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					Editor, First Settlers Region                                                                                                                                      JULY-AUGUST, 2011
Porsche Club of America                                                                                                                          Presort
4349 Smokey Lake Drive                                                                                                                            STD
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462                                                                                                                U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                               Norfolk, VA
                                                                                                                                              Permit #508

                      UPCOMING EVENTS!
                       Be sure to check our website www.fsrpca.org for more details as well as updates on all of these exciting events.
        DATE                            EVENT
                                                                      York River State Park - This event is a courtesy of your club. Though its no cost to you,
        July 23       FSR Annual Members Meeting & Picnic
                                                                                              you must register at motorsportreg.com
       August 6                  Western Area Breakfast                                    9a.m. to 11a.m. at Silver Diner - Glen Allen, Va

       August 6             Checkered Flag Cars & Coffee                      9a.m. to 11a.m. at Bloom Brothers Furniture Parking Lot, Virginia Beach

      August 13                  Eastern Area Breakfast                                     9a.m. to 11a.m. at Pops Diner - Chesapeake

     September 17           Checkered Flag Cars & Coffee                      9a.m. to 11a.m. at Bloom Brothers Furniture Parking Lot, Virginia Beach

   September 24-26               FSR Drivers Education                                            Virginia International Raceway

       October 1            2nd Annual Air & Auto Classic                                     Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Beach

      October 15       An Evening with your Porsche Friends                                    Alex and Andrea Bells - Virginia Beach

     November 19         Turkeys in the Trunk Charity Event                                                 Virginia Beach

       NOUNCING!                                                           2nd Annual

     AN                                                                 Air & Auto Classic

                                                                 Saturday, October 1, 2011

                                                                 Military Aviation Museum                               Look for details inside this issue

