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					      Literacy Strategy
          for April
                                        FIT IT

The purpose of this game based strategy, which is based on the cloze technique is to
reinforce the meaning and definition of vocabulary. Students could even develop their
own games based on this model, using texts and research materials for the current unit
of work.

Each playing group (either 2 or 4 members working in 2 teams) requires a sentence
pack and a word pack.

Each card in the sentence pack has a sentence written on it with one word missing. A
gap indicates the position of the missing word.

The word pack has the missing words from the sentence. In some cases two or more
words from the word pack will fit in to sentences cards and make sense.

The object of the game is to try to match a sentence and word card.
  Place the sentence cards in a pile, face up. Word cards are spread out on the table
   face down
  Players take turns to select the top card from the sentence pack and turn over a
   word card.
  They read the sentence aloud with the word inserted
  If there is a match, they keep the pair and have another go
  If there is no match, then the sentence card is returned to the bottom of the pack,
   and the word card is turned face down again
  Continue taking turns until there are no cards left
  The winner is the one with the most pairs

         Sentence card example                         Word card example

an ___________________
 is the shaking of the                                earthquake
    earth’s surface.

             Adapted from Programming and Strategies Handbook - Secondary (1999)
                                       NSW Department of Education and Training
                                                                      page 168.

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