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					     McKinley Memo                                                                             Volume 6, Issue #12

                                                                                                        October 19, 2012

Events                                               P ri n ci p al ’s M e s s a g e
November 2                                         What We Can Learn from Finland

Records Day for Teachers    As we prepare for the transition to the common core it is critical that we recognize that much
                            of the traditional teaching methods we have become accustomed to must also shift to ensure
                            student success. No longer will the focus be about how much content we cover, but to the
November 9
                            depth and breadth of the student understanding of the content and its application to relevant,
                            real-world events.
Grades Due
                            Fortunately, McKinley teachers are moving at a far more advanced pace than the rest of the
November 10                 nation. As we continue this movement we should consider what Finland is already
                            implementing to demonstrate higher-order understanding and accelerated achievement.
Open House (10:00 am)
                            “According to the Finnish National Board of Education, the main purpose of assessing
November 12                 students is to guide and encourage students’ own reflection and self-assessment. Teachers give
                            students formative and summative reports both through verbal and narrative feedback.
Holiday                     Inquiry is a major focus of learning in Finland, and assessment is used to cultivate students’
                            active learning skills by asking open-ended questions and helping students address them.
November 15
                            In a Finnish classroom, it is rare to see a teacher standing at the front of a classroom lecturing
Faculty Meeting             students for 50 minutes. Instead, students are likely to determine their own weekly targets
                            with their teachers in specific subject areas and choose the tasks they will work on at their own
November 16                 pace. In a typical classroom, students are likely to be walking around, rotating through
                            workshops or gathering information, asking questions of their teacher, and working with
                            other students in small groups. They may be completing independent or group projects or
1st advisory report cards
                            writing articles for their own magazine. The cultivation of independence and active learning
                            allows students to develop metacognitive skills that help them to frame, tackle, and solve
                            problems; evaluate and improve their own work; and guide their learning processes in
November 22—25              productive ways.” (National Education Association)

Thanksgiving Break          As we prepare for the next challenge in moving McKinley to a 90/90 advanced school we
                            should use Finland as a model.
Our Vision:                                                                               

The Vision of McKinley Technology High School is to become
the highest performing high school in the nation through the
integration of a rigorous college preparatory and STEM curricula,
taught by master teachers, that prepares students for the
challenges of the ever-changing and competitive global market.

School Events Hotline: 202-281-3950 (202-121-1855)
Our weekly school events are updated on the hotline
every Friday afternoon.

                                            McKinley News and Information
McKinley FBLA Competes at DC LIFE SMART
On Tuesday, October 16, three teams from McKinley's chapter of Future Business Leaders of America participated in the second
ever DC LifeSmarts Training Camp. Coaches Ms. Brummell, Ms. Elwell and Ms. Wiscount escorted Jamika Acevedo, Opeyemi
Akinrinsola, Victoria Akosile, Kyra Fuller, Diamond Green, Jhoana Herrera, Jeremiah Johnson, Tiona Lancaster, Ayana
Muhammad, Leslie Ogu, Tshala Pajibo, LeTiger Redmond, Rashaad Robinson, and Najah Shahid to the lively DC Google office.
Two of our teams placed first and second; winning gift cards and other cool items for themselves and FBLA.

LifeSmarts Training Camp is an educational field trip designed to help teams of high school students explore real-world
applications and gain knowledge in personal finance and consumer issues. Students spent the day learning, competing and
having fun, and educators gained new teaching resources and LifeSmarts competition strategies.

The citywide LifeSmarts competition is during the school day March 1!!! Mark your calendars...

MTHS GSA Celebrates Ally Week                                       Desiree Raught

On behalf of the MTHS GSA and its sponsors, I am writing to inform you that next week, October 23-26th, the MTHS Gay Straight
Alliance will be hosting Ally Week.

Ally Week is a national youth led effort empowering students to be allies to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) youth
and to stand up against bullying, harassment and name-calling in schools.

Ally Week is about encouraging students to be allies in our school and celebrating the allies we already have. Ally Week is a great
way to kick off the school year, to recruit members for our GSA, and to provide the opportunity for students to take the initiative to
teach one another about difference, respect and safety for all students.

