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									                   Classification of Preposition:

 Prepositions are classified as follows:

   1. Simple: in, on, to, for, at, with, of etc.
   2. Compound: into, upon, without, within, around etc.
   3. Phrase: in according with, with a view to, in order to, on behalf of,
      instead of, for the sake of etc.
   4. Participle: regarding, concerning, notwithstanding etc.

* Use of some common simple and compound prepositions:

In/at (for time and place). In (for large place and long duration of time), e.g.,
He lives in Dhaka. He stayed here in winter.

In/Into: In (when something is already within an area): The students are in
the room. Into (coming within an area from outside): The teacher entered into
the classroom.

At (for short period of time, a fixed time, small place and also to indicate that
first place is within the next place), e.g., We reached there at the sunset/at 5
p.m. Somebody is standing at the door. He lives at Chawkbazaar in Chittagong.

On/over/above/upon: On (attached with the surface): The file is on the

Over (detached from the surface but the height is not so much/or when
something crosses something without touching the surface): He held the file
over the table. He threw the file over the table.

Above (detached from the surface and the height is so much): The stars are
shining above our house.
Upon (when something gets down with a movement): He held the file over
the table and then dropped it. It fell upon the table.

By/with: By (before the performer of activity)
With (before the tool/instrument of activity): The tree was cut by the
woodcutter with an axe.
Between/among: Between (two persons): Distribute the money between
Rafique and Reza.

Among (more than two persons): Distribute the money among A,B,& C.

Along/across: Along (towards the length): We walked along the road.
Across(from one side to the other in the width): The fox jumped across the
narrow road. (Crossing a large area): We walked across the field.

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