Long.          the Republican prisoners in
   Séamus Ó Súilleabháin recited     Maghaberry and Portlaoise
a decade of the Rosary as Gaeilge.   prisons. In Maghaberry the
Wreaths were laid by the             prisoners have endured such
following: Comhairle Cuige           appalling treatment and in terrible
Mumhan PRO Joe Lynch on              conditions that it was recently
behalf of the Republican             stated that the prison was the
Movement; Rachel Lynch on            ‘worst in Britain’ (sic). Matt
behalf of Na Fianna Éireann and      Baggott, head of the British police                                                                           • Cathleen Knowles McGuirk
                                                                             • The colour party leading the parade at the Seán Sabhat
Annette Long on behalf of Coiste     in the occupied Six Counties            comemmoration in Limerick on January 3.
Cuimneacháin Seán Sabhat.            stated recently that he considered                                                                           British rule in the Six Counties
   Cathleen Knowles McGuirk          Republican resistance to be a                                                                                has been accompanied by “the
gave the oration during the course   ‘criminal enterprise’. But we will                                                                           blatant re-Anglicisation of the 26
of which she said: “Throughout       not allow the British or the Free                                                                            Counties, visible all around us,
the history of Irish Republicanism   State to criminalise Republican                                                                              and the border has become
Ireland has had many martyrs who     prisoners,” she said. “We salute                                                                             blurred.
have made the ultimate sacrifice.    all Republican prisoners as we
Such was the man we                  stand at this graveside,” she                                                                                   “We see economic colonisation
commemorate here today; Seán         declared.                                                                                                    on every high street in every town
Sabhat       from      Garryowen,       “Stormont and the so-called                                                                               in Ireland. As far as restoring the
commemorated in song and story       peace process are in trouble.                                                                                Republic we have moved into a
along with his young comrade         Republican Sinn Féin has known                                                                               situation where apathy has
Fearghal Ó hAnluain, both of         from the beginning that there were                                                                           replaced idealism and patriotism.”
whom took part in Operation          major flaws in the Belfast                                                                                      She concluded: “We demand
Harvest as the 1956 Resistance       Agreement and said so.                                                                                       Ireland’s full freedom and will
Campaign was named. Both these                                                                                                                    never surrender that inalienable
young men came from the same           “Our analysis of the outcome of                                                                            right. With the last breath in our
heroic mould.” She said.             the betrayal by the Provisional                                                                              bodies we will resist British rule
Continuing she spoke about the       Movement has been proved                                                                                     in Ireland!”
attack on Brookborough RUC           correct. What was put together as
Barracks on January 1, 1957 in       a solution was never in the           • The Special Branch were spying on Republicans as usual at the          The ceremony concluded with
which both Sabhat and Ó              interests of the Irish people. No     commemoration.                                                         the playing of a lament by the
hAnluain gave their lives. Of        solution     that    came    from     interests of anyone but Britain    Cathleen Knowles McGuirk            pipers followed by Amhrán na
Sabhat      Cathleen     Knowles     Westminster was ever in the           itself.”                         said that the copper-fastening of     bhFiann.

          Annual commemoration to
           Liam Mellows in Wexford
                                                                                                                                                         only military forces the men
 ON Sunday, December 6 Republicans gathered at                                                                                                           of 1916 would be proud of
 the grave of Liam Mellows in Castletown Church                                                                                                          are the ones the Free State,
 Cemetery for the annual commemoration.                                                                                                                  the Brits and the sellouts in
                                                                                                                                                         Stormont are trying to
  Former Long Kesh and        called on Tom Malone to                                                                                                    criminalise today.”
Portlaoise POW Jimmy          lay a wreath on behalf of the                                                                                                In his closing remarks,
Kavanagh chaired the          Wexford Republican Graves                                                                                                  Jimmy Kavanagh said “To
proceedings and after         Association and Ritchie                                                                                                    honour Mellows and his
welcoming everyone on         Bierney on behalf of the                                                                                                   comrades we must stay true
behalf of the Wexford         Republican Movement. A                                                                                                     to the Republic and
Republican           Graves   minute’s silence was then                                                                                                  maintain our commitment
Association      and    the   observed and the Tricolor                                                                                                  to their revolutionary
Republican Movement he        was dipped over the grave.                                                                                                 ideals.”
said:                           Jimmy then called on                                                                                                       He also said he was
  “We are privileged that     James O’Neill of the                                                                                                       chairing                  the
Liam Mellows chose to be      Whelan/McElwee Cumann                                                                                                      commemoration because
buried here in Wexford and    of Republican Sinn Féin,                                                                                                   Séamus Mac Suain who
that we hold the grave of     Waterford to give the           • Tom Malone, Ritchie Bierney, Jimmy Kavanagh and James O’Neill at the Liam                always chaired it was
one of Ireland’s most         oration.                        Mellows commemoration on December 6.                                                       unwell and he extended
committed and principled        After outlining the life of   ultimately murdered him       that we have today, but if     Treaty.                       wishes for a speedy
revolutionary leaders.”       this extraordinary Irish        for, he said:                 Mellows would have been          “Brian Cowen said at        recovery and the hope that
  With a colour party as      patriot including his refusal     “Bertie Ahern said that     proud of that he would have    Easter that the men of 1916   “he will be back soon
guard of honour at the        of the Treaty of Surrender      Liam Mellows would be         rolled over with the rest of   would be proud of our         shouting at us all!”
graveside, Jimmy then         which the Free State            proud of the European State   them and accepted the          military forces today, the
Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010                                                                                                                                                           9

    Dáithí Ó Conaill: tireless
     advocate of ÉIRE NUA
 “THE coming year presents us all with huge challenges but
                                                                                                                                                                   Ireland’s right to freedom and
                                                                                                                                                                   England’s determination to keep us
 also opportunities. The two fronts on which it is essential that                                                                                                  in subjection. All other issues are
 we engage in 2010 are political and economic”, said Des                                                                                                           subordinate to this basic point.
 Dalton, President of Sinn Féin Poblachtach in his New Year                                                                                                        There can be no compromise on the
 message under the title “RSF gives leadership to a new                                                                                                            fundamental issue as to who should
 generation”.                                                                                                                                                      rule Ireland: the British Parliament
   He was speaking at the annual        used the opportunity to deliver his                                                                                        or the Irish people. We have had 800
Dáithí Ó Conaill commemoration in       New Year Message in his first                                                                                              years of British ineptitude in ruling
Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin on           public speaking engagement in                                                                                              Ireland; we have never known rule
January 1.                              Ireland since becoming President.                                                                                          by the Irish, of the Irish, for the
   Braving heavy snow and               He outlined the involvement of                                                                                             Irish. Until we do, we shall never
treacherous      road     conditions,   Dáithí O Conaill in the Republican                                                                                         enjoy peace and stability in our
Republicans from Monaghan,              Movement, from the age of 17, and                                                                                          land.’
Dundalk, Kildare and Dublin             said that Dáithí ‘was capable of                                                                                              “A lasting monument to his
assembled at the gates of Glasnevin     recognising and seizing the moment                                                                                         contribution to the freedom struggle
and led by a colour party of Sinn       to take his place on the stage of                                                                                          is the ÉIRE NUA proposals which
Féin Poblachtach, Cumann na             history and play his part to the full.                                                                                     he was instrumental in framing. He
mBan and Na Fianna Éireann,                 “The sheer breadth of his ability                                                                                      remained a tireless advocate of
walked the short distance to the        and intellect was evidenced by his                                                                                         ÉIRE NUA right up to his death in
Republican Plot.                        service to the All-Ireland Republic                                                                                        1991”.
   Andy Connolly chaired the            both militarily and politically.         • Margaret Mullin laying the wreath on behalf of Comhairle                           Des went on to outline the
proceedings and spoke of the               “Ó Conaill in 1969/70 was a key       Laighean at the Dáithí O Conaill commemoration in Glasnevin                       political and economic challenges
leadership given by Dáithí to young     member of a leadership who               Cemetery, Dublin on New Year’s Day.                                               facing Republicans in 2010 and
people in particular and how he         realised: ‘There is a tide in the        path led only to division and final      the border – evading 400 RUC, B-         pointed out that: “It is our duty in
involved the youth in decision          affairs of men. Which, taken at the      absorption into the apparatus of         Specials, two helicopters and the        Sinn Féin – the only political
making within Republican Sinn           flood, leads on to fortune’. With his    British rule in Ireland.                 British army - where they were           organisation representing the
Féin, and gave the example how he       lifelong friend and comrade Ruairí         “On January 1 1957 he was              forced to retire. But as the historian   revolutionary Irish Republican
himself was given an hearing by         Ó Brádaigh he ensured that the           Second-in Command of the Pearse          Bowyer Bell pointed out: ‘not            tradition - to give political
Dáithí during the drafting of our       Republican        Movement        was    Column during the attack on              before the arms had been safely          expression and leadership to this
political policy ÉIRE NUA.              prepared to take the tide of             Brookeborough RUC barracks               dumped’.                                 new generation (see front page).
   Líta Ní Chathmhaoil recited a        revolution at full flood.                which resulted in the deaths of two        “Dáithí Ó Conaill never
decade of the rosary as Gaeilge and        “By their actions they ensured the    of his comrades Fearghal Ó               equivocated on what was the cause           Andy closed the proceedings with
Margaret Mullen, Clondalkin laid a      historic Republican Movement was         hAnluáin, Co Monaghan and Seán           of the war in Ireland or what was        a rendition of Amhrán na bhFiann.
wreath on behalf of Comhairle           not diverted from the path of            Sabhat, Limerick. Four others were       required to deliver a just and lasting      Afterwards those in attendance
Laighean, Sinn Féin Poblachtach.        revolutionary Irish Republicanism.       wounded including the column             peace for all of the Irish people.       adjourned for tea and sandwiches
   A minutes silence was observed       For despite his youth he knew from       commander. This young man of 18          Speaking in Belfast at Easter 1973       and had a very pleasant few hours
for the dipping of the flag.            his profound knowledge of Irish          years took command and led a             he said: ‘Today, the central issue in    listening to the Republican songs
   Andy introduced Des Dalton who       history that any diversion from this     successful withdrawal back across        the war is one of conflict between       played for us by Chris.

