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2012-13 Egypt Life sheet.doc


									Name: _____________________________                                        Seventh Grade Social Studies
Date: ________________________                                                          Rice/LaBrache
Section: _____________________                                                                   1/2/13

                                            Ancient Egypt
                                         Life in Ancient Egypt
   After reading the lesson titled, “Life in Ancient Egypt” (pages 191 – 198), answer the questions
     below. Remember to use complete sentences and use examples from the text to support your

      1. Why did the Egyptians prepare the body for the afterlife? If they did not do this, what
         would the spirit miss out on after death?

      2. Why did the Egyptians bury their dead with many objects? What are some examples of
         these objects?

      3. Explain the process of “weighing the heart of the dead.”

      4. Fill in the chart below to get a better idea of the roles of the different, major Egyptian
         gods: All cities were under the protection of three gods: The Triad of Thebes (Amon,
         Amunet, and Khonsu)
         God               Physical Appearance                           Responsibility





5. Explain how lesser gods were seen and worshipped in villages and homes.

6. What was the Rosetta Stone and what was its importance to understanding Egyptian

7. Why was the job of a scribe hard to obtain? Why did many fathers want their sons to
   have this job?

8. How were the Eyptian kings viewed differently than the kings of Mesopotamia?
9. Fill in the chart below to provide you with a better understanding of the “social pyramid”
   in Ancient Egypt:
    God          Title                 Power                     Responsibilities

Top Level

Second Level

Third Level

Fourth Level

Fifth Level

Sixth Level

Base Level
  God     Physical Appearance              Responsibility
                                     King of the underworld,
                                         land of the dead.
           Human form; blue         Husband and brother of Isis.
Osiris       skin to show          Succeeded Ra as king of Earth
              invisibility         Killed by Set, his brother, but
                                   embalmed and resurrected by
                                    Guide of the dead, prepare
          Body of human, head                 bodies for
              of a jackal           afterlife Osiris’ helper (was
                                                his dad
                                     Creator of the universe.
             Head of a hawk
                                   Chief of cosmic deities; king
          (surmounted by sun
                                   of the gods. early Egyptians
         disk), because of swift
Amon-                               claimed descent from him
          flight across the sky.
Ra                                 eventually merged with Amon
           Sometimes painted
                                      in Theban dynasties (in
              blue to denote
                                   Middle Kingdom worshipping
                                      him was a state religion
                                       Goddess of love and
         head of a cow, it was
Hathor                                         laughter
         sacred to her
                                    king of the Earth; sky god
                                       Son of Isis and Osiris,
                                     defeated Set and becomes
Horus    Head of a falcon,
                                    brother of Osiris; pharaoh
                                     was considered to be the
                                           Living Horus

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