We would like to participate in Ally Week by providing an optional advisory lesson plan next Wednesday October 24th. Additionally
we will host an Ally party next Friday, October 26th, in room 375 after school. Participation in the advisory lesson plan is optional;
however, the GSA appreciates staff support of our project. Staff members are very important allies to LGBT youth!
You can learn more about Ally Week at Please let me know if you would like any additional information about Ally

        Parents/Students                               Teachers/Staff                                 DCPS News
    Parent Teacher Conferences                        TAS/ECR Feedback                                 DCPS website

The first parent/teacher conferences         TAS/ECRs have been submitted to                  DCPS Awards Outstanding
will be held on October 22nd. Parents        coaches and they are reviewing and              Teachers and School Leaders
are encouraged to email teachers             providing individual feedback to each
with questions or concerns during this       teacher to ensure growth for student         Beginning this month, District of
time.                                        mastery of content and literacy.             Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) will
                                             Remember, that teachers will present         celebrate and honor the District’s high
                                             their students’ written progress and         performing teachers and school leaders
Hours: 12-7 pm (Teachers on lunch            mastery of content to the administration
from 3-4 pm.                                                                              with teaching and leadership awards.
                                             at mid-year to demonstrate how students      These awards come with $5,000 or
                                             are growing in content knowledge,            $10,000 prizes in recognition of their
Library Presentation for Parents: 3-4        application and literacy. This will be       work on behalf of DCPS students.
pm in the McKinley Library with Ms.          reflected in CSC.
Elwell.                                                                                   This week, the first of the awards begins
                                                         Congratulations                  with the announcement of the Rubenstein
     Principal/Parent Breakfast                                                           Award winners. The Rubenstein Awards
                                             Ms. Raught is our new SGA sponsor! For       recognize outstanding, highly effective
Next Breakfast will take place on            more information on the SGA and              teachers, principals, and support staff for
                                             upcoming events please email Ms.             their hard work, talent, and dedication to
Monday October 29, 2012 at 9:00 am
                                             Raught at              the students of DCPS. This year,
in the cafeteria.
                                                                                          hundreds of highly effective educators
                                              Hope Street Group National Teacher          were nominated by DCPS educators,
Breakfasts will take place the last                   Fellowship (10/31)                  students, parents, and community
Monday of every month. All parents                                                        members. Of these nominees, 27
are invited.                                 Hope Street Group is pleased to              educators were selected as Rubenstein
                                             announce a special opportunity for           Award winners by a DCPS central office
      New Cheerleading Coach                 current classroom teachers and coaches-      panel.
                                             -the Hope Street Group National Teacher
Ms. Lancaster, a Tech parent, is our new     Fellowship. National Teacher Fellows are     “Our best teachers make their
cheerleading coach. For more                 leaders among their peers who want to        classrooms exciting places to learn for
information on the cheerleading team         share their expertise and ideas to help      their students, and their students, in turn,
please email our athletic director at        shape national policy. They will             reap the benefits,” said DCPS Chancellor                        participate in a meaningful online and in-   Kaya Henderson. “We know that our
                                             person dialogue with other outstanding       teachers face enormous challenges, and
          Homecoming Game                    teachers from across the country to learn    the best teachers overcome them while
                                             about other states' reform efforts.          ensuring their students are able to
Saturday, October 20                         Fellows will work approximately 15 hours     succeed and thrive. With David
                                             a month and will be paid a stipend of        Rubenstein’s help, we give these
McKinley vs. Woodson 12:00 Noon              $3500 for the twelve-month fellowship        teachers well-deserved thanks and public
                                             period. Fellows will also participate in     recognition for everything that they do.”
Dance: 7:00 pm-10:00 pm in the Gym           several travel opportunities throughout
(Class of 2014 Free)                         the year. Applications will be accepted      “Our teachers are some of the hardest-
                                             until October 31, 2012 at 5 pm. See here     working and most dedicated employees
        McKinley Middle School               for more information on the program and      we have in the District of Columbia,” said
                                             instructions on how to apply. For            Mayor Vincent C. Gray. “High-performing
McKinley STEM Middle School will break       questions about the Fellowship or            teachers help produce high-performing
ground officially in December for an         application process, email Wendy Uptain,     students, and the Rubenstein Awards
expected opening in school year 2013-        Fellowship Manager, at                       honor the cream of an exceptional crop. I
2014. McKinley will begin with grades 6-8               want to congratulate our winners and
and currently Langley will feed McKinley.                                                 thank them for their hard work, as well as
We are in the process for defining how       CityBridge-NewSchools Education              thank David Rubenstein for the support
the remaining spots will be allocated. For      Innovation Fellowship (11/9)              he provides to honor these eminently
more information please email our                                                         worthy public servants.”
Director of Partnerships, Gideon Sanders     The CityBridge-NewSchools Education
at                     Innovation Fellowship is a competitive       The award, which comes with a $5,000
                                             year-long fellowship designed to             prize, is possible thanks to the generosity
introduce a cohort of Washington, DC’s        of Mr. David Rubenstein, co-founder and
strongest teachers to the most promising      managing director of the Carlyle Group
innovations in blended learning. Fellows      and chairman of the Kennedy Center,
will meet one full day per month to visit     who believes that highly effective
schools, hear guest speakers, observe         educators should be rewarded for the
technology demonstrations, and                important work they do every day. The
participate in discussions. The cohort will   full list of winners is included below.
take at least two trips, including one to
California during the first week of April,    “We know that highly effective teachers
which is spring break for DCPS and            have a greater impact on student
many charter schools (schools will be         achievement than their less effective
compensated for the cost of substitute        counterparts, which is why I honor DCPS’
teachers). In addition, fellows will design   most engaged and passionate educators
and lead blended learning pilot programs      and reward them for the hard work they
during the summer of 2013 and the 2013-       do each day,” said David Rubenstein.
2014 school year.
                                              Other announcements expected this
All fellows will receive a $5,000 stipend     month include the Excellence in Teaching
for participation in the program, as well     awards, the Teacher of the Year and the
as a professional development incentive       Principal of the Year. This month of
grant of $2,500 to be used for the            celebration will culminate with A Standing
purchase of technology, personalized          Ovation for DC Teachers on October
coaching or other approved development        29th, a formal event at the Kennedy
opportunities. Applications are due           Center that brings together the DC
Friday, November 9 before midnight. To        community to celebrate and reward
learn more about the Fellowship and how       DCPS teachers and leadership who
to apply, please open the attached            earned the honor of being rated highly
materials or visit:                           effective on IMPACT, DCPS’ evaluation                  system. This year, DCPS has nearly
                                              1,000 highly effective teachers and 123
                                              principals who will attend the event.
         Get Better Lessons                   Additionally, there will be musical
         with this Resource                   performances as well as tributes from
You can log in to DC Public Schools'          students, school leaders, and civic
network on BetterLesson by logging            leaders.
in at
                                              Rubenstein Award for Highly Effective
with the following login credentials:
                                              Harry Hughes, Principal, Tubman
                                              Elementary School
  Email: your email                   Caroline John, Principal, Stanton
      address                                 Elementary School
                                              David Landeryou, Principal, Key
Password: dcps123                             Elementary School
                                              Lynn Main, Principal, Lafayette
If you have any trouble logging in,           Elementary School
create a new password by resetting            Annie Mair, Principal, Cleveland
it at                                         Elementary School
Once you've logged in successfully,           Rubenstein Award for Highly Effective
you can:                                      Teaching