     Joe McKelvey and Na Fianna
   anniversary remembered in Belfast
 MEMBERS and supporters of Sinn Féin Poblachtach from                            taken the anti-Treaty side with his      members walked through Milltown          struggle for Irish Independence.
                                                                                 Republican comrades.                     Cemetery to the Republican Plot. A          After the commemoration a white-
 Belfast, Antrim, Dublin and Kildare gathered at Milltown                           In April 1922 he helped command       wreath was laid at the grave of Joe      line picket was held outside the
 Cemetery, Belfast on December 19 to pay their respects to                       the occupation of the Four Courts in     McKelvey, a man revered by               offices of Sinn Féin Poblachtach on
 Joe McKelvey and members of Na Fianna Éireann who lost                          defiance of the new Irish Free State.    Republicans and after whom the           the Falls Road, Belfast.
 their lives since its foundation 100 years ago in August 1909.                  Joe McKelvey was among the most          Belfast Cumann is named. Another            The picket was held on each
                                                                                 hardline     of   the      anti-Treaty   wreath was laid to commemorate           Saturday in December to highlight the
  Joe McKelvey was an Irish             comrades Liam Mellows, Dick
                                                                                 Republicans and briefly, in June 1922,   the100th Anniversary of the founding     plight of the POWs in Maghaberry
Republican Army Officer, and a          Barrett and Rory O Connor, by a Free
                                                                                 became IRA Chief of Staff.               of Na Fianna Éireann and to              who are continuing their fight for
member of Na Fianna Éireann who         State firing squad in Mountjoy Jail,
                                                                                    The National Flag and the Na          remember the important role the          political status.
was executed, along with three of his   Dublin on December 8, 1922, having
                                                                                 Fianna flag were flying proudly as       Fianna have played throughout the

                               Charlie Kerins commemorated in Tralee
 THE      65th     Annual      Charlie Kerins                        Matt Leen read Austin                                             nourished to take the fight       regard as puppets at their
 commemoration took place in Tralee, Co Kerry                      Clarke’s      The       Last                                        to eject the British war dog      beck and call.
 on the ‘First Friday’ in December.                                Republicans before the                                              from Ireland. Charlie               “We must not forget our
                                                                   chairperson introduced the                                          Kerins, Chief-of-Staff of the     POWs       in    Portlaoise
                                                                   main speaker, Ger Foran of                                          Irish Republican Army,            especially     those     in
  The crowd assembled at         Brosnan.                          Kilkenny.                                                           along with his gallant            Maghaberry jail who went
the Pikeman Monument in            Wreaths were laid by              In the course of his                                              comrades fought for a 32-         four days without food
Denny Street and led by a        Mary O’Connor, niece of           oration Ger Foran said:                                             County Irish Republic,            because of the conditions
colour party and a lone          Charlie   Kerins,   Seán                                                                              unlike Free Stater Martin         there.”
piper marched through the        Murphy, Matt Leen and a              “We gather here tonight                                          Ferris and Gerry ‘Broy              Proceedings were brought
town centre up to the Kerins     young           Kilkenny          in    Tralee,     glorious                                          Harrier’ Kelly, his traitor       to a close when the
Monument in Strand Street        Republican. John Mangan           bloodstained,    war-town                                           comrade in the Occupied           chairperson called on the
where proceedings were           recited a decade of the           Kerry where the finest of                                           Six Counties who the              piper to play Amhráin na
chaired     by      Stephen      Rosary.                           freedom fighters were             • Charlie Kerins                  British and Free State            bhFiann.
 10                                                                                                                                                       Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010

Israel kills six Palestinians                                                                                                                    Greetings from Leonard
ISRAELI soldiers killed six Palestinians, including
three activists affiliated with Palestinian President
Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party, in two attacks
early Saturday in northern Gaza Strip and West
Bank city of Nablus.
                                                                                  WORLD                                                          Peltier Defence Committee
                                                                                                                                                 GREETINGS from the Leonard Peltier Defense
                                                                                                                                                 Offense Committee on December 24, 2009 (edited

