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Looking for some Home Based Business Secrets that will allow you to leave your job and spend more time with your loved ones?

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									Home Based Business Secrets

Home Based Business Secrets
Looking for some Home Based
 Business Secrets that will allow you to
 leave your job and spend more time with
 your loved ones?
Well look no further. You’ve come to the
 right place.
Here is where you’ll discover the "home
 based business secrets" you need to
 know to make 2013 your best year ever.
Now if you’re anything like me you’ve
 had your share of home based business
 opportunities and lost more money than
 you’d care to admit. But still you know
 that the promise of a successful home
 based business remains true and so you
 stay the course.
Well, have no fear.
Believe it or not you’re probably a lot
 closer to your breakthrough than you
So here are a few principles to keep in
 mind that when followed will keep you on
 track and with consistency can take you
 to the Promised Land.
Home Based Business Secrets
 …Income Producing Activity or IPA
A major stumbling block for many home
 based business owners can be knowing
 the difference between promoting your
 business and searching for prospects.
 Both are essential but one is an income
 producing activity and the other is not.
You must train yourself to spend 80% of
 your time doing income producing
 activities or IPA for short.
If not you are doomed to fail.
This can be hard to recognize because
 there tend to be a lot of moving parts to
 a home based business. So getting
 distracted doing activities that don’t
 make you richer before you have to
 spend money again happens easily.
Here’s an idea.
Grab a piece of paper and draw a line
 down the middle. Then at the top of the
 page label the left column Income
 producing and the right column Non
 income producing.
Now think about which activities actually
 make you money and write them in the
 left column. Again, they will be related to
 actively promoting your business. That’s
 the 80% you need to focus on.
 Get the other things done but keep things in
  perspective and be mindful of where you
  spend your time.
 Realize that your prospects already exist
  and are waiting on you.
 All you need to do is promote your business
  as far and wide and efficiently as possible so
  that your prospects identify themselves.
  Once they raise their hand simply make it
  very easy for them to acquire your product
  or service as well as get in touch with you if
  they have any questions.
 People love that.
Home Based Business Secrets
 …100% Commissions
This is self-explanatory yet still in the
 world of home based business it
 continues to be an issue. There’s a
 considerable amount of work involved
 making any home based business
 successful regardless of the product.
Wouldn’t you agree?
Then doesn’t it make sense to get the
 most money possible for that effort? I
 mean if you gotta grind it out then why
 not get the highest payout there is?
Not only does it make sense it’s
 absolutely vital.
Most home business opportunities pay
 out somewhere between 25 – 60%
 making it very difficult turn a profit as
 well as scale the business.

People fail most often because they
 choose a company with a compensation
 plan that is too difficult to work given
 their skillset at the time they joined the
Many companies lie about your chances
 of success and purposely teach methods
 that are outdated or simply don’t work.
 Not to mention you’d need to have sales
 numbering into the thousands to see real
 life changing income.
I’ve been victim to this kind of thing
 more than once, let me tell you.
Within the last 2 to 3 years companies
 have begun to emerge that offer 100%
 or more commission structures.

These are typically information based
 opportunities that grant you re-sell rights
 to the information and all done entirely
 on the internet.
Leading corporate manager Peter
 Drucker said in year 2000 that
 Webucation would become “The Next
 Great Growth Opportunity” and we can
 see that trend continuing into the home
 business sector.
This is great for budding home business
 owners allowing you the chance to
 recoup your investment with the very
 first sale.
There are companies that even pay
 200% even up to 300% and I believe
 this will continue on into the future.
 These kinds of opportunities are
 extremely profitable and are changing
 the home based business landscape for
 the better.
Home Based Business Secrets
In the home business world it’s best
 defined as the ability to use others time,
 talent and resources to increase your
 sales and income. J. Paul Getty once
 said, “I’d rather have one percent of a
 hundred people’s efforts than one
 hundred percent of my own.”
t's about getting more done in less time
 with less effort.
That’s leverage folks!
When you enter the home based
 business arena you find that many
 companies claim their compensation plan
 will give you leverage. Very often it is
 only true in theory.
That old example of three that get three
 that get three never happens that way, if
 at all. The fact is that you must have the
 knowledge of a seasoned marketing
 professional in this industry to achieve
 leverage with most of the programs out
For the new person and even not so new,
 that realization can be very disheartening
 once you’ve gotten started and the initial
 excitement is over.
In this age of high technology, an
 automated system with a well-developed,
 high converting funnel is needed to
 achieve real leverage in the home
 business game and many companies fail
 miserably at providing that to their sales
I personally will not join anything without
 a well-designed sales funnel and
 automated system in place to take the
 load off. There’s just no need to work
 harder than you have to, ever.
Home Based Business Secrets …
 Automated Systems
The use of technology to drive the sales
 process is truly a wonder of our time and
 allows even an average person to
 achieve significant, life changing income
 in as little as 60 days.
When setup properly, an automated
 system will educate and inform your
 prospects regarding your business. It will
 also follow up at specified intervals to
 induce a buying decision.
 This gives your customer plenty of time to
  sell themselves on your business or products
  with no pressure on your part. Mastering
  these kinds of systems creates the highest
  advantage for the home business owner as
  you can literally amass a fortune without
  ever picking up the telephone.
 With an average workday of one to two
  hours these systems fulfill the home
  business mantra of the last 40 years which
  is having time and money together.
Typically it begins with an opt-in or
 capture page that collects the email of a
 prospect in exchange for more
 information, a free e-book or some other
Videos, webinars, conference calls and
 emails follow and build a relationship
 with your prospect over time allowing
 them to feel good about the opportunity
 or products and doing business with you.
When the decision is made to join that
 prospect is directed to your sign up web
 page and you receive the commissions
 for all the purchases they make. Year
 after year more and more home business
 millionaires are being created through
 the use of these systems.
So if you’re not using an automated
 system you’re working backwards.
Home Based Business Secrets
 …Multiple Streams of Income
I’m sure you’ve heard that to be truly
 rich you must have multiple streams of
Well it’s true.
Today we live in a world where people
 compete for your eyeballs which makes
 promoting a single offer a lot harder than
 it used to be.
The constant chatter and information
 overload you can experience on the
 internet almost ensures that your
 prospects will be confused about which
 product, service or opportunity to buy
See, when you promote just one product,
 the very best thing that can happen is
 that your prospect buys your product.
 But if they don't buy then say goodbye
 ...to your money.
When you have multiple offers you
 significantly increase your chances to
 make a sale because there’s more for
 your prospect to choose from.
And no matter how fired up you are
 about your company there will be folks
 out there who could care less and that’s
 just reality.
So when marketing multiple offers it's a
 good idea that they be related in some
 way or complement each other. That way
 you increase your sales ratio even
It’s the smart way to run a home based
 business because you maximize each
 marketing effort and dollar spent while
 getting multiple checks. It doesn’t get
 better than that you guys.
Once again, to do this effectively requires
 an automated system with a high
 converting funnel.
Home Based Business Secrets
 …Seeing Is Believing
I've said a lot here but I hope these tips
 have been helpful and I wish you much
 success. To see real world examples of
 the principles discussed here I
 recommend these two automated
 systems. These are the only two systems
 I endorse and if you're looking to get
 started with a home based business you
 can't go wrong with either one.
Choose the system that makes the most
 sense FOR YOU and then get started!
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 for viewing my fast ranking Level One
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