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					7 Secrets To Promote Your
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 Searching for the 7 Secrets To Promote Your
       g              y
  Blog that will take your business to the next
 Relax! Your search is over!
 You want answers and you're gonna get em'.
 Because you’ve come to the right place.
              you re
 And what you’re about to discover are “77
  secrets to promote your blog” we have used to
  make 30 sales in 30 days consistently, no
  matter the product.
 That’s one sale a day every day. And we did it
  all ...for FREE!!!
 So you’re looking to promote your
  blog and get your content out to the
  world eh?
 No problem! But it will cost yyou.
 How much?
 FREE.99. So it s affordably priced for
 But seriously folks, if you’re willing to roll
  up your sleeves just a bit and put these
  simple tactics into action you can create all
  the traffic to your blog you’ll ever need So
  let’s get started shall we?
Secret To Promote Your Blog #1
 …Blog For A Keyword
It’s important to understand that you
 must blog with a purpose. Contrary to
 popular opinion, what you blog about is
 incredibly important because it will
          y   p
 determine the result you get in the end.
Decide up front who you want to attract
 and what you want your visitor to do
Do you want them to opt-in, buy
 something call you on the phone or click
 through to see what you have to offer?
Make that determination before you sit
 down to write anything. Once you have
 that figured out you’ll know down which
 path you want to lead them.
Now that you know who you want to
 attract it s time to get into the mind of
 your reader.
Now we know the reader is searching for
 answers to something so ask yourself,
 what are they looking for and if I have
                y      g
 what they want what keyword phrase
 relates to that?
I’ll use this blog post as an example. I’m
 looking for people that are having trouble
 promoting their blog.

So I'll start with the Google Keyword
 Tool and type in blogging solutions with
 [Exact] checked under Match Types.
 Under the Keyword ideas tab I get 752
I’m looking to blog for short keywords (3
 to 5 words) that are high in Competition
 Global and Local Monthly Searches.
The entry that makes the most sense for
 what I have to offer is ‘how to promote
 your blog’. It’s high in all three
 y       g          g
 categories and accurately describes the
 content of this blog post.
 If you follow along in this example don’t be
                                      it s
  put off by the numbers by thinking it’s the
  internet and you need to blog for a
  keyword with tens or hundreds of
  thousands of searches.
 Not true at all.
 All we’re concerned with is pinpointing our
  audience and finding a match with what
  we have to offer
 So 2900 Global and 1600 Local Monthly
  Searches is just fine with me
 Let’s continue.
Secret To Promote Your Blog #2
 …Lead With Value Not A Sales Pitch
Having been an over the phone salesman
 for many years one thing I can tell you
 about human nature is that we love to
 buy but hate to be sold. Wouldn’t you
    y                              y
As human beings we like to come to our
                          own.      don t
 buying decisions on our own We don’t
 like to be convinced or coerced. Our job
 as marketers is to present enough
                     p            g
 information in such a way that the
 buying decision is a completely natural
 response to the information presented.
The only way to do this is to provide
In other words provide good and useful
When you provide value you help to
 answer questions in the mind of your
 potential customer.
At the same time you establish yourself
 as an authority, an expert, and someone
 to be trusted and respected.
Once you’ve established this type of
 dynamic all that is left is the sale.
Because prior to finding your blog your
 customer had questions that had gone
And god only knows for how long
Now, they have those answers thanks to
 you and in return you have their trust as
 well as their business. Makes sense
 doesn’t it?
Good! Let’s keep it movin’.
Secret To Promote Your Blog #3
 …Enticing Headlines & On Page
The headline is your opportunity to
 specify exactly who you’re talking to so
 that person can raise their hand and say
      p                                  y
 ‘hey that’s me.’
This is critical because you have just a
 few seconds before that person leaves
 your page forever if they think you don’t
 have what they’re looking for.
                  y        g
So to assure the reader, the first words
 they see must indicate they have found
    y                        y
 exactly what they’re looking for.
Search engines work the same way and
 it s                 Optimization
 it’s called On Page Optimization.
For example, after the title 7 Secrets To
 Promote Your Blog the body copy at the
 top of this page gives a quick synopsis of
 the content in this blog p
                        g post while
 incorporating the title twice more.
This tells both the reader and the search
 engines what this blog post is all about
So do this every time you post your blog
 to increase your rankings and to keep
 your readers engaged.
Got it?
