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					Reduce your energy consumption, control operating costs at no
upfront cost
Available exclusively to HSC Gas Program participants

Conserving energy in social housing takes more than just             Did you know?
operational or technical measures – because unlike commercial
buildings, occupants in residential buildings exercise a lot more    With spending estimated at $400
control over how much energy is consumed.                            million a year, utilities are
                                                                     Ontario’s social housing sector
That’s why HSC is pleased to offer its clients the internationally   largest controllable cost.
acclaimed Community Champion Program at no upfront cost.
                                                                     According to published reports,
                                                                     buildings where staff and
Changing habits: the Community Champion Program
                                                                     residents are engaged in
The Community Champion Program brings together residents and
                                                                     conservation activities can
staff in activities that enable community members to adopt habits
                                                                     reduce their utility consumption
that save money and resources. With the Community Champion
                                                                     by 5 to 10%.
Program, you get:

       No up-front costs: There’s no risk in saying yes. HSC gets paid based on your consumption
       savings on gas over time. We get paid after you’ve achieved gas consumption savings.

       Action-oriented training and materials: A two-day workshop for building residents and staff
       who learn how to conserve energy and promote sustainable practices in their community, with
       an additional half day of training for staff on community planning and support.

       Ongoing support: To help sustain your community’s commitment and deliver ongoing savings
       in consumption, we provide resources, best practices, advice and encouragement on resident
       engagement and conservation measures. Through our Technical Services team, we can also
       offer advice and services on a range of energy measures such as retrofits and energy audits.

Measuring results: the Energy Dashboard
To measure the benefits of the Community Champion Program, you’ll receive individualized feedback
on your energy use through our Energy Dashboard. You will also get portfolio and sector-wide
benchmarking data, allowing you to see how your buildings’ performance compares to others.

For more information, contact HSC at 1.877.733.7472

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