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					                     Officious Newsletter of Yerington
                            September 27, 2012

                            Tuesday Evening 7:30 PM
                               Dini’s Lucky Club

President          Prog. & Event Schedule:                event. We had several attendees
Peggy Bitler       Sept. 30 – Ice Cream Social            from Smith Valley. The game
       463-4239    Oct. 2 – No meeting. Food prep.        and salmon were fantastic. All
Secretary                  at Boys & Girls Club           who were there got to enjoy a
Jay Recanzone      Oct. 4 – Teacher Appreciation          special event. Where else can
       463-9070            Dinner                         you get venison, elk, desert sheep
Treasurer          Oct. 6 - OctoberFest                   and wild Alaskan salmon?
Tom Price          Oct. 9 – Tim Dake – Nevada             Dennis and James did great on
       463-3794            Copper update                  the grill. The added extras were
                   Oct. 13 – Comstock Gold picnic         also a treat. You didn’t have to
Board Members      Oct. 16 – Carrie Baker - National      bring game to contribute. Many
Term thru 6/13             Physical Therapy Month         brought added extras. THANKS
Earl Chambers      Oct. 23 – Trap shoot vs.               to all!!!
       463-5903            Lions Club
Gary Hardesty      Oct. 30 – Student of the Month         Yerington Rotary Website:
       463-1648                                           Jay and Tom did a great job of
Oskar Hernandez    Greeter Schedule:                      introducing the Club to our new
       463-1873    Oct. 9 – Earl & Ron Hennessey          website at the last meeting.
Bill Swirsky       Oct. 16 – Peggy                        Seeing the website up and
       463-4015    Oct. 23 – Steve Rye & Carrie           running on the internet was
Mary Swirsky               Giomi                          helpful. Tom’s tour of the
       463-4015    Oct. 30 – Tom & Ron Hennessey          website showed what the general
                                                          public can see. It has quite a bit
Term thru 6/14                                            of information about our Club
                   Mexican Independence
Tim Dake                                                  and there is more to come. We
       750-4926    Day Dance: This event went
                                                          need to keep this site dynamic. It
Candy LoBue        off very well thanks to Oscar’s
                                                          can be an important link to
       463 -2677   experience and direction. We
                                                          potential members. Jay
James Neely        had an excellent turnout of
                                                          discussed the member
       316-1239    Rotarians to setup and cleanup.
                                                          information that is on the site.
Tim Ogle           It only took about an hour to
                                                          This information is available only
       463- 4694   setup and two hours to cleanup.
                                                          to members and they must login
Ann Rudolph        There are things we would do
                                                          to see it. Even then they can only
       463-5803    differently next year like no
                                                          see the names, email addresses
                   tortilla chips. Peanuts in the shell
                                                          and phone numbers of other
Newsletter         rule. Thanks to all who made
                                                          members. There are default
Prices 463-3794    this event a success.
                                                          usernames and passwords for
                                                          each member. If you don’t
                   Wilson Canyon Game                     know your username and
                   Feed: As usual, this was a fun         password you can
click on the “Forgot my password” button on the                  CLEAN-UP – We hope to have everyone
login screen Clubrunner will email you the               present helping. With help we can get this done the
information. If all else fails call Tom or Jay and see   evening of the dinner. (those promising to help):
if they can help get you logged on.                              Oskar
It is important that everyone logon and edit their               Mary Swirsky
profile because this is our source for basic                     Steve Rye
information (name, email address and phone                       Ken and Peggy
numbers) about our fellow Club members. We                       Tom and Judy
need it to be correct.                                   We need more volunteers!!!
                                                                 EXTRA CLEAN-UP ON FRIDAY
Ice Cream Social at Nordyke: Sunday we                   (volunteers)
will be doing a fund raiser for “End Polio Now”.                 Ken
Several Rotarians have stepped up and will be                    Bob
making great home made ice cream for this event.                 Oskar
There will also be toppings to enhance your treat!               Skip
If you have signed up to work, we need you at                    Tom and Judy
12:30pm on Sunday or 12:45 at the latest. Peggy          If we all work hard on Thursday, this group will not
will be in charge of scooping, Earl will be the          be needed. Let’s try to make this happen.
general for parking. We look forward to a fun event
this Sunday. Come enjoy and help.                        This should be an exceptional event. The speaker is
                                                         great, the food will be fantastic and the guests,
                                                         teachers, will be appreciated. This is a time we all
Teacher Appreciation Dinner: This event is
                                                         need to come together to make this a success!!!
scheduled for October 4, 2012 at the Boys and Girls
Club. A sign-up sheet was passed around at our last
meeting. The food preparation crew will meet at          OctoberFest (Oct. 6) and Comstock Gold
the Boys and Girls Club on our usual meeting date        Picnic (Oct. 13) - These events are coming up
of 10-2-12. Help would be appreciated. Show up at        soon. Rotary is helping out with the YHS
the kitchen door at 5:00pm or whenever you can get       OctoberFest. This one is pretty well under control.
there. The dinner planned will be exceptional and        Skip Bolton and Gerry Boschert are in charge. If
we need your help to make it happen. Thursday,           you want to help out talk to them about helping.
10-4-12 is the date of the event. We need all the        The Comstock Gold picnic is in a formative stage,
help we can get. If you didn’t sign up at our last       but it looks like Rotary will be running the BBQ for
meeting email or call Peggy or Tom and Judy.             that event. More information about what help we
        SET UP – 9:00AM 10-4 (promised to work)          need will be coming at a later meeting.
                Ron Hennessey
                Bob Smith
                Oskar Hernandez
                Skip Bolton
                Gerry Boschert
                Lucy Rechel
                Ken and Peggy
                Tom and Judy
        SERVING THE MEAL: We need every
Rotarian. The Interact Club will also be there to
help. Come with a Rotary shirt if you have one.
Also an apron if you have one. Club aprons are in
limited supply, too many have gone home with
Rotarians and not returned. Spouses are welcome
to help!!, even encouraged.

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