; The Biggest Threat to Mankind is Mankind
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The Biggest Threat to Mankind is Mankind


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									The Biggest Threat to Mankind is Mankind
Blueprint #1 – Effects on human health

 Main points
 -outdoor and indoor pollution sources
 - risks
 - deaths and statistics
Outdoor air pollution risks
-Outdoor pollution is the main
contributor to air pollution
- Sources of outdoor air pollution are
power stations, industries, and road
vehicles by burning fossil fuels
- Other sources for these pollutants
include deforestation, manufacturing,
and waste incineration

                                          Indoor air pollution risks
                                         -Sources are poor room ventilation and
                                         broken household appliances
                                         - Other sources are renovation activities
                                         such as painting, applying stripping in
                                         enclosed spaces, or installing insulation
Common effects…

- Asthma
- Bronchitis
- Emphysema
- Lung and heart disease
- Respiratory allergies

More serious effects…

-damage to central nervous
- damage to kidneys
-Impaired intelligence
Deaths from indoor air pollution
Blueprint #2 – Effects on environment

Main points
- animals
- plants & crops
Write stuff here later
Blueprint #3 – Contribution to climate change

     Main points
     - greenhouse gases
     - global warming

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