   In Nablus in the West Bank dozens of Israeli soldiers, some of                                                                                   “Greetings and happy holidays. I hope this letter finds you all
wearing black masks, poured into Nablus’ casbah at about 2am.                                                                                    enjoying the spirit of the season with family and friends.
They were backed by sniffer dogs and dozens of jeeps, bulldozers                                                                                 “My August parole denial was appealed in short order. We are
and other military vehicles. Palestinian medics and witnesses said                                                                               expecting a response to that appeal sometime very soon. It has
soldiers blasted their way into the homes of three members of the                                                                                occurred to me that the viciousness of this system knows no
al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, killing each in a hail of bullets. Ra’ed                                                                               bounds, and so I believe strongly in the coming days we will hear
al-Sarkaji, 38, Ghassan Abu Sharekh, in his 30s, and Anan Soboh                                                                                  of another loss, another denial.
were all killed in separated incidents.                                                                                                             “We all know the so-called justice system of this country is
   “This attack was a clear assassination, and I believe it is                                                                                   more about revenge and retribution than finding true and just
targeting our security and stability,” said Abbas’ prime minister,                                                                               resolution. It doesn’t take into account the plight of the
Salam Fayyad.                                                                                                                                    wrongfully convicted, nor does it allow flexibility as human
   Dr Ghassan Hamdan from the city’s hospital told reporters that                                                                                endeavors always require.
the Israeli soldier broke into al-Sarkaji’s house, killed him in front                                                                              “Their reason for denying my parole is that I refuse to admit
of his wife who was injured, and they shot dead Abu Sharekh after                                                                                guilt and show remorse for the deaths of two FBI agents. I know
arresting him.                                                                                                                                   the righteousness of my situation. I know what I did and didn’t
   In another building, the troops killed Soboh who is also a                                                                                    do. I will never yield.
member of pro-Abbas Preventive Security Forces.                                                                                                     “I also know what this country did and continues to do to me
   Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers killed three civilians near a                                                                                     and many others. While they demand I make a false confession
crossing point in northern Gaza Strip. A Hamas security source                                                                                   for the sake of my freedom, they show no remorse for the loss of
said the three shot in Gaza at daybreak were civilians collecting                                                                                much of my life, or the lives of Joe Stuntz and countless others
                                                                           • Israeli soldiers in the West Bank city of Nablus,                   they have murdered over the generations simply for being who
scrap metal in an industrial zone near the Israeli border were            Saturday, December 26, 2009. Three members of the al-
killed by shots from an Israeli helicopter gunship.                                                                                              they were.
                                                                          Aqsa Martyrs Brigades were killed by the soldiers.                        “I remain proud of what I have stood for and mindful of what
   Bedouins who live in northern Gaza Strip approached the area
                                                                         least two of them would be now be facing execution, so if               real justice is. In this season of love and forgiveness, please say a
on donkey-pulled cars, trying to evacuate the bodies but the
                                                                         anything, the United States standing in human rights is getting         prayer for all of those who never knew justice and others who
Israeli soldiers fired warning shots to force them back.
                                                                         worse.”                                                                 have such difficulty in finding it still today.
   Abbas has demanded a halt to Jewish settlement building
                                                                                                                                                    In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
before peace talks delayed since a Gaza war in January may
resume, and has rejected a temporary building freeze announced
                                                                         US troops through                                                          Leonard Peltier”
last month by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as               Shannon Airport                                                             http://www.FreePeltierNow.org
insufficient.                                                            IN A statement on December 16, Roger Cole of the                        Climate Change Conference
Torture in Israeli prisonS                                               Peace & Neutrality Alliance (PANA) said that
                                                                         243,000 US soldiers used Shannon Airport so far
                                                                                                                                                 ON December 21, 2009, the representative of the
                                                                                                                                                 Cuba-Ireland Solidarity Campaign Simon
PRESIDENT of the Palestinian Prisoner Society,
Qaddura Fares, reported on December 7 that                               in 2009.                                                                McGuinness, issued a statement after the
                                                                            “PANA held the first demonstration at Shannon Airport in May         Copenhagen Climate Change Summit December
during the past year there have been more than                           2002 in protest against the use of Shannon Airport by US troops
2,000 cases of torture in Israeli prisons.                                                                                                       7-18, part of which is carried below along with
                                                                         on their way to their wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and have
   The Israeli administration has exerted, and continues to do so,       organised or helped in many such protests since then.
                                                                                                                                                 other reports.
violence, beatings, and physical and psychological torture against                                                                                  “Fidel Castro has quite a track record on climate change. His
                                                                            “We did so, not because we were “anti-American” but because
Palestinians. He described daily evidence of the “barbarism of the                                                                               six-minute address to the Rio Climate Conference in 1992 is as
                                                                         we were pro-American, pro the American people, that is.
occupation forces against prisoners”.                                                                                                            relevant today as it was then unfortunately.
                                                                            “While it is the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and
   Among the thousands is Majid Rantis who has been detained                                                                                        I was fortunate to have heard the presentations made by Hugo
                                                                         Pakistan that have suffered most from the wars of the American
since September 18, 2001. He was sentenced by an Israeli                                                                                         Chavez (Venezuela), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Samuel Santos
                                                                         Empire and its vassal states like Ireland, the ordinary American
military court to 15 years. According to a document drafted by a                                                                                 (Nicaragua) and Esteban Lazo (Cuba) to a packed fringe meeting
                                                                         family is being impoverished by its militarist neo-liberal agenda.
lawyer of the Prisoner Society, Rantis was interrogated for 70                                                                                   organised by our sister organisation in Denmark.”
                                                                            “The absolute refusal to condemn President Obama for his
days during which time he was beaten, held in solitary                                                                                              Cuba has long called for the payment of reparations from the
                                                                         decision, like President Johnson did in Vietnam, to escalate the
confinement and deprived of sleep. The man finally lost his left                                                                                 United States for the oppression it has been subjected to since
                                                                         war will not prevent the inevitable crash [in America]. These wars
eye due to one of the beatings and underwent surgery on July 6,                                                                                  1962. Now ALBA wants it and the rest of the developed world to
                                                                         must be stopped now, and the termination of the use of Shannon
2005. It was acknowledged that his loss of sight was a result of                                                                                 pay reparations for the environmental damage they have inflicted
                                                                         Airport by the US troops is a key step towards peace and
the beatings.                                                                                                                                    on the world through carbon emissions since the Industrial
                                                                         economic stability.”
   A PPS lawyer also reported on Fares Awad from Aroura Village                                                                                  Revolution.
                                                                            Meanwhile demonstrators continue to keep a presence at
who was beaten in such a way as to cause problems with the main                                                                                     “Their approach was grounded, forward looking, revolutionary
                                                                         Shannon Airport, Co Clare, every day to protest at the continued
artery of his heart.                                                                                                                             and realistic. They proposed a referendum to approve any treaty
                                                                         use of the airport by the US in their illegal imperialist wars.
   He was arrested on June 26, 2006 and sentenced by a military                                                                                  adopted in Copenhagen, a climate court to verify emissions, [a
                                                                            Shannonwatch issued the following [edited] statement on
court to four-and-a-half years in Israeli prison. Awad arrived in                                                                                referendum to establish a Global Carbon Court to ensure that
                                                                         December 22, 2009:
good health, after five months in Ofer Prison he was taken to the                                                                                commitments made by countries for reduction of carbon
                                                                            “Every day the war machines roll through Shannon, as the
Russian Compound for investigation where he was blindfolded,                                                                                     emissions are honored and to limit temperature rise to 1C], the
                                                                         innocent populations of Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere suffer
handcuffed, and beaten. During the some odd 70 days of ongoing                                                                                   transfer of green technologies to the developing world for free,
                                                                         the brutal consequences of neo-liberal occupation. The Gardaí
interrogation, a blow to the chest led to a loss of consciousness.                                                                               reparations from those who despoilt the planet to be used to
                                                                         react by mounting public displays of strength against half a dozen
   Awad was taken to Hadassah Hospital, Ein Karem, on June 29,                                                                                   ameliorate the effects on poor countries.”
                                                                         innocent protestors, while claiming to have no opinions or
2006 and later transferred to Mount Scopus and then to Ashkelon                                                                                     http://www.cubanews.ain.cu/2009/1220fidelcastro.htm
                                                                         authority over the cargos and personnel passing through the
where he is suffering several problems, including a liver problem.                                                                                  Evo Morales called on the USA to put up or shut up: “The
He can no longer walk.                                                                                                                           budget of the United States is $687 billion for defense. And for
                                                                            “The US-led “war on terror” has resulted in the erosion of
   The case files continue with lists of victims who have spent                                                                                  climate change…they only put up $10 billion.”
                                                                         human rights in the interest of state security, as disappearances,
long stretches of time in tiny spaces or tied to school chairs. The                                                                                 Morales demanded rich countries pay climate change
                                                                         illegal imprisonment and torture of detainees has become
Israeli government is one of the few world wide that openly                                                                                      reparations:”The real cause of climate change is the capitalist
advocates interrogation methods considered torture by                                                                                            system. If we want to save the earth then we must end that
                                                                            “The rights of ordinary people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza to
international standards.                                                                                                                         economic model.
                                                                         live safely with the full enjoyment of their economic, social and
                                                                                                                                                    “The total income of the 500 richest people in the world is
Two of Miami Five re-sentenced                                           cultural rights have been systematically violated by invading
                                                                         powers as they seek to secure their strategic interests.
                                                                                                                                                 greater than the 450m poorest living on $2 a day. We have to
ON December 8 in US District Court of Florida,                              “The ongoing use of the airport by the US military and their
                                                                                                                                                 change direction. How long are we going to tolerate the current
two members of the Miami Five, Ramón Labañino                                                                                                    international economic order, and allow the hungry not to have
                                                                         contractors is justified locally on the basis of its economic benefit
and Fernando González were re-sentenced.                                                                                                         food?
                                                                         to the region… our support for US imperialism makes us
   Ramón received a 30-year sentence, reduced from life in                                                                                          “Let’s eradicate poverty and bring in climate justice. If
                                                                         complicit in the suffering and death of innocent people. It is made
prison. Fernando received a sentence of 17 years and 9 months,                                                                                   capitalism resists we have to do battle with it,” Morales said.
                                                                         even worse by the routine refueling of CIA rendition planes under
reduced from his original sentence of 19 years.                                                                                                     http://www.democracynow.org/2009/12/16/bolivian_president
                                                                         the watchful eyes of the airport police and Gardaí and in clear
   Not one single day of their imprisonment is justified, they are                                                                               _evo_morales
                                                                         violation of national and international law. This is all too high a
the unacceptable face of the politicisation of the US criminal                                                                                      Michael Rooney, a member of RSF and Greenpeace Mayo said
                                                                         price to pay for jobs.
justice system at all levels and their continuing detention serves                                                                               that: “The governments have failed the people in the Copenhagen
                                                                            Around the world the erosion of civil liberties goes hand in
only to focus international attention on the US failure to uphold                                                                                summit. Their failure to reach any sort of agreement has
                                                                         hand with governmental abuse of human rights, and Shannon is
its international commitments to civil rights. The UN’s highest                                                                                  condemned us to live within their rules, which takes no heed of
                                                                         no different. While our ‘law enforcers’ impede the movement of
investigators have described their detention as arbitrary - the only                                                                             the needs of the people. It takes no heed of what we need to do to
                                                                         peaceful protesters without valid reason, they turn a blind eye to
such judgement ever made against the USA.                                                                                                        live within the boundaries of nature.
                                                                         known rendition planes and their crews, to cargo destined for Iraq
     Simon McGuinness, National Coordinator, Cuba Support                and Afghanistan, and to US occupation soldiers on their way to
Group Ireland (CSGI) said: “The US justice system is corrupt,                                                                                       “There was not even a pretence at finding a solution to bringing
                                                                         kill or be killed.
incapable of reform and indifferent to minimum acceptable                                                                                        down the world’s carbon footprint. All that concerned them was
                                                                            “December 10 was Human Rights Day. But this Christmas
international standards. It has shown itself to be no more, and no                                                                               that their colleagues in multinational circles would not lose
                                                                         human rights abuse will continue in Afghanistan and Iraq, and
less, than the legalised lynch mob of the US political                                                                                           money. Those who rule our country, both British and Irish
                                                                         more innocent lives will be lost. Standing up for human rights
establishment.                                                                                                                                   governments have nothing to say on the matter. Their very
                                                                         means ending what goes on at Shannon.
   “Had the Five been arrested under current US legislation, at                                                                                  silence shows their knowledge that they are part of the problem,
                                                                            “Related Link: http://www.shannonwatch.org/
                                                                                                                                                 not the answer.”
Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010                                                                                                                                                                   11
                                       Among those remembered                                                                                   Hanvey, one of those accused,     December 27, 2009, letter to
                                    at the interdenominational                                                                                  admitted collusion by the RUC     Editor.
    WHAT                            service were the two [British]
                                    army engineers shot dead at
                                                                                                                                                when Reserve Constable
                                                                                                                                                Robert Atkinson         phoned
                                                                                                                                                                                     The Department of Justice
                                                                                                                                                                                  confirmed that €12.6 million
                                    Massereene in Antrim last                                                                                   Hanvey at his home and told       was spent on overtime and
    THEY                            march
                                                  by       dissident                                                                            him to “burn his clothes”.
                                                                                                                                                   A chara, — The jailing of
                                                                                                                                                                                  expenses on policing at the
                                                                                                                                                                                  Corrib gas project from
                                       — Irish Times, December                                                                                  retired school principal and      September 2006 to December
    SAID                            3. A total of 83 British army
                                    casualties were listed.
                                                                                                                                                Shell to Sea campaigner
                                                                                                                                                Maura       Harrington       on
                                                                                                                                                                                  14, 2009.
                                                                                                                                                                                     — Irish Times, December
                                       In the eyes of Scottish                                                                                  December 10 demonstrates          29, 2009, news report.
   Already, extensive legal         Nationalist Party leader Alex                                                                               once again that there is no          As Jake Schmidt, director
investigation       has    been     Salmond, Scotland, Ireland,                                                                                 length to which the State will    of the US Natural Resources
undertaken by the Barron            Norway and Iceland would                                                                                    not go to silence opposition to   Defence Fund put it recently:
report and the McEntee              form an Arc of Prosperity                                                                                   the great Corrib gas              Coming into this conference
Inquiry, and there are few          that would be the envy of the                                                                               giveaway.                         [Copenhagen              climate
today who do not accept that        world:        proud,        rich,                                                                              — Irish Times, December        change], it was about 193
these acts [the Dublin and          successful, and, most of all,                                                                               14, 2009, letter to editor from   countries, and coming out of
Monaghan bombings] were             free.                               • The loyalist bombings in Dublin and Monaghan in May                   Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin, An       it, it clearly came down to a
sanctioned        by     British       — Irish Times, December          1973 which killed 34 people were sanctioned by British                  Phort Thoir, Baile Átha Cliath    conversation between the
Intelligence.                       3, 2009.                            Intelligence (see November 1 quote on left).                            3.                                leaders      of    these     two
   If this is the case, have not       None of this [obstacle] has                                                                                 The silence surrounding        superpowers” [the US and
the victims the same moral          stopped Salmond, who this           Catholic man’s death.               coercive authority.                 this monumental scandal in        China].
claim for compensation as           week published a White                 — Irish News, December 9,           Most commentators and            Ireland Inc has been                 — Irish Times, December
those now looking towards           paper that favours an               2009, report by Bimpe Archer        historians regard all this as       deafening. It is now time that    29, 2009, editorial.
Tripoli [Libya]?                    independence referendum,            on the inquiry into the murder      fantastical nonsense and            the people shout stop and            The Cairo speech [by
   — Tom McGurk column,             but which would also                of Robert Hamill by loyalists in    assume that the IRA didn’t          demand          that        our   President Obama] also saw
Sunday        Business     Post,    consider putting forward a          Portadown in April 1997.            really operate on the basis of      Government        re-negotiate    an                    important
November 1, 2009.                   multi-pronged question to              The IRA, as ‘dissidents’,        such ridiculous notions. They       new terms with the oil and        acknowledgement                of
   In particular, the inaction      voters.                             and not only ‘dissidents’,          are wrong.                          gas corporations that are         Palestinian rights that gave
of the authorities under the           — Irish Times.                   regularly point out, had not           — Éamonn McCann.                 more favourable to this           rise, as it proved, to
1974 coalition government              Under such a proposal,           fought its war to win power-           Only a minority of the           country.                          disappointed hopes that the
was appalling; even a               Scots could leave things as         sharing and an All-Ireland          community in whose name                — Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin      new US administration
cursory examination of the          they are with the decade-old        dimension. The war aim              the war was waged may have          letter.                           would prove tougher on
files of that time reveal as        devolution settlement; choose       reflected a belief – held with      swallowed the ideology                 Meanwhile, we suffer           Israel under the new
disgraceful a security and          to have a little bit more, or a     dogmatic certainty – that the       whole, but it provided the          further cost saving cuts to       government of hawkish
political performance as one        lot more of devolution; or,         Republic had some into              hard political spine of the         essential public services; the    Binjamin Netamyahu. The
could imagine.                      else, choose a full break with      existence on the steps of the       movement and the basis in           Shell corporation records         year had opened with Israel’s
   Abandoned by their own,          London.                             GPO in Dublin at Easter             political morality for sending      revenues of €458 billion and      brutal operation in Gaza and
and all but forgotten in the           — Irish Times.                   1916.                               out volunteers to kill and risk     those who dare to dissent,        concluded apparently no
tide of victims from the               If nationalism is serious           — Belfast Telegraph,             death.                              such as Maura Harrington,         closer to talks.
North, they now deserve the         about to united Ireland, it         December 10, 2009, Éamonn              It is the notion which           could face the grim prospect         — Irish Times editorial.
most determined action by           has a duty to explain to            McCann article.                     sustained the struggle at           of spending Christmas in             Although able to wind
the government.                     unionists precisely what it            The war of independence,         times when there was little in      Mountjoy jail. Ireland Inc        down operations in Iraq, Mr
   — Tom McGurk.                    has in mind.                        the civil war to thwart the         the              surrounding        indeed! – Is mise.                Obama        has     found     it
   Madam, — Enough of AIB              — Irish Times, December          emergence of the Free State         circumstances       to     offer       — Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin.     necessary to step up US
crassness. Some years ago it        3, 2009, column by David            and every phase of armed            encouragement. It is why the           I frequently hear the          involvement in Afghanistan
was         the       Insurance     Adams headed “Nationalists          struggle since had been             IRA saw captured members            Republic of Ireland (sic)         with an extra 30,000 troops
Corporation of Ireland. Now         must set out a vision for unity”.   conducted in defence of the         as prisoners of war and why         referred to as “Ireland” on       for a war that is fast losing
this. Nationalise the banks            The ÉIRE NUA document,           Republic as an actually             volunteers hungered to the          RTÉ, as if the Six Counties       US         public       support.
now and then break them up          authored by Ruairí Ó                existing entity. Developments       death rather than accept any        was in a foreign country.         Widespread fraud in the
to serve local communities.         Brádaigh and Dáithí Ó               that others might have seen         different designation.              Recently on Liveline, I heard     elections      there     further
   Yours etc                        Conaill in the 1970s, remains       as major steps towards the             — Éamonn McCann.                 Joe Duffy say: “Like the          undermined its legitimacy.
   K      Nolan,     Coldragh,      the only serious bid by any         achievement of the Republic            A     barrister     for     a    cross-border shopping… we            — Irish Times editorial.
Carrick-on-Shannon,          Co     strand of nationalism or            were regarded by the IRA as         Portadown loyalist who              should keep it in Ireland”.          The US appears also to be
Leitrim.                            republicanism to address the        shameful abandonment of             allegedly took part in the             On another occasion,           fighting a proxy war next
   — Irish Times, November          issue at all.                       the Republic – treasonous           fatal assault on Robert             Tanáiste Mary Coughlan            door in strategically crucial,
19, 2009.                              — David Adams column,            behaviour.                          Hamill has admitted that a          encouraged people to shop in      nuclear-armed          Pakistan,
   The       memorial       and     December 3.                            — Éamonn McCann article.         police officer made a phone         Ireland, instead of flocking to   with secret raids over the
thanksgiving service was               Former Chief Constable              In this context, the IRA         call to his client’s home           Newry. I’m a Northerner and       border from Afghanistan on
held at St Anne’s Cathedral         Sir Ronnie Flanagan “gave           army council was seen as the        shortly after the attack.           I take grave exception to         Taliban and Al Qaeda bases,
(Belfast) to mark the return        the nod” to the cover-up of         repository of the 1916                 — Irish News, December           being classified as a foreigner   military operations inside
from Afghanistan of 19th            an allegation that a police         tradition and thereby the           11, 2009. Report by Barry           in my own country.                Pakistan run by the CIA, and
Light Brigade which is based        officer helped one of those         only legitimate political           McCaffrey on the inquiry into          Sheila Ward, Carraig           a massive $7.5 billion aid
in Northern Ireland (sic).          accused of murdering Robert         authority on the island, with       the murder of Robert Hamill by      Mhachaire         Rois,      Co   package in the pipeline.
   — Irish Times, December          Hamill, it has been suggested       a legal monopoly on the use         the RUC in Portadown in             Mhuineacháin.                        — Irish Times.
3, 2009.                            at an inquiry into the              of arms and the right to            1997. Barrister for Allister           — Sunday Business Post,