                                                                       Virginia Beach
                More Thoughts on
                Drivers’ Education
                        By: Ed Merry
                                                                                                            The “why” needs some
                                                                                                            explanation. Essentially, your
                                                                                                            everyday driving style will
                                                                                                                                                                    From the President
First Settlers just had a wonderful and well-executed 3 day
                                                                                                            change after a few DEs. First
                                                                                                            you will become more aware of
                                                                                                            what is going around you as
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dave McFaddin
Drivers Education at Virginia International Raceway (VIR), just
east of Danville, VA. Jessica asked that I write a short article                                            you look as far as you can see          Fellow FSR members,
on the who, where, when and how. But especially the why of                                                  versus the tendency these days
a DE.                                                                      in traffic to drive looking at the tail lights in front of you. This     Welcome to the mid-summer Porsche driving season. Hopefully you have enjoyed the driving season so far this year and took the
                                                                           makes you more safe on public roads. Second, the DE                      opportunity to participate in many of our great FSR events. Since the last newsletter weve had our monthly breakfasts in both the
The “who” is any Porsche                                                   experience over time will demonstrate much more of the                   Richmond and Hampton Roads locations plus special events such as our Spring Charity Event including a visit to the Boys Home
owner who likes his/her car and                                            capabilities of your Porsche. For example, I now know what               and a stay at The Homestead Resort the end of April/beginning of May, Spring DE at VIR, Cars and Coffee sponsored by Checkered
wants to know more about how                                               maximum braking feels like in my Porsche. I hope I never have            Flag Porsche and a very well planned and executed rally/tech session and BBQ put on by the Bobbitts.
it drives and handles. Porsches                                            to use it, but I know how to use it when I need to. And third,
simply were made to be driven.                                             your everyday driving will be                                            You can read some specifics of those events elsewhere in the HO but I want to thank everyone involved in planning and executing
That overall philosophy started                                            much more smooth. As I                                                   the events in a manner that keeps FSR members wanting to come back for more! Also, thanks to all who participate in these events
with Ferry Porsche in 1948 and                                             learned as a novice, smooth is                                           and make FSR even better as we get your great ideas and enjoy the camaraderie…remember, its not just the cars, its the people!
continues today. Sure some people buy a Porsche for the                    fast. Jerky and tire smoke and
prestige or to have a trophy in their garage. But for me, the              such seem dramatic, but                                                  The rest of the summer is action packed as well with our monthly breakfasts, our FSR Porsche Picnic/Annual Open Board Meeting
real pleasure is driving a Porsche. There is something special             smooth is fast. Furthermore,                                             on 23 July at York River State Park (lunch is provided so sign up to give us a head count), Porsche Parade in Savannah (sign up by
about the tactile feel and feedback and responsiveness of a                when I come in after a DE                                                20 July) and another great Cars and Coffee sponsored by Checkered Flag Porsche on 6 August.
Porsche that is pure enjoyment.                                            session, the car just feels good.
                                                                           Almost like it likes being driven                                        Also, looking to the fall, remember to sign up for our Fall DE at VIR 24-26 September (sign up is already open). Keep your calendars
                                 The “where” is a bit of problem.          hard.                                                                    open for our 2nd Annual Air and Auto Classic on 1 October.
                                 Porsches have much more
                                 capability than will be realized                                          But the best reason is that it is        Hope to see you on the road and at our events. Enjoy the rest of the summer!
                                 on a public road. Triple digit                                           fun. I drive home tired, at the
                                 speeds on back roads in                                                  speed limit, mellowed out, and            P.S. Here is an update on our former FSR president, Dave Conklin. As you remember from my last update Dave had complications
                                 Virginia is simply very high risk.                                       with a big smile. I often mutter:         from back surgery and was still in the hospital and needed a lot of rehab to get back on his feet and walking again. I recently spoke
                                 The alternative is a DE on a                                             "Wow, so that is what a Porsche           to Dave and he is home, doing rehab daily and able to stand for short periods of time with assistance. He still has a way to go but
closed course with an instructor. There are limited cars on the                                           is like!" BUT, be warned. DEs             is making progress. He is motivated to get back on his feet and walking and looks forward to the day he can drive his Porsche. He
track at each session. Passing is permitted only in certain low                                           are addictive. I tried one and            and Donna plan to see those of us going to Parade in Savannah. He will still be in his wheel chair but that won't slow him down. He
risk parts of the track and only with a "point by" by the car in                                          then began driving them                   and Donna look forward to seeing their Porsche family!
front. There are other tracks. I did a DE at Watkins Glen in                                              several times a year. And it
July 2010 just to drive the Formula 1 Course that I saw on TV.                                            does consume tires, brake pads
But VIR is the favorite of our region. For the record, eventually
I plan to do DEs at Road Atlanta, Lime Rock, Sebring and
                                                                           and gas. Drive safe and I'll see you at the track.                              Webmeister Update                                                  Stumbled upon amazing or that funny video? Let your friends in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Facebook or Twitter know by using our sharing tool. The FSR
                                                                                                                                                                   by: Marco Estrada, Webmeister                              Community supports more than 20 social bookmarking sites.
Daytona. Anyone else interested in such a excursion?                                                                                                                                                                            • Video and other pages in the FSR Community are equipped
                                                                                                     Letter from the Editor . . .                                                                                             with a reporting tool. Any FSR member can report any offending
The “when” is easy. Our next DE is                                                                                                                  Have you visited the FSR website recently? If you havent you
                                                                           Welcome to the second issue of our new format. So far the                                                                                          video or photo.
September 24-26 at VIR. Two days                                                                                                                    ought to! This year we added a new feature that will enhance the
                                                                           response has been overwhelmingly positive! I want to remind                                                                                           • Those little avatars you see at profile pages, they are too
on the VIR short course and one day                                        everyone to check our website often. Articles that did not make          way FSR members communicate online using social networking.
                                                                                                                                                    We call it “The FSR Community”. Here you can easily collaborate           common. Now you can sizzle up you profile page with a profile
on the Full Course. Other regions                                          the deadline or additional information may be available on                                                                                         video! Introduce yourself, post your favorite movie trailer or
have dates at VIR and Summit Point                                         www.fsrpca.org. Our Facebook page is growing in popularity also!         with other FSR members by using the many available features:
                                                                                                                                                     • The fun begins when you start to upload your photos and create         anything; be more than just a picture.
as well. Look at your calendar and                                                                                                                                                                                              • Groups to the rescue! With Groups you can recreate a smaller
pick a suitable time and then go on                                        Friends will sometimes ask me why my husband and I belong to             albums. The clean and fast photo up-loader helps you to easily
                                                                                                                                                    upload a bunch of photos at once. It automatically queues up the          community and make it personal again. Since a group is made
line to find one you like and then                                         a car club. It seems like a silly question to me. Not sure what kind
                                                                                                                                                    photos and uploads them one by one. Uploaded photos will be               up of members who share the same interests, they will surely
register.                                                                  of Porsche to purchase or upgrade to? Come to a breakfast
                                                                                                                                                    shown as thumbnails so you can easily check if you've missed              make an engaging bunch.
                                                                           meeting and ask around. Having trouble with your 1986 944
                                                                           keeps overheating? Post a message on Facebook! We all have               any photo.                                                                   • Public groups can be joined by any site members so this is
The “how” is also easy. You need to have an approved helmet,                                                                                                                                                                  perfect if you want to create a fan club of yourself. If you would
and a pre-event professional Tech Inspection which usually                 questions or the knowledge to answer someone else's questions.            • You can tag your friends, wait for your friends to comment and
                                                                           Being a car club member makes perfect sense!                             reply to their comments.                                                  like to create a special group, a private group is what you are
includes flushing your brake fluid (which attracts moisture over                                                                                                                                                              looking for as it allows you to hand pick your members. Each
time). This inspection assures your Porsche is ready for more                                                                                         • Uploaded photos can be arranged to your liking. How? Just
                                                                           This is something everyone will hear from me often, write an             drag and drop into the correct order and you are done. After that,        group can have their own Photo and Video gallery. You can share
spirited driving. If you have more questions, contact any of the                                                                                                                                                              the media with your group members. Groups also allow members
                                                                           article! Take pictures at an event or race, write an article on how      don't forget to choose the best photo to be the album cover.
more active members of our region. Show up early on the DE                                                                                                                                                                    to create an event for their groups. Its easy to create a meeting,
                                                                           to change a headlight on a 914, or send me a request for an article       • Fully-featured video capability supports external video linking.
date and clear everything loose out of your car. There is an                                                                                                                                                                  specifically for your favorite bunch.
                                                                           about a certain subject. I do not know everything Porsche but I          Be it video from YouTube, Vimeo or 10 other major video
on-site tech inspection to make sure everything is ship-shape              can find someone who does and we can get the info you want                                                                                          • Wall post is a general message board while discussion board
before you drive quickly.                                                                                                                           providers, your video will be always elegantly embedded,
                                                                           out. This is your newsletter, just let me know what you want! Have                                                                                 is more topic-specified discussion. These are the essential
                                                                                                                                                    complete with viewing stats, thumbnail and comments. You can
                                                                           a safe and happy summer.                                                                                                                           tools to keep your group active.
                                                                                                                        -Jessica Robinson, Editor   also feature those cool videos linked by other FSR members.                                                             (Continued on page 11)

