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Marcia Reagan Of Offers Easy To Use Daycare Tax Forms


									Marcia Reagan Of Offers Easy To Use Daycare Tax Forms

After extensive research, Marcia Reagan has created an easy systematic way for preparing daycare
business taxes.

Online PR News – 18-March-2013 – Taxes are never easy. With an in-home daycare it opens up a whole
new set of problems.

The government has made taxes for in-home business's harder and harder. In-home daycare's face even
more challenges and few resources to help.

The Daycare Tax Workbook has the same Tax Forms that Marcia Reagan herself uses and has refined over
the last twenty years running her successful business. With simple fill in the blank forms; the anxiety, worry
and confusion of doing taxes is removed.

Since Marcia is a Daycare Provider herself, she understands the frustration of doing daycare taxes and the
need for a quick solution.

“When you're a daycare provider, the workday never ends. With the demands of your career and your family,
doing taxes can easily overwhelm you,” Reagan says.

Just like her popular daycare website, with three dozen Free Daycare Forms and ever
expanding Facebook group "Daycare Providers", Marcia is providing another tool to make life easier for
daycare providers.

"Taxes will never be easy, but this will definitely help make them easier," said Reagan.

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