         QUB discuss Republican split in 1969
                                                                        First, the title of the seminar        Speakers included Provo          Paramilitary Imprisonment         nationalism in this era.
 THE School of Politics, International Studies and
                                                                        saying ‘the birth’ of the           theoretician Eoin Ó Broin,          in     Northern      Ireland:        We, as Irish Republicans,
 Philosophy at Queens University, Belfast took the                      Provisional IRA. There was          who tried to place the current      Resistance, Management and        can draw two important
 40th anniversary of the split in the Republican                        no birth of the PIRA in 1969        politics of the Provos in a line    Release, raised an interesting    conclusions       from       the
 Movement as an occasion to host a public                               because the Provisional             with socialist Republican           aspect saying that usually        beginning of the current
 symposium named ‘The Birth of the Provisional                          Movement was not founded            ideas like James Connolly,          lawyers take a prominent          phase of struggle in Ireland,
 IRA in 1969’.                                                          in 1969. The Republican             Liam Mellows or the                 position in Civil Right           the split of the Republican
    The symposium was               sections, the Republican one,       Movement existed since the          Republican Congress.                campaigns. ‘With notable          Movement in 1969 and the
organised        by      Richard    later known as Provisional          formation of Sinn Féin in              Brian Hanley, co-author of       exceptions     lawyers      in    decline of both SDLP and
English, author of Armed            Republican Movement, and            1905, of the Irish Volunteers       ‘The Lost Revolution: The           Northern Ireland kept silent.’    Stickies.
Struggle; The History of the        those that tried to change the      in 1913 and Cumann na               Story of the Official IRA and          Other speakers included           The first is that only
IRA and Irish Freedom. The          constitution        of      the     mBan in the following year.         the Workers’ Party’ tried to        author Simon Prince and the       abstentionism        is      the
History of Nationalism in           Republican Movement to                 The second aspect was that       explain that the war fought         former      Blanket      man      guarantee for progress of a
Ireland, and Briege Rice. The       jettison abstentionism and          none of the speakers had a          by the IRA from 1969 on was         Laurence McKeown and              nationalist party in the long
seminar which took place on         accept partition.                   direct         or        indirect   not a defensive struggle to         author of Out of Time: Irish      run. Constitutional policy can
December 14 was open to the            Richard English explained        involvement          in       the   defend the nationalist people       Republican Prisoners Long         only achieve short-term
public.                             in his introduction that the        Republican split. But that’s        from British aggression.            Kesh.                             goals, hence it has to fail. The
   Forty years ago, the             discussion should stick to the      the general weakness of the         Instead he tried to illustrate it      Dr. Peter McLoughlin,          second conclusion is that
Republican Movement faced           events in 1969 and not go           academic world.                     as an offensive campaign that       whose book ‘John Hume and         Irish Republicanism is the
one of the most important           ‘too far into present-day’.            Nevertheless       it     was    started as early as the mid-        the Revision of Irish             only revolutionary force in
splits in its history. It was the      From the beginning two           informative afternoon in the        60s.                                Nationalism’ should be            Ireland that has the potential
split that established two          aspects were conspicuous.           seminar room of the School             Kieran McEvoy from the           published in 2010, gave an        to drive British imperialism
                                                                        of Irish Studies.                   School of Law, author of            outline of constitutional         out of this island.
12                                                                                                                                                 Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010

The Catholic                         In a 32-County Socialist
                                     Republic we want the Church
                                                                                                                                            Roscommon, An tAthair Ó
                                                                                                                                            Gríofa, Co na Gaillimhe
                                                                                                                                                                                allowing our air space and
                                                                                                                                                                                airports to be used for the
Church                               and those who are the public
                                     face of Roman Catholicism, to
                                                                                                                                            among many others.
                                                                                                                                               Today’s Republican spirit is
                                                                                                                                                                                transportation of terror flights.
                                                                                                                                                                                   The lack of concern by the
And the                              be trustworthy and above all,
                                     true to the values they preach.
                                                                                                                                            burning brighter than ever as
                                                                                                                                            may be seen from the
                                                                                                                                                                                Dublin government must be
                                                                                                                                                                                criticised; they again have
Lessons                                  KEVIN DEVLIN
                                  PRO, Comhairle Laighean,
                                                                                                                                            attendance at the recent Ard-
                                                                                                                                            Fheis of Republican Sinn Féin
                                                                                                                                                                                shown that they only care for
                                                                                                                                                                                the rich and privileged. Their
To be                                 Republican Sinn Féin                                                                                  and the large crowd who
                                                                                                                                            attended      the      prisoners’
                                                                                                                                                                                record of silence at human
                                                                                                                                                                                injustice is on record for all to
learned                           Leinster                                                                                                  function in Elphin on
                                                                                                                                            December 11. Thanks to all for
                                                                                                                                                                                see. England may be known to
                                                                                                                                                                                wear The Butcher’s Apron,
                                                                                                          alone children.”
A chara
   2009 may yet prove to be a
                                  House                                                                      At that remark 26-County       your attendance and donations.
                                                                                                                                               Finally a special thank you
                                                                                                                                                                                however, the Free State
                                                                                                                                                                                government holds tightly to the
                                                                                                          Minister for Justice Gerry
pivotal year in the history of Warned                                                                                                       to our retiring President Ruairí    apron strings.
                                                                                                          Boland stood up and shouted
the Roman Catholic Church in                                                                                                                Ó Brádaigh who delivered a                MICHAEL ROONEY
                                                                                                          “You have said enough and
   Having finally taken the first
                                  Over                                                                    mind your own business.”          magnificent address on the
                                                                                                                                            night. He was our beacon over
                                                                                                             Men like Fr Flanagan
steps of accepting guilt for the Industrial                                                                                                 the last quarter of a century. To   Ireland
                                                                                                          showed the world what the
appalling litany of abuse                                                                                                                   our incoming President Des
                                                                                                          likes of de Valera, Boland and
carried out against the most Schools                                                                                                        Dalton we will be with you all      Palestine
                                                                                                          McQuaid were really like.
innocent and vulnerable, who         A chara                                                                                                the way as we go into the New
                                                                                                          These politicians were the
were unfortunate to be placed
in their care and trust, will they
                                        In the aftermath of the
                                     horrific details of the Ryan and
                                                                                                          same men who signed               Year.
                                                                                                                                               Remember readers, our
                                                                                                          execution orders for Irish
now see the process of
“clerical cleansing” through, or
                                     Murphy Reports on clerical
                                     abuse let me remind readers of
                                                                                                          Republicans and stood by          work is not done yet.
                                                                                                                                                        JOE MURPHY
                                                                                                                                                                                A chara
                                                                                                          while other men died on
will it be a case of a few           SAOIRSE what Fr Edward                                                                                                      Rúnaí             On Saturday, January 16 the
                                                                                                          hunger strike. The Catholic
scapegoats, a few pay-offs and       O’Flanagan said about the          • Fr Edward O’Flenagan                                                     Comhairle Chonnacht          Ireland Palestine Solidarity
                                                                                                          Church leaders remained silent
a few prayers of forgiveness.        industrial schools when at the     of Boystown (see letter on                                                 Republican Sinn Féin         Campaign        (IPSC)        are
                                                                                                          while a litany of deaths took
   The victims, survivors and        invitation of the Free State       left).                                                                                                  organising “boycott events” in
                                                                                                          place during the 1940s by
their families deserve much
                                     government he set about a
                                     nationwide tour to visit these     American continent with … all
                                                                                                          firing squad, the British         Dublin                              several counties. In solidarity
                                                                                                                                                                                with the people of Gaza, who
                                                                                                          hangman, hunger strike and ill-
   The Church has to look
deeply within itself, from the
                                     schools in September 1942,
                                     three years after his pervious
                                                                        who were classed as second-
                                                                        rate citizens. They came to me
                                                                                                          treatment.                        Guilty                              are still being starved by the
                                                                                                                                                                                Israeli government, we are
                                                                                                             It recalls the famous quote
leaders and those who
formulate church policy, to the
                                     visit in September 1939.
                                        On that occasion he stated to
                                                                        in Boystown and were given a
                                                                        bed, food and clothing and
                                                                                                          from Bishop Moriarty of Kerry     Over                                asking shoppers not to buy
                                                                                                                                                                                Israeli goods.
                                                                                                          who said about the Fenians in
Parish Priest on the frontline
who bears the brunt of the
                                     the        Leinster
                                                                        care. They were taught at the
                                                                        school, they learned trades,
                                                                                                          the 19th century “Hell is not     Shannon                                Dublin:      The       Spire,
                                                                                                          hot enough, nor eternity long     A chara                             O’Connell St, 2pm (ipsc.ie);
anger.                               buildings are not fit to house     languages. Some were very                                              To date, nearly a quarter of a      Cork:      Daunt      Square
                                                                                                          enough, to punish these
   To put yourself on a spiritual    pigs let alone children. They      good as athletes. All these                                         million American troops have        (junction of Patrick Street and
                                                                                                          miscreants”. There have been
pedestal with your followers         are infested with rodents,         people came back or wrote to                                        used Shannon Airport as a           Grand Parade) at 1pm;
                                                                                                          good priests down through the
accepting and believing in your      unhygienic and filled with         me and helped any way they                                          stopover base. The majority of         Limerick:          Assemble
                                                                                                          decades also who did all they
guidance and teachings, only         squalor. It is degrading for any   could.                                                              these troops were destined for      outside     Brown      Thomas,
                                                                                                          could for the cause of Irish
then to commit the most evil         human being to be in such a           “I will say here what I said                                     service in the conflict in Iraq     O’Connell Street at 2pm. For
                                                                                                          freedom, for example Canon
and base sins against those          filthy state.”                     before. These buildings are not                                     and Afghanistan. It cannot be       more info contact Sean at
                                                                                                          Maguire of Fermanagh, Fr
who were unable to mentally,            By inviting Fr O’Flanagan       fit for habitation by pigs let                                      called a war; a war is fought       sac1@iol.ie;
                                                                                                          Michael       O’Flanagan    of
physically, or both, prevent         back to view these industrial                                                                          with rules and some care is            Kilkenny: Details to be
them, is morally wrong and           schools in 1942 the Fianna Fáil                                                                        taken to protect those who are      confirmed. For more info
grossly hypocritical.                government led by de Valera           Letters to the Editor should be as short                         not in the armed forces. The        contact
   The rightwing doctrine and        and Archbishop McQuaid                      as possible and written or typed                           NATO forces involved in this           johnheddon@eircom.net;
capitalist ethos of the Vatican      hoped that a good word from                                                                            conflict have no such rules.        Galway: Details to be
is evident in most countries
                                                                          in double-spacing on one side of the page.
                                     the priest who had founded the                                                                         They are going to these             confirmed. For more info
whose population has a               world famous Boystown in
                                                                           Name and address must be included, but                           countries to murder, intimidate     contact
Catholic majority, decadence         Nebraska, USA would show                   on request will not be published.                           and commit crimes against the          niamh.upstart@gmail.com.
at its most repulsive and            them in a good light.                     Letters printed do not necessarily                           innocent peoples of these              On Monday January 18 in
poverty at its most visible.            But they did not know Fr                                                                            countries.                          Dublin and Cork ‘Erased:
   2010 must see a radical           Edward O’Flanagan. A native
                                                                         reflect the views and opinions of SAOIRSE.                            It should also be stated that    Wiped Off the Map’ (aka To
change not only in the               of Ballymoe, Co Galway who                Postal address: 223 Parnell Street,                          within the NATO forces, there       Shoot an Elephant) will be
Church’s view of those who           spent his working life helping                          Dublin 1.                                      are many European troops.           screened. Details at ipsc.ie.
follow, but also the peoples’        his fellow men of all creeds                                                                           They also participate in act of        On Friday January 29 at
perception of the Church                                                           Letters may also be faxed to
                                     and colours, he had several                                                                            savagery against innocent           7.30pm in the Grosvenor Hall,
representatives.                     times crossed paths with the            Dublin 872 9757 or sent by e-mail to                           civilians. This also makes the      5 Glengall St, Belfast, and on
   Like politicians, priests must    American government over                             saoirse@iol.ie                                    European Union as guilty as         Saturday, January 30 at the
be accountable to the people. If     school buildings and funding                                                                           the American government in          Central Hotel, Exchequer
their deeds are praiseworthy         and so forth. He was not about
                                                                                 Please note that all material for                          crimes against humanity. This       Street, Dublin, at 6pm,
then praise them, but if they do     to be cowed by de Valera et al.          publication, articles, features, news                         also makes the Irish people         Auschwitz survivor Hajo
wrong, then they should be           He stood up in Leinster House           reports, comhbhróin, congratulations                           guilty by default. The FS           Meyer will speak on The
condemned and publicly, not in       and stated: “I have lived with                                                                         government, undemocratically,       Inhumanity of the Siege of
secret.                                                                     and good wishes greetings, etc must be
                                     the native Americans on the                                                                            made us all Europeans;              Gaza.
   As Irish Republicans we           prairies of Nebraska who were              accompanied by a name, address,                             therefore making us shares the                              PRO
seek transparency from the           almost wiped out due to a                signature and telephone number for                            burden of the European Union.                 Ireland Palestinian
Church and an end to the             shortage of food and proper                                                                              The Free State government                 Solidarity Campaign
“behind closed doors” policy.
                                     clothing. I have been across the                                                                       were already guilty by                                    ipsc.ie

