The Benefits of Mathematical Websites by yurtgc548


									    The Benefits of
Mathematical Websites

     Jennifer Neebe
 Wednesday, June 11, 2003
• Computers are
  becoming ever more

• Great to supplement
  and enhance
How can technology
  benefit students?
            Ways to Enhance Learning
        in the Mathematics Classroom

• Software programs
• Websites
     -Student based
     -Teacher based
• Graphing calculators
              Mathematics Software

1. Algebra Smart

2. Geometer’s Sketchpad

3. Math Cad
   Student Benefits of Technology

• Hands-on learning for those who have
  trouble focusing
• Basic skills help with online tutorials
• Homework help
• Makes math fun with games and puzzles
Examples of Traditional
    Math Puzzles
Example of Internet Math Game

                    Located at:
            Recommended Websites

Student based:    Teacher based:

•        •
•   •
    Teacher Benefits of Technology

•   Help with computer software programs
•   Lesson plan ideas
•   Adds variety to curriculum
•   Quick reference to standards
•   Career advancement
                 Graphing Calculators
• Save graphing time to be spent analyzing
In Conclusion…

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