                                            HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED      16   FIRST SETTLERS REGION                                                                                                HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED      1   FIRST SETTLERS REGION
                      2011 Board Members

                             Elected Officers
            President                                  Activities Officer
         Dave McFaddin                                  Pam Michaels
          757-817-2272                                  757-689-8483
      fadsbobo@verizon.net                        stuttgartpam@yahoo.com

    Central Vice-President                         Secretary & Archivist
          Bud Syme                                       Phil Grandfield
        804-539-2595                                     757-635-0892
bsyme@tecomconsultinggroup.com                      filthyf14@yahoo.com

    Eastern Vice-President                               Treasurer                      Horizontally Opposed (HO) is the
         Marco Estrada                                    Alex Bell
         757-240-0063                                  757-472-9567
                                                                                        official publication of First Settlers
   marco.t.estrada@gmail.com                      bella@wbrinsurance.com                Region (FSR), Porsche Club of
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Assistant Vice President - Central                    Club Registrar                    HO are those of the author(s) and
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 stevesarfaty@hamiltonbeach.com                     registrar@fsrpca.org
                                                                                        its Officers, or the Editor. The HO
Assistant Vice President - Eastern                  Charity Coordinator
           Jason Horner                               Josie Grandfield
                                                                                        Editor reserves the right to edit all
          757-676-3335                                 757-635-0184                     material submitted for publication.
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                 Advisor - Zone 2 Representative                                        FSR members may place free

                                  Tom Zaffarano                                         classifieds; contact the Editor for
                                                                                        more information.