Now let’s look at making a catchy
Since I’ve decided to blog for the
 keyword phrase ‘how to promote your
 blog’, I want to entice the reader by
 adding the words 7 secrets.
Words like revealed, discover, how to,
 finally, at last, secrets, hidden and other
 words of intrigue are great for headlines
 because they create curiosity and pique
 the interest of the viewer
Asking questions in your headlines is also
 very effective
Do you, have you, would you, are you
 and others are great ways to raise the
 eyebrows of your readers. It’s the
 equivalent of p
  q                   g      g
                placing a target on their
And isn’t targeted marketing what you’re
 aiming for?
Of course it is!
You should also incorporate numbers into
 your headlines whenever possible
The use of numbers in an ad indicates a
 precise outcome or result to the reader
For example, this article is entitled ‘7
                            Blog. I ve
 Secrets To Promote Your Blog.’ I’ve also
 stated 30 sales in 30 days.
                g    g
See where I’m going with this?
Numbers add zing!
This numbering technique keeps your
 headlines and body copy from being
 vague and non-specific.
      let s
And let's face it!
We live in a results driven society and
 people want to know how long it will take
 and how much can they expect. Numbers
 say to your readers, “I’m better than that
 other guy not smart enough to use
 numbers in his ad …so click here.”
Trust me. They will.
 Secret To Promote Your Blog #4
  …Repurpose To Publish a Video
 Now that you’ve done the keyword research,
  written a catchy headline and written your
  blog post the next step is to repurpose that
  content for video.
  This is     i    dibl tool for
 Thi i an incredible t l f generatingti
  traffic to your blog independent of the major
  search engines. Understand that all internet
  activity begins with search and just because
  you don’t appear on Google, Yahoo or Bing
  d      ’             l      ’ l k    f
  doesn’t mean people aren’t looking for you.
A picture is worth a thousand words so a
 video is probably worth a million Just
 make a video that’s a PowerPoint
 presentation of y
 p                         gp
                 your blog post and
 upload it to YouTube. (see secret #7 for
While you’re at it don’t stop there. Open
 accounts with a half dozen other video
  it like Vimeo, Metacafe, Veoh,
 sites lik Vi       M t     f V h
 UStream and others and post your video
 as far and wide as you can
It’s just FREE.99 so why not do it!
Secret To Promote Your Blog #5
 …Repurpose To Publish Articles
Now it’s time to get a little creative and
 redistribute your blog content to the
 various article directories.
This is a fantastic way to cast a wide net
 with your blog post to pull in readers.
 And not enough people do this so you
 need to be the one who does.
Now remember, you don’t ever want to
 distribute duplicate content. So before
 you submit your post, change it up and
 reword things a bit so that it stands on
 its own.
    y         y
If you’re lazy, there’s software out there
 you can purchase and use to do it for you
 but that would violate the terms of our
 FREE 99 offer so you’ll have to search for
 FREE.99 ff             ’ll h  t        hf
 that on your own.
Now there are lots of directories out
            ezinearticles, goarticles,
 there like ezinearticles goarticles
 buzzle, articlebase, articlesnatch and
 others so be sure to do your research.
But here’s what’s so interesting.
For many people these directories are
 the preferred search engine. Distributing
 your content this way allows you to take
 advantage of that.
Many people start their search with
         directories            can t
 article directories. So if you can’t be
 found on the first page of Google, who
 cares? Your blog p                        p
                  g post could be in the top
 search results in these directories and
 that can mean tons of traffic.
You should be getting pretty excited right
 about now!
 Secret To Promote Your Blog #6
  …Repurpose To Publish On Forums
 Once again knowing your target market is
  the key here.
 Wherever your target market can be found
  posting and chatting in forums online is
    h            tt       t h dli         d li k
  where you want to post a headline and link
  to your blog post.
 For example, this article is targeted toward
  people that most likely own a blog already
  and are looking for more effective ways to
  promote and monetize its content.
Now that covers a lot of ground but I can
 safely assume that most of these
 bloggers are working from home and fit
 somewhere within the make money from
 home, network marketing or affiliate
 marketing space.
I can assume that.
So the best place to post this particular
 article would be sites like Warrior
 Forum and Better Networker because
 these sites generally cater to that
             g       y
Not only that, these forums have tens of
 thousands of members and that can
 mean a heck of a lot of traffic for you.
