The Candidate by yurtgc548


									The Candidate

  Politics in Film
                   The Candidate
   Story of a brash, young, idealist
    who gets involved in politics in
    order to get his liberal message out
   Deals with the (in)ability to deal
    with substantive issues in a political
   Are there questions that can’t be
    raised in a political campaign?
   Whose to blame for the emphasis
    on image>substance?
   Is it the candidates, the voters, or
    the media?
             Politics is Bull***t
 Why does the race becomes more about politics than the
 When he has a chance of winning, he gets swallowed by
  the political machine
 How is this demonstrated in the movie?
 The laughing fits, the skewing of the stump speech
 In the final scene, when his father says, “you’re a
  politician now,” what does he mean?
 That politics is not noble civic virtue but about
 Is it necessary that politics be manipulative?
 Would this manipulation be necessary if the media
  provided more substantive information and the voters
  were better informed?
          Politics is Bull***t
 Emphasis is on packaging the campaign;
 What would happen to a candidate who
  ran a substantive campaign on specific
  issue proposals?
 Would this campaign be possible in a
  typographic (pre TV) age?
 Why all the noise?
 Obscures the ability to “hear” the issues
          What do we do now?
 What is the answer to the “what do we do now?”
 Emphasizes the disconnect between the campaign and
  the need to govern and the concern that success in the
  former doesn’t necessarily mean qualifications in the
 Is this message accurate in your experience?
 Is voter cynicism justified?
 What role does the wife play?
 She figures out the game early on
 Does your opinion of the candidate change when he and
  the woman leave the hotel room?

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