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Ch 7 Study Guide


									Ch. 7 Skeletal System Study Guide                        Name:______________________P.__

Know the functions of bone

              .
              .
              .
              .

Know what bone is made up of

              .
              .
              .
              .
              .

What is the function of red and yellow bone marrow?

              Red marrow:
              Yellow marrow:

Know the primary and secondary curves of the vertebral column.

              Primary curvature
                   o A.

                  o B.
              Secondary Curvature
                  o A.

                   o B.

Know where the atlas is located and what type of bone the atlas is.

What is osteoporosis?

What increases the risk of osteoporosis?

Who is most at risk for developing osteoporosis?

Know what sections of the skeleton make up the axial skeleton.

Know what section of the skeleton make up the appendicular skeleton.

What types of bone make up the thoracic cage?

Know the difference between each type of rib.

Know which bones is the only movable bone in the skull.

Which bone houses the internal ear structures?

*Use your skeleton labeling worksheets to study the location
of each of the major bones in the skeleton. Know the title of
the section of the skeleton AS WELL AS all of the bones.
Ex: Pectoral girdle is made up of the sternum, ribs, scapula, clavicle, and humerus.

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