                Robert Hamill inquiry concludes legal submissions
                                                                        told suspect Alistair Hanvey      and “Muck”, later identified                                          allegation.
FOUR RUC members who were on the scene                                  to destroy all the clothes he     as Marc Hobson, as Robert                                                The Attorney General
when Robert Hamill was fatally assaulted were of                        was wearing the night Mr          Hamill’s attackers. Charges                                           provided an undertaking
little or no help in protecting him or seeking to                       Hamill was attacked and           against the five were                                                 that any evidence given by a
apprehend his assailants, the inquiry into his                          this was finally admitted at      dropped.                                                              witness before the Robert
death was told on December 7.                                           the inquiry.                         On December 8 Barra                                                Hamill Inquiry would not
                                                                           McGrory also argued that       McCrory told the inquiry                                              be used in evidence against
  Robert Hamill died 11              colluded with a suspect, that      the initial evidence of           that former RUC Chief                                                 him or her in any criminal
days after he was attacked           suspects were not detained         Tracey Clarke, whom the           Constable             Ronnie                                          proceedings, except in
by a loyalist mob in                 on the night, and that the         RUC and prosecution               Flanagan’s credibility was                                            proceedings where he or she
Portadown early on April             crime scene was not                service viewed as a key and       in tatters and his handling of                                        is charged with having
27, 1997.                            properly maintained.               credible witness, was the         the investigation into the                                            given false evidence in the
  The       inquiry      is            Barra McGrory, lawyer            truth. In her original police     murder of Robert Hamill           • Robert Hamill                     course of the Inquiry or
investigating allegations            for the Hamill family, said        statement      Ms     Clarke      must be examined “from the                                            conspiring      with       or
that the four RUC officers           that one of the four RUC           identified Alistair Hanvey,       beginning to the end”.            inquiry and giving a police         procuring others to do so.
failed in their duty to              members,            Reserve        Dean      Forbes,      Stacey        He accused the former          officer in charge of the case          Legal       submissions
intervene, that one officer          Constable Robbie Atkinson,         Bridgett, Rory Robinson           RUC chief of lying to the         “the nod” to bury an                concluded on December 18.
Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010                                                                                                                                                          13

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14                                                                                                                                                      Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010

                       AT Christmas                                                                                                                              unconditionally from D-Wing of Crumlin Road
                       1959 and New                                                                                                                              prison, Belfast. The Sunday Press of January 17

       50              Year       1960
                       groups of men
                                                                                                                                                                    “The Belfast Branch of the Council of Civil
                                                                                                                                                                 Liberties issued a statement following the

