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									        The Annual Process for Web Site Administration for AHS Boys Lacrosse on AMP.

This explains the key processes where you use the screen found at Register…. Edit Season/Camp Registration
This screen is available to Website Admins and login accounts with Admin permissions. This screen modifies
key records for the whole system and controls the availability of Registration Forms and other activities as the
season progresses. For the purposes of explanation, the annual AHS Boys Lacrosse Season follows the
following timeline:

Start Here - After then end of the current Lacrosse playing season (after Varsity season is completely over)
    1) Alter the current season record (e.g. 2011-2012 Season) is over:
           a. Move the STATUS field to “Closed/Archive”
           b. This marks the end on one season (year) and the next. No registrations will be possible until a
               NEW record for the upcoming year is created.
    2) Create a new record for the upcoming years Lacrosse activity:
           a. Open and ‘Duplicate’ the current season record (e.g. 2011-2012 Season)
           b. Move the STATUS field to “Pending/Review”
           c. This record is for the whole system and controls the availability of Registration Forms and other
               activities as the season progresses. No registrations will be possible until the record STATUS is
               marked with “Registration Open” for the upcoming season.

Marking the beginning of Player Registration on the website:
  1) The Board of Directors will control when to change the STATUS to “Registration is Open”. This involves
      confirming the upcoming year’s fees which are published to those who register. The Board may elect to
      conduct the annual September Boys Lacrosse meeting to communicate fee changes prior to the Open
      Enrollment Period.
  2) Once agreed, the webmaster must alter the STATUS to “Registration is Open”.
  3) Parents and player register from this point until the end of the tryouts period.
  4) Website Admin activities at this time include:
          a. Coaches for the upcoming season need to be entered and configured on the website for the
             upcoming season. This is usually known around the September Parent/Player mandatory
          b. Teams also need to be configured with the names, e.g. Level III , Varsity.

Closing Registration, Assigning Players to Rosters, etc. (The busy time).
   1) Immediately following the END of Tryouts:
   2) Move the STATUS value to “Current/Active”. This opens up the website for coaches to make the
       player assignments to rosters. This is also when you need to review the Web Site Busy Time activities.
       See the instructions below on all that occurs at this time.
   3) This STATUS of ‘Current/Active” runs until the playing season is over and we collect our State Title
       trophy :=). Then we go back to the beginning of this process to Start Here.

Web Site Busy Time Activities – Post Tryouts – System setup for the Playing season in Spring
  A. Coaches once they know their roster need to go to their login accounts, and as coaches they can assign
      players to their roster.
  B. Players have their Jersey numbers updated by board member/registrars once the Jersey numbers are
      known. This is urgent because the rosters are known and Jersey numbers are important when
      publishing information on the roster for a given team.
   C. Team Parent/Managers – once known, it will be important to add login accounts to the system for
      Team Parents. They will be eager to communicate to the players and parents on the roster. The email
      distribution functions are some of the most valuable in the system.
   D. Linkages to the game schedules is done by linking to external websites. Look at prior season data to
      mimic the linkages or contact the website admin for the scheduling and statistics web site. It is
      different than the AHS Boys Lacrosse Website and is used for many other sports.

Web Site Login Accounts – Informal Policies
  A. Board Members and Website Admin are given full permissions including Website Admin permissions.
  B. Coaches and assistant coaches given coaches permissions
  C. Team Parent/Manager - Accounts are given to communicate and support team functions
  D. Team Managers (students) – assist at games. Accounts are not normally given to these roles.
  E. Players are not given Accounts unless the board has agreed to duties requiring login account access.
  F. Outside the above definition, there are capabilities with volunteer management that the club does not
      currently employ but are still available.

Registration Help - Documentation taken from Website online help on July 29, 2012

The Registration page allows you to establish and manage season/camp information. Each season/camp is used to "group" players
that are registered for a specific event that occurs in a certain place during a specific interval of time. Each time you want to register
players for a new season/camp you must create a new record using this page. Please note: the term "event" in this paragraph is
used simply to describe the season/camp concept, and should not be confused with a calendar event in this system.

Season/Camp Year(s) is simply the year(s) in which the season/camp will occur.

Time Frame is the time of the year in which the season/camp will occur. If the season/camp is not associated with a specific time of
year or is a tournament or single event you may also specify that option. If none of the options seem relevant simply choose the Not
Applicable option.

Season/Camp Name is simply the text name. This name will appear as a menu item under the Register menu, and will be used
throughout the site when identifying the season/camp. If no season/camp name has been specified the system will try to help create
the associated name. If you do not like the system generated season/camp name simply change it to something appropriate.

Status is used to control access to the Registration on-line form, and to control the display of information associated with teams and
players on the club site. Available Status values are:

     Pending/Preview - Season/Camp registration has not yet begun. This Status may be used at the time a season/camp is being
     created, but before opening registration to the general public. Once you have created a season/camp you may preview the
     registration information and registration steps by selecting the Preview button located at the bottom of the page (near the Update,
     Delete, Clear buttons).

     Registration Open - The on-line registration form is active, and season/camp name appears on the menu located under the
     Register menu. Schedules will appear for a season/camp that has this status when the associated teams and schedules have
     also been created. This is to allow for the displaying of schedules for an upcoming season/camp. However, rosters will not appear
     under the Teams menu. This status is generally used prior to tryouts and prior to the beginning of the season/camp.

     Active/Current - This is the most important status for a season/camp because it provides the most detailed information
     throughout the website for schedules and teams. This status will make all teams associated with the season/camp available on
     the menu located under the Teams menu and also make the schedules available under the Calendar menu. This status should be
     used after tryouts or when the teams have been formed and during the timeframe when the games are being played.