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         Let’s Get Them!!                                                      Pictures from
                                                                               the June 18th
      By: Ken Thomas, Membership Chairperson
                                                                               BBQ & Rally
We know they are out there. We all see them. They are
everywhere… in parking lots…at malls… at restaurants, in our
neighborhoods and on the roads.

Who are they? They are the Porsches and Porsche owners who                                                           FSR Members enjoy
reside in our region who are not members of PCA and First Settlers                                                  food and camaraderie.
Region. And we want them. We want to help them maximize their
Porsche owner experience and at the same time make our club
bigger and stronger.
                                                                             Tom Bobbitt talks about his Club
First Settlers has been growing at a rapid pace; third last year                Coupe with Gerry Burks.
among in factored growth among PCAs regions and in the top ten
2011 year to date. In fact, we just passed the 600 primary member
mark with 607 members at the end of May. We can continue this
growth and help these non-members by introducing our club and
inviting them to join us.

How will we do this? Well do this by reaching out to them with our                                              Bret Jacobson & Naomi Ruuamau
new First Settlers Region Introduction Card. This colorful card                                                  accept the 3rd place award in the
congratulates the owner on their “Nice Porsche” and includes our                                                      Time and Distance Rally.
logos and info about First Settlers. Heres how you can use the
card once you spot a Porsche or Porsche driver:                                                                  Check our website for Pam
                                                                             Overall Rally winners George &      Michaels article about this
Complete a card and place it under the Porsches windshield                      Pam Michaels pose with           event! www.fsrpca.org
wiper; if the opportunity exists, give the card to the owner and have       Rallymaster and host, Tom Bobbitt.
a conversation with them about the club, our events and the many

There is a line on the back of the card for you to put your name
and phone number or e-mail so that the prospective member can
contact you with any questions. Additionally, you can refer them to
me or any officer for information.

How can you get some cards? There will be cards available at the
monthly eastern and western breakfasts
and at other club events. You can also
contact me if you need some cards. Take NICE PORSCHE!
a few and put your recruiting skills to
                                               First Settlers Region
                                               Porsche Club of
  Let’s go get them!

                             n th
                   en give ”
               e be rsche _______
           hav    Po               _
       You                   ____
           Nice ________ RS REGIO
          “ __
            ___       TTLE         eric
        by _ FIRST SE of Am driving,
    card the       Club akfasts,
       of     sche nthly breity events.
           Por r mo char
                      o           org     .
                  us f cial and s r p c a
           Join       so     w. f