     Years             and      women
                       were charged
                       at      District
                                                                                                                                                                 release of Ciarán O’Kane (Ciarán Ó Catháin) a
                                                                                                                                                                 Queens University student of Station Road,
                                                                                                                                                                 Whiteabbey and Thomas B Lennon of Lurgan
                                                                                                                                                                 who had been interned in Crumlin Road Jail
      Ago              C o u r t s
                       throughout the
                       26     Counties
                                                                                                                                                                 under the Special Powers Act.
                                                                                                                                                                    “The statement is: ‘ We were glad to learn of
                                                                                                                                                                 the unconditional release after three years of
                       with making                                                                                                                               imprisonment without trial or charge of Ciarán
collections in aid of Prisoners and                                                                                                                              O’Kane, Whiteabbey, and Thomas B. Lennon,
                                                                                                                                                                 Lurgan and we hope that their release will be the
Sinn Féin without having first                                                                                                                                   forerunner of many others.
applied for a permit.                                                                                                                                               ‘We congratulate them and their fellow
  This was done on the orders of the                                                                                                                             internees on refusing to sign a document that
Dublin government. The idea behind                                                                                                                               would put them on the same level as drunkards,
this was to stop these collections. The                                                                                                                          wife beaters and ordinary street rowdies.’ ”
sufferers were to be the dependants                                                                                                                                 The report concluded: Internees in the past
                                                                                                                                                                 have been required to sign a form recognisance
of the men in jail.                                  • Éamonn de Valera and the newly-appointed British Ambassador to the 26 Counties,                           – the same document a person who has
   Beginning in 1954 collections were made at        Sir Ian Maclennan, KGMG, seen having a tête-à-tête after the Ambassador had                                 committed a breach of the peace has to sign
Christmas for the benefit of the prisoners’          presented his credentials (Irish Times photo: January 21, 1960). A tête-à-tête is defined                   when is bound over.
families. The high profile trials of the famous      in the dictionary as “a private and confidential conversation”. Collaboration worked                           When Leo Wilson, the Secretary of the
Omagh Raid prisoners had just taken place and        from the very top down between Leinster House and Westminster.                                              Belfast Civil Liberties branch addressed the
sentences of ten and twelve years imprisonment                                                                                                                   South Antrim Convention of the GAA in
were imposed in British courts on December 15           Collectors for this Cause were being coerced          “Lynn again interrupted to say his questions
                                                     and imprisoned on both sides of the British-          were too fast and attempted a witticism that          Belfast, he appealed on behalf of the 150
of that year.                                                                                                                                                    internees in Belfast Jail.
   Each December and January since 1954 a big        imposed Border. This was done under the guise         ‘Irishmen up here can only write longhand at a
                                                     of requiring a police permit for public               certain speed.’                                          The Irish Independent of January 4 reported
push was made for funds for the prisoners’                                                                                                                       that Mr Wilson “asked for funds from the clubs
dependants. At Christmas 1958 police took the        collections. The Republican organ of February            “When Buchanan would not answer how the
                                                     1960 stated:                                          police travelled to Killycolpey [they did so in a     to obtain legal aid with a view to the release of
name and addresses of all collectors.                                                                                                                            the internees, or alternatively to have their cases
   A year later in 1959 names were taken and            “In this regard it is worthy of note that in a     laundry van] – Ed. UI.] on the ‘ground of public
                                                     police circular [26 Counties] of April 18, 1957,      policy’, Lynn again interrupted:                      brought to trial.
summonses issued. The collectors did not attend                                                                                                                     “A letter circulated to the delegates at the
court, nor did they pay the fines which were         issued by the Free State Assistance                      “He did not propose to allow the court to be
                                                     Commissioner of Police, it was directed that          turned into a political meeting or to allow him to    meeting pointed out that the Civil Liberties
imposed. Mountjoy and Limericks were                                                                                                                             Council was not concerned with political or
crowded with the activists. In Co Kerry alone a      ‘The Gardaí should not seize Easter Lilies or         use it merely to get himself reported in the press.
                                                     collection boxes but if sales take place, the         Ó Conaill could cross-examine but he was not          sectarian issues, but was concerned with the
total of 99 collectors were imprisoned for a                                                                                                                     protection of the fundamental human rights as
month in each case. And Redmond O’Sullivan           identity of those selling shall be established as     entitled to try to make other capital out of it.
                                                     far as possible. Permit for sales will not be            “Ó Conaill’s reply again was calm and              set out in the UN (United Nations) Charter.”
of Killarney – a veteran of the 1940s – who was                                                                                                                     The Republican newspaper of February 1960
prominent as an organizer received a jail            granted if applied for.’                              dignified. He said:
                                                        “The significance of this direction to the            “ ‘I do not intend turning this court into a       reported the election of prisoners to GAA posts.
sentence of three months.                                                                                                                                        Thomas Mellon and Bernard Murphy were
   In Mountjoy the collectors mingled with the       Gardaí will be grasped when it is remembered          political meeting, but I am determined to
                                                     that sales of Easter Lilies is one means              establish the truth and my questions are directed     elected vice-chairmen of Derry County Board of
freedom fighters from the Six Occupied                                                                                                                           the GAA. Both were interned in Belfast Jail.
Counties and their comrades from the 26              employed to raise funds for An Cumann                 to that end.’
                                                     Cabhrach.                                                “Buchanan continued to object to questions            Bernard Murphy was also elected president of
Counties. Eighneachán Ó hAnluain, Sinn Féin                                                                                                                      the Séan O’Leary GFC (Gaelic Football Club),
TD for Monaghan, met up with his fellow-                “Its full import and significance, however,        ‘on the grounds of public policy’ as regards the
                                                     only emerges when placed side by side with            size of the Crown Forces patrol and where they        Newbridge, Co. Derry. Peter Monaghan, also in
Deputy to an All-Ireland Parliament Ruairí Ó                                                                                                                     Belfast was elected president of Wolfe Tone’s
Brádaigh. Morale was high in the prisons.            police allegations that if permits for public         came from. Before he could object again the
                                                     collections are sought they will be made              witness Sergeant Fleming, who said he was one         GFC, Moortown, Co Tyrone. Tom Mitchell,
   An tÉireannach Aontaithe/The United                                                                                                                           serving 10 years, was elected president of St
Irishman for January 1960 gave much coverage         available.”                                           of the police party [he was not in charge but was
                                                        The statement concluded that “the generosity       put on the witness stand to cover up for the rest],   Malachy’s GFC, Moortown.
to the attacks on the Prisoners’ Dependants                                                                                                                         Football goalposts erected at a Gaelic park
Fund. A report on public protest meetings held       of the Irish people would not be curbed” and          had answered the question ‘if the police had
                                                     they would do all that is possible as in the past     stopped any other traffic that night’ with a ‘No’.    near Limavady – venue for the recent cross-
in Portlaoise quoted the chairperson:                                                                                                                            country race banned by the RUC – were cut in
   “After the closing of the Curragh                 to ensure that the prisoners’ dependants would           “Fleming said he heard the person in charge
                                                     not “suffer unnecessarily”.                           call ‘Halt’ before firing.                            three places on the eve of a Limavady-Dungiven
[Concentration] Camp, it was thought that                                                                                                                        match. The Derry County GAA Board
coercion [in the 26 Counties] would cease, but it       In addition, the Republican newspaper was             “He said he was in an ambush position and
                                                     again banned by the Stormont Ministry of Home         that visibility was quite good.                       Convention held in Coleraine unanimously
had started in a different form,” he said.                                                                                                                       adopted a resolution condemning the action of
   Six men from Portlaoise had served sentences      Affairs for another three years. The order               “Before being committed for trial Dáithí Ó
                                                     renewing the ban was made under the Civil             Conaill told the court that on November 10 a          the RUC in banning the NACAI cross-country
of 14 days and seven days: George Gowing,                                                                                                                        race at Limavady recently.
Andrew Molloy, Patrick Byrne, Risteárd Ó             Authorities (Special Powers) Acts 1922 to 1943.       detachment of the British Crown Forces lay in
                                                        On January 15 Dáithí Ó Conaill (21) of             ambush at Killycolpey. Members of the patrol             The Irish Independent of January 4 recorded
Graicín, Éamon Hughes and Aibhistín Ó                                                                                                                            that “twelve young members of Limavady (Co.
Loinsigh.                                            Lough Road, Cork city was charged before a            were in civilian clothes.
                                                     special court in Belfast with possession of an           “The first traffic intercepted by the patrol was   Derry) NACA Club – three of them under the
   Then in its February 1960 issue, the                                                                                                                          age of 12 – were told by the RUC that they
Republican journal reported on action by the         automatic pistol and ammunition.                      three pedestrians, of whom he was one. When
                                                        He had received six bullet wounds in his body      passing the mouth of a bohereen there was a           could not hold a training run in a field where the
RUC north of the Border. “Heavily-armed RUC                                                                                                                      recently banned cross-country was to have
came out in force to raid homes and seize            after an armed Crown Forces patrol opened fire        sharp command of ‘Hands up.’
                                                     on the road at Killycolpey, Ardboe, Co Tyrone            “He stopped and turned to his left. Before him     begun.
Prisoners’ Dependants Fund monies. A woman                                                                                                                          “The young athletes had passed the police
and a man were arrested in Belfast.                  the previous November. The Irish Independent          at less than four yards stood a group of men in
                                                     of January 16 and other dailies reported on the       civilian clothes. Immediately they opened fire        barracks on their way to the field when an RUC
   “Held by the Crown were Mrs Rebecca                                                                                                                           officer told them they would not be allowed to
McGlade of Belfast and John McGuigan of              court proceedings but the United Irishman             and continued to fire. He attempted to withdraw
                                                     account [February 1960] provided the best             from the line of fire.                                enter the field.
Pomeroy, Co Tyrone. They were later released.                                                                                                                       “The youths returned to the town”, the report
   “In Belfast it is understood that the combined    summary.                                                 “ ‘That detachment on that night had a
                                                        “In the court Ó Conaill, by questioning,           specific objective,’ Dáithí Ó Conaill said. ‘They     concluded. Is it any wonder this paramilitary
offensive on the PDF north and south is part of                                                                                                                  style police force found itself to be
a planned attack.                                    sought to bring out the truth about that night’s      were determined that a man would die by the
                                                     shooting. He established that: (a) Fire was           roadside without any of the trimmings of ‘Halt’       unacceptable. All power corrupts… etc.
   “It is believed that the British government, in                                                                                                                  The Irish Times on January 21 reported: “It
representations to Dublin, suggested some such       opened without warning and (b) The patrol was         or ‘Halt or we shall fire’, headlamps and
                                                     in civilian clothing and lying in an ambush           flashlamp.’ ”                                         was announced yesterday in Belfast that three
line of action. The campaign north and south                                                                                                                     more internees have been released from Belfast
would appear to be no accident.”                     position.                                                The Irish Independent of January 16 reported
                                                        “Despite sarcastic interjections by Resident       Ó Conaill’s tribute to the medical staff who had      Prison.
   The jailings in the 26 Counties were taking                                                                                                                      They are John Fitzpatrick (28) of Abbey Yard,
place under the British Police Act of 1916 – still   Magistrate Lynn and objections from RUC               attended to him.
                                                     District Inspector Buchanan to questions ‘on the         Dr SD Clarke, Surgical Registrar at the Mid-       Newry, Co Down; Gerald O’Doherty (41) of
in operation south of the Border. It was                                                                                                                         Ballysolinan Avenue, Strabane; and James J.
suggested that if a permit to collect money was      grounds of public policy’, Dáithí Ó Conaill in        Ulster Hospital, Magherafelt, cross-examined
                                                     the hostile environment of a Crown Court              by Ó Conaill, said a bullet had entered his chest     Hyslop (28) of Marchioness Street, Belfast.
applied for, it would be granted.                                                                                                                                   “Fitzpatrick and O’Doherty had been in jail
   However, a statement read at public meetings      succeeded in making his points.                       from behind. There were bullet wounds on both
                                                        “When Lynn tried to put him off – by his ‘You      hands, on the left shoulder and two wounds on         for three years and Hyslop had been interned
throughout the 26 Counties on Sunday, January                                                                                                                    since 1957. It is understood the men were
17, made it clear that An Cumann Cabhrach was        are trying to get the best of both worlds, not        the left hip.
                                                     recognising the court and at the same time               Ó Conaill said his intention was to show that      released unconditionally”.
the body charged with giving financial help to                                                                                                                      Gerald O’Doherty was an enthusiastic
the dependants of Republican Prisoners.              cross-examining witnesses’ Ó Conaill told him         one of the bullets that struck him was fired from
                                                     calmly:                                               in front.                                             Gaeilgeoir. By June 1960 he made contact with
   It also had the task of supplying the wants of                                                                                                                Sinn Féin election workers leafleting in
the prisoners themselves. These were its sole           “ ‘I do not recognise the court, but at the same      Dr Clarke said he could not confirm this.
                                                     time I will endeavour to place on record a               Ó Conaill: I wish to take this opportunity of      Longford town for local election candidates.
functions and to these purposes alone its funds
were devoted. Its work and its aims were both        truthful account of what happened at                  thanking sincerely yourself and your colleagues
                                                     Killycolpey. These proceedings are a usurpation       for the services you rendered to me.                    (More next month. Refs. An t-Éireannach
charitable and patriotic.                                                                                                                                        Aontaithe/The United Irishman, January &
   In December 1959 there were imprisoned            of the authority and sovereignty of the Irish            Ó Conaill was returned for trial on March 18
                                                     people. As an Irishman I am bound to oppose           but his astute questioning had exposed the            February 1960; Irish Times, January 21; Sunday
in Belfast jail a total 237, in Mountjoy 17 and                                                                                                                  Press, January 17; Irish Independent, January 4
in England 2, making a total of 256                  your claim to jurisdiction.’                          nature of the ambush at Killycolpy, Ardboe.
                                                        “Mr Lynn – ‘Very well.’                               Also in January two internees were released        & 16.)
Republican Prisoners.
Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010                                                                                                                                                                             15
                                                                                                                                                                                   do so much and then Fr Séan