Reset your password on Profile >              Laura Amling, Preschool, Powell
Settings                                      Elementary School

Join a DCPS Professional Learning             Bethany Bronson, English Language
Community                                     Arts, Wheatley Education Campus
Search for and download curricular
                                              Tennille Bowser, General Education,
                                              Wilson Senior High School
Upload and organize your own
curriculum in "My Curriculum"                 Melissa Bryant, 4th Grade, Stanton
                                              Elementary School
Find a "colleague" your professional
                                     Kristofer Comeforo, Science, Anacostia
                                     High School

                                     Kelly Gaines, Intermediate Autism
                                     Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School
    Interim Assessment Window
                                     Drew Gallagher, 3rd Grade, Bruce-
PIA/UNIT         Assessment Window   Monroe Education Campus
PIA 1            October 10-11
PIA 2            December 4-5        Paul Gerber, English Language Arts,
PIA 3            February 5-6        Oyster-Adams Bilingual School
PIA 4            March 27-28
PIA 6            June 5-6            Scott Harding, Preschool, Maury
                                     Elementary School

                                     Yolanda Johnson, 3rd Grade, Cleveland
                                     Elementary School

                                     Jennifer Krystopowicz, Special
                                     Education, Tyler Elementary School

                                     Josie Malone, British Literature, Phelps
                                     High School

                                     Asha Mathur, 4th Grade, Murch
                                     Elementary School

                                     Karen McDowell, 2nd Grade ESL,
                                     Thomson Elementary School

                                     Rebecca Millner, Resource Teacher,
                                     Eastern High School

                                     Cynthia Mostoller, 8th Grade Social
                                     Studies, Deal Middle School

                                     Stephanie Page-Baxter, 3rd Grade,
                                     Raymond Education Campus

                                     Jimmie Roberts, Resource Teacher,
                                     MacFarland Middle School

                                     Kenneth Robinson, 4th Grade, Hendley
                                     Elementary School

                                     Jacqueline Smith, 7th Grade Special
                                     Education, Hart Middle School

                                     Rubenstein Award for Highly Effective
                                     Support Staff

                                     Lisa Davis, Educational Aide, Reed
                                     Learning Center

                                     Eric Taylor, Custodian, H.D. Cooke
                                     Elementary School

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