                                              HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED     14   FIRST SETTLERS REGION                                                    HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED   3   FIRST SETTLERS REGION
                                                                          MEMBER                                      Frederick Dillard
                                                                                                                                                                    2001 Boxster
                                                                                                                      David Jones                                   2008 Cayman
                                                                                                                      Gerald Kent                                   2011 Boxster
                                                                                                                      Bob Levendakes                               2007 Cayman S
                                                                          SPOTLIGHT                                   Allen Mesick                                    2012 911
                                                   NEW PCA/FSR MEMBERS 2011 THROUGH MAY 2011                          Brett Williams                                2010 911 C2S
                                                                Ken Thomas - Membership Chairperson                   Jonnie Williams                                2009 911S
                                                                                                                      Scott Burnett (TI)                              1982 924
                                                   Welcome to our new members. We hope you enjoy the people,
                                                         Porsches and events of the First Settlers Region.                                            MAY
                                                                                                                      Marvin Diau                                    2007 GT3
                                                   NAME                                   PORSCHE                     Jimmy Esqueda                                2007 Cayman S
                                                                            JANUARY                                   James Gatlin                                    1984 911
                                                   Glenn Dubiel                          2006 911S                    Michael Helpinstill                          2001 Boxster S
                                                   Michael Eastep                        1964 365C                    Robert Horton                                   1999 911
                                                   Cabell Fisher                         2008 GT3                     David Hudson                                    1992 968
                                                   Staci Gawronski                      2010 Boxster                  Christopher Johnson                             1999 911
                                                   Jason Lagona                        2008 Cayman S                  James Kendall                                   2005 911
                                                   Robert Pistella                     2008 Cayman S                  Jennifer Kenney                                 2001 911
                                                   Will Wright                           2010 GT3                     Kathleen Phillips                               1991 911
                                                   James Brown (TI)                       1986 944                    Robert Piascik                                  1983 944
                                                   Richard Jackson (TI)                   2009 C2                     Eric Pierce                                     1986 911
                                                                           FEBRUARY                                   Rick Fisher (TI)                                2010 911
                                                   Thomas Ashbridge                    2007 911 Turbo                 Michael Keaveny (TI)                            2009 911
                                                   Eric Bardorf                          1999 Boxster                                                                        (TI) = Transfer
                                                   Vishal Bindal                       2011 Cayman S                                  MEMBERSHIP REPORT
                                                   Chris Campbell                      2006 Cayman S                               Membership as of June 1, 2011 was:
                                                   Koy Dawkins                             2002 911                                     607 Primary Members
                                                                                                                                        413 Affiliate Members
                                                   Kristopher Krysalka                  2004 Cayenne
                                                                                                                                         2 Lifetime Members
                                                   Richard Soule                       2008 Cayman S                                   1022 Total Membership
                                                   Paul Von Mosch                        1982 911SC
                                                   John Wescoat                            2009 911                  (Webmeister Update - Continued from page 1)
                                                   Alan Wilhite                          2002 911 C4
                                                                                                                      • Everyone loves to find out the up-to-the-minute FSR activities,
                                                   William Cheezum (TI)                    2006 911
                                                                                                                     such as latest wall posts, comments, pictures, and videos shared
                                                   Lee Entsminger (TI)                     1997 911                  by the members.
                                                                            MARCH                                     • The FSR Community activity stream summarizes and displays
                                                   Lyle Heldenbrand                      2008 Cayman                 all activities on one page with links to all of the original items.
                                                   Mark Hiby                            2006 Boxster S               Whether it's a gorgeous photo or a funny reply, you will get a sneak
                                                                                                                     peek of it. Current version of activity stream will tell you more about
                                                   John Junes                              1987 951                  new comments, videos, photos or discussions posted so you can
                                                   Keith Kulow                           2009 Cayman                 check the interesting ones and ignore the rest.
                                                   Doug Lehman                            1978 911SC
                                                   Gary Lewis                            2009 Cayman                 So what are you waiting for? Get a good grip on that mouse and
                                                                                                                     visit the new FSR Community Page by pointing your browser to:
                                                   William Lind                            1995 993
                                                   John McLaughlin                        1981 911SC
                                                   Adam Nourse                           2009 Boxster                Do you own an iPhone, Android or other
                                                   Craig Rubenstein                     2002 911 GT2                 smart phone?        The FSR Website is
                                                                                                                     optimized for mobile devices as well. If your
                                                   Francis Scruggs                       1998 Boxster
                                                                                                                     phone has a barcode reader, you can go
                                                   Ed Weidner                           2006 911 C2S                 directly to the FSR Website by reading the
                                                   Ryan Maxfield (TI)                     2003 911 C4                barcode to the right.