          Fenian Notes                                                                                                                          MONITORING
                                                                                                                                          The IAC, who jumped in, thought
                                                                                                                                       they were home free, but the British
                                                                                                                                       told Clinton he should keep
                                                                                                                                                                                   McManus came on the scene. Walsh
                                                                                                                                                                                   and Burns-O’Brien approached him
                                                                                                                                                                                   about leading a political group and
                                                                                                                                                                                   wanted no part of it.
                                                                                                                                       monitoring Irish leaders in or out of          McManus said he was committed
     From our Washington Correspondent                                                                                                 the peace process and he took their         to Irish Northern Aid Fundraising, but
                                                                                                                                       advice and this continues to this day.      the two persisted and finally
THERE are many mountains in the               Fort Meade, Maryland, but it has run                                                     We know the British have never              McManus said he would get involved
American West and now there is to be          out of space to house its voluminous                                                     stopped monitoring the Provos and           if the leaders of INA agreed, and they
a man-made one that has ominous               information, so it has gone west to the                                                  Republicans. All this data derived          went to Ireland and got approval of
implications. A structure is being built      desert to construct its new library of      Africa and Ireland have produced             from monitoring pours into the NSA.         the Irish Republican Movement both
where there will be an infinite               the world’s information. Anticipating       their own mountains of data and the             The IAC leaders who sell out the         the IRA and Sinn Féin. All three
collection of information.                    the future and the need for more            British have turned over all this            principles of Irish Unity in favour of      entities gave approval and then the
   What type of information?                  space, the NSA is also building             information to the NSA.                      the peace process remain in good            Irish National Caucus (INC) was
   Every conceivable type of                  another massive structure in San               In the NSA’s world of automated           standing with the White House. The          born.
information collected over the years          Antonio, Texas.                             surveillance, every bit of data has a        “peace”      Process      is   disunity        McManus was the boss and he said
by various enforcement and                       You now wonder how much                  history and every keystroke on the           personified.                                that the INC would be an Irish
monitoring agencies of the US                 information will be stored in these         computer tells a story. Since 9/11,             The NSA is a spying empire with          Republican support group like INA.
Government, as well as America’s              buildings without windows. A recent         there has been a seismic shift in the        the 2008 legislation enabling them to       McManus in the last few years claims
allies and all information foreign and        report from the Mitre Corporation, a        American intelligence community              do just about anything they want in         he is the sole founder of the INC
domestic, from friend or foe alike.           Defence Department think-tank,              demoting the director of the Central         spying on Americans and others. The         which is not true.
   The structure will cost an estimated       stated:                                     Intelligence Agency (CIA) from the           agency is in a building boom                   The INC was well investigated by
$2 billion and will be one-third larger          “As the sensors associated with the      top of the organisational chart and          expanding its foreign and domestic          the government and though McManus
than the US Capitol. This will be a           various      surveillance     missions      putting in his place the new director        listening posts.                            thinks he like other Irish leaders are
library of intelligence, but will not be      improve (referring to a variety of          of national intelligence, a desk-               The largest listening post outside       free of monitoring, he is mistaken.
a library open to the public. The             technical collection methods) the data      anchored dictator with a large staff.        the US is in England. The British are          The Irish are never going to be free
public will have no access because of         volumes are increasing with a                  But surviving the major changes in        working as partners and advisors to         of suspicion as long as the United
the information is from them and              projection that sensor data volume          the spying game is the director of           the NSA to set up highly secret             States is allied with the British. All
about them and they have no clue              could potentially increase to a level of    NSA who has emerged as the most              megacenters of information.                 phone calls made to Ireland are
about how most of it was collected.           yottabytes by 2015. Roughly equal to        powerful chief the spy world has ever           Along with the British, the NSA          monitored including those of pro-
   The edifice is being constructed by        about             a          septillion     known. His organisation is three times       intends to store details on every phone     Republican groups and anti-
the ultra-secret National Security            (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)         the size of the CIA and is empowered         call, e-mail and internet search made       Republican ones as the INC has
Agency (NSA) which is responsible             pages of text, numbers beyond               by congress to spy on Americans to an        in the United States and the United         evolved to be.
for “signals intelligence”. That              yottabytes haven’t yet been named”.         unprecedented degree, despite mass           Kingdom.                                       American and British operatives
consists of the collection and analysis          Now, there will be other                 public criticism of the operation.              If the send button is clicked or the     are working together to contain
of various forms of communication.            information stored, such as that of            We are well aware of how the Bush         answer button, the details of the           terrorism and all groups who oppose
   It will house trillions of phone-          video monitoring that the Brits             Administration used the agency to            communication end up in the                 their policies are considered potential
calls, e-mail messages and data trails        perfected in the Occupied Six               conduct       warrantless    domestic        government’s database to be                 terrorists and the Muslims and Irish
and web searches, parking receipts,           Counties in Ireland. Nothing is too         surveillance as part of the war on           evaluated and analysed.                     get special attention. The NSA also
bookstore visits and other digital            small to discourage interest by the         terror. It was expected that the new                                                     monitors the Chinese and others who

                                                                                                                                                 ANY leaders think that they
material which does not appear to be          secret American spy unit which have         President, Barack Obama would                          are trusted by the powers         are economic rivals of the USA.
important but is used to show patterns        the Brits involved as partners in the       change his offensive behaviour. He                     that be, but they are useful         The Chinese are hard to monitor,
of thought of targets.                        venture.                                    has disappointed civil libertarians          only so long as they walk the given         but the US/UK agents seek out
                                                                                          who supported him because he has

                                                     HE massive amount of data is                                                      line. The descent from support for          weaker nations who are not as
          TARGET LIST                                then to be analysed by powerful      renewed all the offensive policies of        Irish Republicanism has happened as         sophisticated. When the Chinese talk
   You may think a receipt from a                    information      weapons       in    Bush.                                        people’s commitment to the cause of         to the Sudanese the US picks it up.
bookstore is unimportant or a list of         supercomputers running complex                 It seems that whoever gets in power       republicanism, Irish Unity and                 Many nations and non-state groups
rented library books, but it means            programs to surmise in these                suddenly realises that all these             Independence has taken second place         communicate in codes and there is a
something to America’s spies. If the          endeavours who may likely become a          programmes are effective and may             to access to the social life and access     whole section of the NSA complex
NSA sees you checked out books on             terrorist.                                  come in handy so they keep them. The         to the American Establishment.              that deals in code-breaking. There are
homemade bombs or a series of books              Again it comes down to the               Irish community was duped by Bill               There is one blatant example of a        US and British code-breakers
on insurrection, you are suddenly on a        definition of a terrorist and it is very    Clinton who was praised by so many           change in commitment and that is the        working together.
target list.                                  general in its embrace to encompass         in the Irish American Community for          Irish National Caucus. In the early            With things heating up in Ireland
   Libraries, bookstores and any              any group that uses violence against        getting involved in the issue during         1970s, Irish Northern Aid (INA) was         lately, the NSA has set up an Irish
entity with a list or information about       the United States or one of it’s allies,    his campaign and then in office.             formed to raise money for prisoners’        monitoring station to help the British
patrons are forced to turn over all           especially the British who have                But what did Clinton do? He               dependents. Some felt it was                keep control on the situation. The
information they collect and NSA              assisted the US in compiling the            pushed the peace process that                necessary to have a political lobby to      Irish are getting a lot of attention in
evaluated it. They have technology            mountains of data.                          disrupted the Republican Campaign            change the pro-British attitude of the      the NSA complex and it does not
that helps figure patterns they suggest          The British have been compiling          in Ireland in favour of peace at any         American government.                        matter what side you are on.
that an innocent target is somehow            data for decades on groups who have         price. He sucked in all those who               Two people unconnected to any               The big brother of George Orwell’s
involved in some anti-American                fought them for independence, so            wanted to rub shoulders with him, but        Irish group lobbied the Congress            book “1984” is the mega spy agency,
activity or maybe considered as               there is valuable data to be used to        they had to renounce the use of              calling themselves the Irish Caucus.        NSA. Be careful, they are listening.
sympathetic to terrorists.                    evaluate physical force groups.             physical force. This was benign              They were Dr. Fred Burns-O’Brien                     — Peader Mac Fhínín
   The NSA has its headquarters in               The Middle East, India, all over         dictatorship.                                and Sean W Walsh. They could only

                                       Republican Prisoners Dependants     Suibhne, Corcaigh; Cumann na          Cumann, Listowel, Co Kerry; Joe      Conway/Watters Cumann, RSF,         Naoimh; Ollie; Eddie and Big
 Comhbhróin                            Fund); Cumann na mBan, Na
                                       Fianna     Éireann;   Comhairle
                                                                           Saoirse Náisiúnta/National Irish
                                                                           Freedom Committee, USA; Des
                                                                                                                 and Nora Lynch; Mick Hanley; the
                                                                                                                 Kiely family; Mick Benn and
                                                                                                                                                      Newry, Co Down; Paddy and
                                                                                                                                                      Patricia White; Ruairí and
                                                                                                                                                                                          Marty, Newry, Co Down;
                                                                                                                                                                                          Josephine and Róisín.
COLEMAN: Deepest sympathy is           Laighean; Comhairle Chonnacht;      Dalton, Athy, Co Kildare;             family; Mick Ryan; Ger and
extended to Stephen Coleman,           Comhairle na Mumhan; Comhairle      Josephine and Róisín Hayden; Líta     Patrick Brommell; Des and
                                       Uladh; Comhairle Ceantair Átha      Ni Chathmhaoil, Peig and Paddy        Annette Long; Dave Cleary; Eddie
POW Maghaberry on the death of
his uncle John. From the Thomas
Harte Cumann, Lurgan, Co
                                       Cliath; Kerry Comhairle Ceantair;
                                       Cumann Pádraig Ó Pearaill, Loch
                                                                           King; John O’Connor; Ruairí and
                                                                           Naoimh White, Paddy and Patricia
                                                                                                                 Connery; Joe, Denise and Rachel
                                                                                                                 Lynch;      Dean       Coleman;
Armagh.                                Garman; Joe Conway/Brendan          White; Ollie and Georgina, Newry      Christopher Maloney and Christy
FITZGERALD, Kerry Comhairle            Watters Cumann, Newry; Tormey-      and      Armagh;       Geraldine      Dunne, Limerick; Phil, Catherine      CABHAIR wishes to thank everyone for their contributions in 2009
Ceantair, Republican Sinn Féin         Hurson Cumann, Athlone; James       McNamara and family and Matt          and Seán Heneghan, Mallow, Co         and wish all a happy and prosperous New Year.
extends deepest sympathy to the        Daly Cumann, Kilbeggan; Thomas      Kissane Tipperary; John Sheehy        Cork.
family of Jim Fitzgerald, Baile na     Allen/Niall Fagan Cumann,           and family, Listowel, Co Kerry;                                             NEW year greetings from the Republican Prisoners, Maghaberry to all
Leacan, Cloghane, Co Kerry who         Meath; Bobby Sands/Liam Lynch       Kevin and Georgina Trainor and        RYAN, Kerry Comhairle Ceantair,       our friends and comrades both at home and abroad.
died recently.                         Cumann,       Mooncoin;     Pax     family, Armagh City; Matt and         Republican Sinn Féin extends          NEW Year greetings to the Republican Prisoners in both Maghaberry
LYNCH, Sincere and deepest             Whelan/Thomas          McElwee      Celia Conway, Kilcullen, Co           deepest sympathy to the family of     and Portlaoise. From Stiofán, Helen, Seán agus Dominic. You are in
sympathy is extended to the Lynch      Cumann,               Waterford;    Kildare; Dan Donohue, Dublin;         Paddy Ryan, Limerick, a true and      our thoughts.
family, Fahamore, Maharees, Co         Rafter/Mellows          Cumann,     Ger Foran, Mooncoin, Co               noble Republican.                     NEW Year greetings to all Republican POWs in Maghabery and
Kerry on the death of Johnny.          Enniscorthy, Co Wexford; the        Kilkenny; Peter Fitzsimons,           RYAN, The Trustees and members        Portlaoise jails. From the Ann Devlin/Robery Emmet Cumann,
From Kerry Comhairle Ceantair,         O’Sullivan/Enright      Cumann,     Co.Meath; Thomas Hosie, USA;          of the Ballyseedy Memorial            Republican Sinn Féin, Liberties, Dublin.
Republican Sinn Féin.                  Listowel, Co Kerry; the Charlie     Rand P March, National Secretary,     Committee, Co Kerry extend            NEW Year greetings to Ken O’Reilly, POW, Portlaoise jail. From the
MURRAY, Deepest sympathy is            Agnew and Vol Eddie Dynes           Clan na Gael, USA; Pádraig            sincere condolence to the Ryan        Republican Movement, Republican Sinn Féin and Na Fianna Éireann,
extended to Bob Murray, Belfast        Cumainn, Armagh and Keady; the      MacMathúna, New York.                 family. Paddy stood for everything    Limerick; the O’Sullivan/Enright Cumann, Listowel, Co Kerry; from
on the death of his son. From          Republican Movement Armagh                                                that was honorable and noble and      all the lads in Garryowen; Joe and Nora Lynch; Mick Hanley, Mick
Republican Sinn Féin.                  and Keady; the Republican           O’REILLY, Deepest sympathy is         remained steadfast to the 32-         Ryan, Ger and Patrick Brommell, the Kiely family; Joe, Denise and
                                       Movement Newry, Co Down; the        extended to Ken O’Reilly, POW,        County Irish Republic.                family; Aunt Mary, Limerick and Phil and Catherine Heneghan,
Ó      BRÁDAIGH,           Deepest     Thomas Harte Cumann, Lurgan,        Portlaoise jail on the death of his                                         Mallow, Co Cork.
sympathy is extended to Mait and       Co Armagh; Frank Driver and         grandmother Mary O’Reilly. From                                             NEW Year greetings to all Continuity POWs in Maghaberry and
                                       Kilcullen Cumainn, Sinn Féin        the Republican Movement, the                                                Portlaoise jails. From the Republican Movement, Limerick and the
Máire Ó Brádaigh, Oranmore, Co
na Gaillmhe and to Ruairí and
Patsy, grandparents and to all the Ó
                                       Poblachtach, Cill Dhara; Galway
                                       Comhairle Ceantair, the Liam
                                                                           POW Department, Republican
                                                                           Sinn Féin; Comhairle na Mumhan;
                                                                                                                 I gCuimhne                            O’Sullivan/Enright Cumann, Listowel, Co Kerry.
                                                                                                                                                       WELCOME home to Billy Philips from Rafter/Mellows Cumann,
Brádaigh family on the death of        Mellows Cumann, Athenry, an         Limerick Comhairle Ceantair,          GARTLAND – 5th Anniversary.           Sinn Féin Poblachtach, Enniscorthy and from CABHAIR. Great to
their daughter Sadhbh. From The        Athair Uí Ghríofa Cumann,           Republican Sinn Féin and Na           In proud memory of Frank              have you home at last Billy!
Ard Chomhairle, Sinn Féin              Galway City and the Tuam            Fianna Éireann, Limerick; Smith       Gartland, Dundalk, Co Louth           WISHING all the POWs a healthy and happy 2010, from CABHAIR
Poblachtach; the Republican            Martyrs                 Cumann;     O’Brien/Colbert           Cumann,     whose anniversary occurred in         and the POW Department, Sinn Féin Poblachtach.
Movement; CABHAIR (Irish               McNeela/Gaughan/Stagg Cumann,       Republican Sinn Féin, West            December. From all your friends
                                       Mayo; Cumann Mac Cúrtain/Mac        Limerick; the O’Sullivan/Enright      and     comrades     in     the
16                                                                                                                                               Saoirse-Irish Freedom — Eanáir/January 2010