 Secret To Promote Your Blog #7
  …Repurpose For Document Sharing
 I’ve saved the best for last so please pay
  close attention.
 Use of this technique will shield you from
  any Google slap, Penguin, Panda or other
     i   l i the future and get you instant
  animal in th f t        d    t     i t t
  traffic immediately. Document sharing sites
  like zinepal, docstoc, slideshare, box and
  others allow you to repurpose your content
  into various formats like PDF, Power Point,
       d doc    d h fl
  Word d and other file types.
These sites are a one stop shop for
 content distribution
For example, to make the You Tube
 video discussed in Secret To Promote
 Your Blog #4, simply have your blog post
 made into a Power Point presentation
 and now you have a video. Now take that
 same Power Point document and post it
    the d         t h i     it
 on th document sharing site.
Do this with each format so that your
 content is accessible to as many readers
 as possible. There’s no need to rank to
 drive traffic because these sites have
 tremendous “in house” traffic of their
The point I want to make clear is that
 Google and the other major search
     i    t k ti    t      k   d    th
 engines take time to rank and so these
 strategies are designed to prevent that
 from being an obstacle
I believe that whatever changes these
 companies implement should never have
 a negative impact on your business or
 y          y    g
 your ability to generate income.
I have no doubt that you’d agree.
I hope these tips have been helpful and I
 wish you all the success you deserve.
 Making it online is really tough until you
 get the right information and decide to
 take massive action.
 If you’re looking for a blogging platform
  that s
  that’s been designed from the ground up to
  rank super-fast with search engines like this
  one does, simply click on this shameless
    l             h        d
  plug you see here and enter your email.    il
 My partner Dan Miller will explain how
  Level One Network can work for you
  and take your business further and
  faster than you ever thought possible.
  All for just $29 bucks a month!
                 h       d h    h
 Now get out there and thrash your
  competition. That’s an order!
Secret To Promote Your Blog #8
 …BONUS!!! Facebook Groups
Here’s a super cool and easy way to use
 Facebook Groups to get your blog in
 front of up to a million targeted viewers
No joke!
Facebook is the most traffic heavy site in
 the world and there are tons of groups
 dedicated to making money from home,
 network, affiliate and internet marketing
 in general.
If you have a Facebook account go to the
 search bar and type in whatever niche is
 suited to your content.
Let s      make                home
Let’s use ‘make money from home’ for
If you click on the search icon
 (magnifying glass) you’ll first get the
 pages related to that search. Simply click
 on the Groups tab to the left and the
 groups dedicated to that search will then
 It will show you the group status, whether it
  is open or closed, as well as the number of
  current members. Some of these groups
  have 20,000 and even up to 100,000
 Extreme massive traffic potential here!
H     ’    h t did
  Here’s what I did.
 I would request to join groups with the most
  members in a given category first My rule
  of thumb was to only join groups of 5,000 or
  more. Once I ran out I would go back and
  join the remaining groups.
Now it may take a few weeks but
 Facebook will allow you to join up to 500
 groups per account.
I m               currently
I’m at about 315 currently.
Just request to join about 12 to 15
 groups per day and you shouldn t have
 any problems. Facebook won’t let you
 join too many groups too fast.
Over the weeks your group requests will
 be answered and you ll be given
 membership and allowed to post in the
 g    p
 groups. Once y             y           g
                you have your killer blog
 post ready with great and useful content,
 post a link for it along with your headline
 in the groups.
This strategy is so useful because you’ll
 get feedback almost immediately
If you post 2-3 times per day with a
 bitly link you can track how many clicks
 to your blog are coming in from
I’ve also used this method to test ad
 copy for free without bothering my list.
If you leave your group notifications on
 you ll
 you’ll see the likes and comments that
 come in from the headline to your blog
If you get likes and clicks but no opt-
 ins or very few then it means you’ve
             y                     y
 got good ad copy but poor content.
If you don’t get many clicks at all
                 you ve
 then it means you’ve got bad or
 boring ad copy.
When using this method I do use
 Hootsuite to post to every group at
 once instead of doing it manually but
                     g           y
 again FREE.99 is always an option.
Take advantage of this folks!
You’re now armed to the teeth with FREE
 ways to promote your blog and drive
 massive traffic Now the only thing that
 can stop you …is YOU.
Thanks for viewing my fast ranking
 Level One Network blog and I
 appreciate your comments and feedback!
 Take care and L8R!

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