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					                                       Manager / Coaching Application

                                                           Manager Obligations
     All candidates MUST BE 18 years old. No exceptions.
     Upon selection AND board approval, all team managers will have their 2 hour concession stand obligation waived.
     Managers will collect and turn in concession stand checks on uniform distribution day in April to the Concession Stand
      Director. Players will not receive their uniform if parents have not turned in their concession check and signed up for a date.
     Once approved as a Manager, a deposit check needs to be given to the league at the MARCH coaches meeting to the Director
      of Equipment. After the following obligations are satisfied: 1.) Completed player evaluations / ratings and 2.) Return LDB
      equipment, the equipment deposit check will be returned. If evaluations/ratings and/or equipment are not returned, LDB
      will deposit the check.
     First time Managers are required to take an online training course through Cal Ripken website. Mangers will pay for the
      course upfront and the league will reimburse the fee as long as the candidate takes the course before May 1. A copy of the
      coach’s certification letter must be submitted to the league for reimbursement. Assistant coaches are not mandated to take
      the course but it is highly recommended they too take the online course.

    Applicant Name:                                                                         Phone:

                Address:                                                                    City/Zip


                                                         GENERAL INFORMATION

    Position Requested:                                                                         ☐ Manager                    ☐ Coach
    Status:       Returning or New Candidate                                                    ☐ Returning                  ☐ New
    If requesting a Manager position and one is not available, will you                         ☐ Yes                        ☐ No
    accept a Coaching position?      Yes or No
    In which age division are you requesting to Manage and/or                            ☐ T-Ball                        ☐ Majors
    Coach? Place an ‘x’ in one of the following: (You must complete                      ☐ IPM                           ☐ Seniors
    an application for each age division you plan to Manage/Coach in)
                                                                                         ☐ Pitching Machine              ☐ 16 Year Old
                                                                                         ☐ Federal                       ☐ Big League
    Briefly outline you prior experience managing and/or
    coaching youth sports programs. Please provide the
    organization name, the sport, the year(s) and position(s)

    In any prior Manager/Coach positions held in ANY youth sport,
    have any formal complaint and/or disciplinary actions been
    brought against you?   YES or NO

    If YES, please describe the situation and how it was resolved:

I confirm that all information provided in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Should any information prove to be
purposefully misleading and/or false, I will be removed from the League without recourse in accordance with the League’s Code of Conduct and Zero
Tolerance Policy. I hereby waive, release, absolve indemnify and agree to hold harmless, Lancaster-Depew Leagues, Inc. from any claim arising from
such screening of me whether the result of negligence or for any other cause.

SIGNATURE ________________________________________________                                                  DATE: ______________

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