        When the going gets tough the tough get going...
                                                                    conspired to impoverish the          that life was not worth

                                                                                                                                                  HE great and the               support British Special
     ... or I’m a celebrity you                                     working-class and enrich             living last year and who                 good will continue to          Forces involvement in
                                                                    the robbing-class.                   committed suicide.                       “double-job”     and           shooting       at      young
     can’t get me out of here!                                         The Band of [British]                The thousands who              remain silent when ordinary           nationalists.
                                  blame. The truth of course        Brothers up in Stormont              emigrated     and   those         people are humiliated by                 Anyway, much of this is
                                                                    will     contest   personal          thousands who will follow         having to sign on the ‘dole’          the life we have come to

          HEN the going           is that when the going gets
          gets tough the          tough people revert to type.      aggrandisement between               will be ignored by those          because they can’t find               expect. What is really
          tough get going or      Anyway, that is enough            them with all the vigour             who have the power to do          work of any description.              shocking is the revelation
so the saying goes. The           about that subject.               they can muster while                something about it.               Up North the war is on and            that on this island are
truth of course is that some         It is a new year 2010. The     ignoring      ever   rising                                            yet the media and our                 people who believe they are
people are not so heroic. In      “peace process” is a year         unemployment and housing                The great and the good         politicians seem not to               living in a reality TV show
general terms when the            older and the British             figures.                             will      maintain     their      notice.       Crossmaglen,            where it is fair to do or say
going gets tough those            Brigade is a year richer.            The     Churches    will          numerous houses North and         Newry, Derry, but it seems a          anything to avoid being
types of people scramble          Political parties North and       compete to increase their            South while young couples         “terrible silence is born.”           voted off.
about for someone else to         South        have     further     flocks while ignoring the            struggle to find any home to      Up in Fermanagh the                                     — Mac Cool
                                                                    800 people who decided               live in.                          “poachers turned chicken”

              Christmas Swim for CABHAIR                                                                                                                                           show on the Naas Road.
     THE annual CABHAIR Christmas swim got
     under way on Christmas day in Dublin amid                                                                                                                                        Our thanks to all those
     freezing temperatures.                                                                                                                                                        who assisted in any way and
                                                                                                                                                                                   also to the mystery man who
                                   their lives than to try and                                                                                                                     supplies the “sup”. Thanks
   Large sections of the canal     break      the    spirit   of                                                                                                                   also to photographer Paula
were frozen but by a miracle       Republicans. The spirit of                                                                                                                      Geraghty who turns up and
the small area where the           Republicans was far from                                                                                                                        shows      the   swim    on
brave jump in was freeze           broken at the canal on                                                                                                                          Indymedia.
free, despite the next section     Christmas morning.
being frozen solid. The kids          John climbed atop the                                                                                                                          For more pictures go to:
were skimming stones along         bridge across the canal (we                                                                                                                     1169 And Counting and
the top, many would have           nearly       had       eleven                                                                                                                   ‘11sixtynine’ (which has
‘skated’ across it but for the     swimmers!!) and explained                                                                                                                       been set-up as a sister site to
vigilant eye of the parents!       to the newcomers that the                                                                                                                       the main blog) and also
   As usual John Horan             sponsored swim raises                                                                                                                           oxan@       flickr.     Paula
arrived early and set out his      money each year for                                                                                                                             Geraghty also has photos on
stall, laden with crisps,          CABHAIR, the Republican
                                                                                                                                            • Three more swimmers.                 Indymedia Ireland.
minerals, sweets, mince pies       Prisoners Dependents Fund.        • Five of the swimmers pictured with Santa.
and lollies, and of course that    He spoke of the POWs in
very important ingredients in      Portlaoise and Maghaberry
the makings of a few hot                                            David, a thousand thanks,             to at least 100 people came
                                   jails and the conditions they    and if we have omitted                and went in the course of the
toddies.                           endure and sent solidarity
   Republican songs were                                            anyone        a      thousand         few hours). Once again Santa
                                   greeting and best wishes to      apologies. The lads jumped            turned out ringing his bell,
heard all over Inchicore as        them for 2010. The POWs he
the bonfire blazed and ten                                          into the only part of the canal       without him the swim would
                                   said were “the most              that was not frozen!                  not be the same.
brave souls got their minds        important of all - our
in gear to make that leap off                                          A raffle was held for                 CABHAIR would like to
                                   Republican prisoners, who        which only the ten swimmers           express their gratitude to the
the bridge. (Graffiti on the       are in our hearts throughout
bridge: jumping lessons €2)                                         had tickets. The three prizes         swimmers in particular and
                                   the year, every year, but        were made by the POWs in              also to John Horan who puts
   This year’s crop of special     more so over the Christmas
branch once again tried to                                          Portlaoise Prison in recent           in so much work every year.
                                   period”.                         weeks - a bodhrán and two             He arrives early to ensure
spoil the swim and harassed           To this years’ swimmers,
everyone attending. How sad                                         etched and framed mirrors.            that the fire is blazing, the
                                   Joe snr and Joe jnr, ‘Rubber’,      This was the 33rd                  goodies are ready, the flag is
can they be, Christmas             Stephen, Ciarán, Anto,                                                                                   • Santa being harassed by the Special Branch again this
morning and they have                                               consecutive event, and was            flying and the banner             year!
                                   Garry, Dougie, Jimmy and         one of the best attended (up          announcing the swim is on
nothing better to do with
     BUNDORAN                                                                                                                                          Stormont
                                                                                                                                           Don t sell out to
    CO DONEGAL                                                                                                                                             .
                                                                                                                                            orLeinster House . .
     Special Appeal for Funds - to pay off our loan of

     The committee and trustees of the Republican
   Garden in Bundoran, Co Donegal are pleased to
                                                                                                                                                Buy SAOIRSE
announce that plans are being drawn up for the next
          stage of development at the garden.
 It is proposed that six commemorative plaques will
  be erected in the coming year. To date, the garden
                                                                                                                                                every month!
    has had visitors from all over Ireland, America,
   Europe and beyond, and the response has been                                                          SUBSCRIPTION RATES PER YEAR

   In the weeks running up to Easter, the gates and                  Ireland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25.00                                Ainm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  railings, seats and flagpoles were all painted. New                Britain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Stg £25.00
flags were erected and additional flowers and shrubs                 Rest of Europe . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35.00
  were added. This in in keeping with the continued                                                                                                   Seoladh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    development and is only fitting considering the                  World (airmail) . . . . . . . . . . . . 35.00                                    ...........................
        Republicans who are remembered there.                                                                                                                 ISSN 0791 - 0002
 We would like to thank everyone who contributed in                                             SAOIRSE                                                 SAOIRSE - Irish Freedom
 any way small or big and ask anyone who wishes to                                             PO Box 1241
    make further donations to forward them to any                                                                                                       223 Parnell Street, Dublin 1
                                                                                             Laurence Harbor
     committee member, head office or Joe O'Neill                                                                                                      Teil: 872 9747; Facs: 872 9757
                         directly.                                                           New Jersey 08879
                                                                                                                                                            e-mail: saoirse@iol.ie
     Published by SAOIRSE - Irish Freedom, Teach Dáithí Ó Conaill, 223 Parnell Street, Dublin. Fón: 872 9747; FAX: 872 9757; 229 Falls Road, Belfast. Fón: 90319004; FAX: 90319863. e-mail
                                                                     saoirse@iol.ie. Printed by Lithographic Printers Ltd.

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