Interval Timer by ajizai


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Sudoku Puzzle Maker
A genuine Sudoku Puzzle
generator and solver running
in an Excel spreadsheet!

World Clock
A great looking real-time
display of night and day across
the time-zones, with local
times of major cities.

This spreadsheet can read
your mind! No kidding...but it
only has a small knowledge
base. Fancy expanding it?

International Contact Sheet
This contact sheet can be
used when you have friends or
colleagues across the world.
Each contact has a 'My Time'
readout showing their actual
local time and a day or night
 Interval Timer
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Deal Or No Deal
Yes! The unofficial version of
the TV game is here, on your
computer. Download it and
play with up to 6 players!

Running Man
A fun spreadsheet that uses
some slightly more complex
3D maths to make a man run!

Anniversary Reminder
Always forgetting birthdays,
anniversaries and yearly
events? Now you'll never have
an excuse again. Highlights
upcoming events in different
colours of urgency!

Universal Converter
This spreadsheet enables you
to convert just about any units
into any other just by a few
clicks of the mouse!
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