                                WHAT                          A            RIDE!
                                                         by: Tom Bobbitt
                                  Shoulder harness barely                 the Acura Advance-not even warranting a turn number.
                                  cinched. Neck collar slammed            We approach this lefthander in a high gear at full throttle oh so
                                  in place immobilizing my head           close to the wall on the right. It looks to me like only millimeters
                                  from lateral forces. My driver          between our tires and the hard concrete, but I am sure my driver
                                  floors the fast pedal and we            has left us a greater margin of safety. My pulse quickens as I
                                  exit pit lane with rear tires           anticipate his lift and perhaps a little brake before he turns in for
                                  spinning.     Its full throttle        the apex. No such luck. He actually grabs a higher gear, foot to
                                  through the kink between                the floor on the accelerator and turns the wheel. It is at this
                                  turns 2 and 3 (and yes it does          instant that I wonder if winning the auction was such a good thing.
                                  require significant steering            We safely reach the apex and are headed for track out at 145mph
input to navigate that kink) which doesnt even warrant a turn            (I find out later) pulling very high Gs with nothing but concrete
number on the St. Petersburg Grand Prix circuit. And then its            ahead. Somehow we reach track out with a few millimeters to
flat through the high speed sharp right turn 3 (135mph) as we             spare. Im glad I had only a few seconds to anticipate what the
move up the gears. The car Im in (the HP liveried Indy Car two-          outcome might have been without a very high down force car and
seater) is already warmed up, its tires are already hot, and my           experienced driver at the wheel.
driver doesnt need any practice.         This will not be a
reconnaissance lap!                                                                                              Turn 10, a 90 degree left
                                                                                                                 hander, is much like turn 4,
Im off for the ride of a lifetime in an Indy car, having won the                                                and having survived 4
Suncoast Regions auction on behalf of the Ronald McDonald                                                       there is no drama here.
House. These first few seconds are disorienting to say the least.                                                There is a challenging
Thankfully the “horse collar” around my helmet prevents me from                                                  sequence      approaching
overextending my neck as I adjust to the cockpit (where do I                                                     however: T11 and T12
brace myself?) and the considerable G forces this car can                                                        which are fast right and left
generate. I have a few seconds to collect myself as we                                                           handers around the airport
accelerate down the First Street straight heading for what I know                                                control tower. These turns
will be hard braking and a sharp 90 degree right, turn 4. As we           are taken at very high speed with very strong steering inputs and
brake HARD for this slow turn, the deceleration is greater than I         heavy use of the curbs. All is well as we exit and head for the
am used to in my Porsche cup car but not unexpected. The                  final 180 degree turn leading onto the runway front straight.
surprise is in the downshifting-cant count if it is three or four        Watching the race a few days later it was evident how precise
gears down-but they are the most brutal downshifts I have ever            the line through these turns needs to be to keep the car off of the
experienced. I work hard with the sequential transmission in the          vault-like walls. Many were not as fortunate as I.
cup cars to match RPMs as I go down the gears-not here-gears
and engine are definitely used for added braking, I am sure the           Our lap ends with a blast down the front straight braking into turn
box must be rebuilt between practice and the race cant last long.        1 from 160 mph. With so much track width and a slowly
Looking at the transmission fluid after a race cannot be a pretty         developing turn, there is no drama through Turn 1 for me. Of
sight.                                                                    course that was not true a few days later when too many drivers
                                                                          insisted on trying to win their race in Turn 1-only one car can
Turns 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9                                                 occupy the same space at the same time.
are all 90 degree turns,
the slowest on the                                                        I had the luxury of a clear track and a good driver. Oh, did I
circuit around Pioneer                                                    mention, I was being ferried around on my lap by Mario Andretti,
Park.        They are                                                     the last American driver to win a Formula One race and the World
uneventful except for                                                     Championship. The man knew, and still knows, how to drive an
the violence of instant                                                   open wheel car.
full throttle application
and slight wheel spin                                                     The high speed turns between tall concrete walls were clearly
immediately followed by                                                   the most exciting for me. Riding at these speeds on a street
hard braking and hard turning. The car accelerates like a rocket-         circuit is not duplicated on a dedicated road course. Perhaps this
no traction control here so wheel spin must be managed-and it             is why so many of the professional drivers speak so highly of our
surely pulls 3 plus Gs through the turns with me in it. I know 2          St. Pete Grand Prix-one of only two such Indy car races in
Gs from cup cars and this is way more than that: low center of            America.
gravity, wide track and big tires sure make a difference.
                                                                          My brief time in the Indy car was a thrill I wont forget and I thank
We are now full throttle heading down Bay Shore Drive and I               the Suncoast Region for making it possible with the charitable
know what is coming-that little kink along the harbor known as            work for Ronald McDonald House.

