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					                                     TENURED FACULTY MEETING
                                            August 29, 2011
                                          12:15 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
                                         Barb Penington’s House
                                       N7394 W. Grand View Drive

Present: Baus, Herriott, Hixson, Penington, Vogl-Bauer, Welch, Wildermuth, and Frederick

The meeting was called to order after a brief lunch was served.

The agenda was approved on a motion made by Welch/Herriott.

The minutes of both the April and May, 2011 tenured faculty meetings were approved


*New faculty joining our department are 1) Nam-Hyun Um in Advertising and 2) Jim Terkeurst in MAGD.
Jim will be available starting Sept. 19. Until then, Jeff Herriott will take his classes and Jim will work with
students “on line.” In Spring, Kannan AMR will join our staff teaching primarily in the MAGD emphasis.
*Barb Penington announced that this would be her last year serving as department chair. Tenured faculty
members are encouraged to talk to Dean McPhail if interested in the position. Dean McPhail is also
considering going outside the dept. to search for a new chair. Another search which was briefly discussed
was that for Jeanine Fassl’s position. The position has now been designated a faculty line in response to
the latest staffing plan forwarded by this department.
*The tenured faculty discussed the schedule for personnel reviews. Jim Kates and Mary K. Casey are
scheduled for their tenure reviews in late September.

*Welch moved the tenured faculty into closed session with Vogl-Bauer seconding the motion . The motion
was unanimously passed. Welch (Wildermuth) moved the tenured faculty back into open session. The
motion passed unanimously.

Planning for the new Academic Year

*The departmental calendar was briefly discussed especially in terms of orientation week, advising, and
journalism workshops to help students transition to the new “merged” curriculum if they so choose.
*A peer observation schedule including tenured faculty assignments was distributed. A tenured “faculty”
flow chart highlighting major activities was also circulated. Welch suggested adding GIA application
deadlines and interviewing for the new GIAS.
* Wildermuth gave a brief report on the GIA orientation process and planned activities.
*Welch gave a brief report on transitioning graduate coordinator responsibilities to Corey Davis, the new
graduate coordinator. Penington thanked Welch for her service and being available to help Davis acclimate
to the new role.
*Vogl-Bauer gave a brief report on her plans for Assessment and circulated a document she planned to use
in leading an assessment activity in the next day’s department meeting. Tenured Faculty members made
suggestions to further develop the document.
*Vogl-Bauer also reminded the group that the proposals for the new Corporate and Health Communication
submajor would be presented for a second read tomorrow at the department meeting. Vogl-Bauer
circulated the current “check sheet” for the new submajor and asked for any questions.

P.I.E. (Partners in Education)

Jodi Galvan brought “pies” to support her presentation on the PIE or Partners in Education program. Jodi
explained that Dean John Stone had asked her to develop a program similar to a successful program
administered by UW-Oshkosh. Jodi explained that COMM 110 was the first class she and Dean Stone
would like to have taught in high schools choosing to participate in the program. High school students
taking the course would pay half college credit, but receive instruction paralleling the actual “college”
Communication 110 course for which they would receive college credit if they earned a C or better. Jodi
said that the instructor for the course would have to have a master’s degree and meet other criteria as
determined by the tenured faculty. Jodi clarified information regarding the program by answered questions
posed by members of the tenured faculty.

Department Goals for 2011-2012

Penington circulated a goals document she had developed based on potential goals volunteered during the
department’s brainstorming session in April. These goals were further modified by the tenured faculty at
their last meeting of the year. A few additional modifications were made to the current draft. Welch
moved (Wildermuth seconded) that the goals be accepted as modified. The motion passed. The goals will
be distributed at the department meeting tomorrow.

On Line Course Offerings

A new course stipend structure for instructors teaching on-line classes has been suggested by the Dean as a
new college policy. The instructor would receive $2000 for development of the course, $2000 when the
class was certified through the Quality Matters process, and would finally receive the stipend that is
available when one takes the summer on-line training course. The per student stipend (25% of the $150
technology fee paid per student to take an on-line course) would no longer be given to the instructor but all
of the $150 fee would come to the college. The tenured faculty encouraged more discussion on this topic,
especially in terms of the per student stipend for instructors.

Due to time reaching 4:00 p.m., other issues scheduled for discussion were placed on the agenda for the
Sept. 6 tenured faculty meeting. These included:
 1. On Line Course Evaluations: Feedback
 2. The Review Process
      a.4 point vs 5 point evaluation scale
      b.Modification of the Peer Observation Process
      c.Preparing faculty and staff for reviews

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m. (Herriott/Baus)

Next meeting will be September 6 at 3:35 in Heide 301

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