           When a season/camp has the Active/Current status you may also specify whether you you wish to keep some
           portion of the registration process open. The options available for Keep Registration Open are as follows:

           Yes, Allow Full Registration - Registration remains open just as it did when the status was set to Registration Open.

           No, But Open Email List Registration - Creates a simple email list registration form and makes it available under the
           Register menu. This option should be used when you would like to collect contact information for players who may be
           interested in receibing information about a future season/camp. Players who register using this registation form will appear
           in the Player Registry under the Email List team for the Active/Current season/camp.

           No, Close All Registration - All registration is closed for the Active/Current season/camp.

Registration Close Date is the last date your club will accept registrants for a season/camp. This date will automatically be added to
the club calendar identifying the Registration Close. However, the system will NOT automatically stop registration when this date has
passed. In order to close registration you will have to change the Status for the season/camp.

Fee Due Date is the last date your club will accept payment for a season/camp. This date will automatically be added to the club
calendar identifying when Fees are Due.

One or more Registration items may be established for each season/camp. When a player registers for a season/camp they will be
presented with these Items to communicate the cost or options associated with registration. Each item has multiple components:

       Description is text which describes the item.

       Fee is the cost to register for the item.
       Group Number serves two purposes. The first purpose is to order the display of items on the registration page. Items will be
       ordered by Group Number in ascending order. The second purpose is to allow you to group multiple Items into a single option
       for the player registering. When two or more items share the same Group Number they will be put into the same drop down
       list or group of checkboxes. Think of this as a way to create an Either A or B or C concept for two or more items that are part
       of the same registration item.

       Required makes an item or item group mandatory for every registering player. When the Required checkbox is not selected,
       the fee item becomes an optional registration item. Often this is used when apparel or other items are optional as part of the
       registration process. Items in the same Group Number will be forced to have the same Required status.

       Type allows you to set the control type that will be presented to the registering player. The two options are List or Checkbox.
       A List is a drop down grouping of items that all have been assigned to the same Group Number. Checkbox places an actual
       checkbox in front of each registration item. When more than two items share the same Group Number then a grouping of
       radio buttons (checkboxes) will be used to display the items. Items in the same Group Number will be forced to have the same
       Control Type.

Please note for the simplest case when this is only a single registration item simply fill in the first line and set the Group Number to 1.

The Player Section of the registration form is mandatory for a Season/Camp. However, the Parent and Emergency Sections of the
registration form are optional. To remove an optional section simply deselect the associated checkbox.

Registration Forms is a list of all forms and documents that have been uploaded using the Edit Forms & Documents menu option
located under the Club menu. However, only those forms that are "checked" will be associated with the current season/camp. Forms
that have been "checked" will also be sent as part of the email confirmation process when a player registers.

Volunteer Duties is a list of all volunteer items that have been created using the Edit Volunteer Duties menu option located under the
Club menu. However, only those volunteer duties that are "checked" will be added to the registration form and available for players
and/or parents to select at the time of registration. You may also specify an optional number of mandatory required volunteer items.
When this value is greater than 0, the system will not allow a registrant to leave the registration form until they have volunteered for a
minimum number of volunteer duties.

Season/Camp Info is text that will be displayed on an informative page presented to the registrant prior to registering. Season/Camp
Info will appear above the Registration Steps and may be used for general or specific information about the season/camp. For more
information about Registration Steps please see the section below.

Waiver Text may be used to automatically create a section within the registration page to descibribe any legal waivers or terms that
participants must agree to in order to register for the season/camp. When waiver text is input, the registration page will include the
Waiver along with text asking the registrant to agree to the Waiver prior to submitting the form and also requiring the registrant to type
their name to create an electronic signature testifying to the terms of the waiver text.

Custom Fields may be used to create input fields on the registration form that are unique to your program. An example of a Custom
Field might have a Label of T-Shirt, have Possible Values of S;M;L;XL;XXL, appear in the Player section of the registration form, and
be Required for all registrants. Custom fields are created using the fields described below:

     Label is the text that will appear next to the input field for your custom field.

     Possible Values allows you to decide the type of input field and the values that are available to the registrant. A blank list of
     Possible Values creates a free form text input field. If you prefer to limit the possible values you may specify the values using this
     field. When Possible Values are added (and separated by a semi-colon), the registration form will display the list of Possible
     Values in a drop down list next to the Label.

     Registration Section specifies where the Custom Field will appear within the registration form. Normally, these Custom Fields
     will appear in the Player, Parent/Guardian or Medical/Emergency sections of the registration form. However, the Admin option
     allows you to create fields that appear within a "hidden" section of the form that is accessible only by those with the Registrar or
     Admin roles. This is generally used for club related information that will be input and maintained by administrators for the club
     and never displayed to the parent or player.

     Required when checked will force the registrant to either input text into the field or select from the list of Possible Values. This
     box should be checked when you do not want the registrant to leave the field blank.

Registration Steps is a button that may be used to edit the steps defining the registration process. Registration Steps appear below
the Season/Camp Info on a descriptive page informing the potential registrant about the season/camp and what they must complete in
order to register for the season/camp. These Registration Steps help guide the registrant through the registration process. Examples
of registration steps might include:
1. Register and Pay Fees Online

2. Complete, Sign and Return Additional Forms Required By...

3. Attend the Player / Parent Meeting on mm/dd/yyyy

4. Continue To Check Our Website

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