                                          HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED       10     FIRST SETTLERS REGION                                                 HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED   7   FIRST SETTLERS REGION
                                                                                                                     First Settlers Region

                                                                                                     Spring Charity Event 2011
                                                                                                      at The Homestead, Hot Springs Virginia
                                                                                                                         by: Phil Grandfield
                                                   The locals know that southwestern Virginia offers some of the                                      We arrived on time at the Boys
                                                   best driving roads and mountain scenery in the state. They                                         Home of Covington and were
                                                   also know that the small village of Hot Springs has been the                                       greeted by our guide and
                                                   home of one of Americas most famous resorts since 1766;                                           Director of the school, Donny
                                                   The Homestead Resort and Spa. The combination gave the                                             Wheatley. Founded in 1906,
                                                   First Settlers Region a perfect reason to venture a bit farther                                    The Boys Home is a fully
                                                   out of the “neighborhood” to host our Spring 2011 Charity                                          licensed and certified school that
                                                   Weekend.                                                                                           changes the lives of troubled
                                                                                                                         young men by providing them a foundation of education and
                                                                             Nestled in the heart of the                 citizenship. The schools success stories are highlighted in
                                                                             Allegheny       mountains,      The         the “Hall of Fame” surrounding the cafeteria where we enjoyed
                                                                             Homestead has been welcoming                a great meal with the boys. The highlight of the afternoon was
                                                                             visitors since before the American          seeing the smiles and watching the enthusiasm of the boys as
                                                                             Revolution. On one weekend in               they learned about our Porsches and, perhaps, looking
                                                                             April 2011, The Homestead                   forward to the day when theyll be driving their own!
                                                                             welcomed 34 members of the First
                                                                             Settlers Region and 17 shiny                We all found our way back to The Homestead, though not
                                                                             Porches! Our visit was perfectly            without some navigational challenges, but discovered some
                                                                             coordinated and hosted by the               more great driving roads through the experience. We arrived
                                                                             exceptional event staff, led by the         just in time for the famous “High Tea” in the expansive
                                                                             tireless Conference Services                entrance foyer and could imagine the rich, famous and
                                                   Manager, Kimberly Grant. We went to relax in a fantastic              powerful people of the past 250 years doing the same thing.
                                                   setting and enjoy some great camaraderie, but the major focus         The highlight of the weekend
                                                   of the weekend was a visit to the Boys Home of Covington,            was the dinner and Silent
                                                   Virginia, and to raise money for our sponsored charities.             Auction hosted in the Tower
                                                   Through the generosity of our sponsors and members we                 Room. The setting was classic,
                                                   raised over $5,000 in a very competitive Silent Auction!              the food delicious and the
                                                                                                                         competition for auction items
                                                   The weekend started with a rendezvous in the Presidents              was heated.        Clearly some
                                                   Lounge on Friday evening. Most of us drove about five hours           competitors among us! It was
                                                   to reach the resort and were ready to stretch and enjoy a cool        great fun and all for a good cause.
                                                   drink when we arrived. We can now add our names to the 22
                                                   American Presidents who have visited The Homestead.                   Sunday morning came too early, maybe brought on by late
                                                                                                                         night stories around the outdoor fire pit and another visit to the
                                                   Saturday morning                                                      Presidents lounge, but we lined up the Porsches again for a
                                                   brought       beautiful                                               fun run towards home. The cloudy, damp weather did not
                                                   weather as we lined                                                   dampen our sprits as we drove along Highway 39 and the
                                                   up the cars for the                                                   Maury River through Goshen Gap. More terrific scenery and
                                                   start of the fun run to                                               smooth mountain roads brought us to our last stop at the
                                                   the Boys Home. We                                                    Rockbridge Winery in Raphine,Virginia.
                                                   all had maps, and
                                                   many had GPS                                                          The proprietors were ready for us. We pulled up to find a sign
                                                   guidance, but not much direction was needed since the hour            directing us to “Poursche Parking”. Though we initially thought
                                                   long drive through the mountains had no traffic lights and only       this misspelling was the result of an uninformed, rural Virginian
                                                   a couple of road changes. But there were plenty of turns and          was actually a clever play-on-words about the wine tasting we
                                                   no other traffic! The caravan stopped at Douthat State Park           were about to enjoy! The winery is the gathering venue for the
                                                   near Clifton Forge. A beautiful setting along a man-made lake,        locals to enjoy lunch and listen to live music. The Irish music
                                                   Douthat State Park was built between 1933 and 1942 during             was a great ending to what was a fantastic weekend. Even
                                                   the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration. We now know it is           the five hour drive home on the interstate couldnt ruin the
                                                   a great place to stretch and use the facilities!                    experience; now we cant wait to go back.


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