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Felix Chidozie


									Covenant University,
Canaan Land, Km, 10 Idiroko Road,                         Phone No: 080 338 155 20
P.M.B 1023, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.                     E-mail:

Sex:                            Male
Date of Birth:                   3rd March, 1976
Place of Birth:                  Ibadan
Marital Status:                  Married
Nationality:                     Nigerian
Religion:                       Christianity
State of Origin:                 Anambra
Place of Domicile:               Ogun State

Permanent Home Address:          Flat 104, Post Graduate Quarters, Canaan Land,
                                 Km, 10 Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Objective :( Specialized Area of Interest)
                                 A PhD researcher in the field of International Relations
                                 with a passion for African Politics. Specialized area is the
                                 political and economic trajectories that underpin the
                                 Nigeria/South Africa relations in contemporary Africa
                                 and Global Politics.

Education:                    2009 till date Covenant University, Ota
                              Ph.D International Relations in View

                              2005-2006 University of Ibadan, Oyo State
                                 M.A Peace & Conflict Studies

                                 2002-2003 University of Ibadan, Oyo State
                                 M.Sc Political Science

                                 1993-2000 University of Ibadan, Oyo State
                                 B.Sc (Hons) Political Science

            1988-1993 Federal Government College, Enugu

Patents     (1) Peace Keeping and Peace Making:
                A comparative analysis
           (Seminar Paper Presentation)

            (2) Politics and Ethnicity in Nigeria
               (Seminar Paper Presentation)

            (3) Africa’s Impact to the Development of
                International Law
                (Seminar Paper Presentation)

            (4) Impact of Domestic Policy Actors on Foreign
                Policies: The Case of Nigeria
               (Seminar Paper Presentation)

            (5) Ethnicity and Voting Behaviour in Nigeria
             (Seminar     Paper Presentation)

          (6) Resource Control: Nigeria and United States of
                America. A Comparative Analysis
              (Seminar Paper Presentation)

          (7) United Nations in the Emerging New World
               Order: Prospects and Challenges
              (Seminar Paper Presentation)

          (8) The Liberia Refugee Situation in Nigeria:
               An Insider’s Perspective (Field Work Conducted)

          (9) The Impacts, Trends and Management of
               Terrorism in a Globalized World
                (Seminar Paper Presentation)

          (10) Military and Democratic Transition in Nigeria-
               A case study of Abubakar Regime.
                (B.Sc Thesis)

          (11) Nigeria in a Globalized World.
                (M.Sc. Thesis)

             (12) The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention in the
                Horn of Africa.

                                  (M.A Thesis)
                             (13) The Judiciary and Electoral Fraud in Nigeria’s 4th
Republic: Deconstructing the 2007 General Elections, in Sabo Bako (ed) Electoral
Reforms, Political Succession and Democratization in Africa, (NPSA) Vol. 2, 2008

                              (14) The Validity of Herzberg’s Dual-Factor Theory on Job
Satisfaction of Political Marketers, in African Research Review, Vol. 6 No. 1, 2012

                          (15) Nigeria’s Megaphone Diplomacy and South Africa’s
Quiet Diplomacy: A Tale of Two Eras, in International Journal of Research and
Sustainable Development, Vol. 4, Number 2, 2012

                            (16) Electoral Security and Democracy in Nigeria, in
International Journal of Research and Humanities (Upcoming)

                           (17) Rethinking Organizational Communication in Political
Marketing (Upcoming)
                           (18) Economic Globalization in the 21st Century and Nigeria-
South Africa Relations: Prospects and Problems (Upcoming)
                          (19) Correlational Analysis of Marketing Concept and
Democratic Governance (Upcoming)

Work Experience:            2007 till date. Assistant Lecturer in the Department of
                            Political Science & International Relations. Covenant
                            University, Ota. Ogun State, Nigeria.

                           2004-2006 Oasis Communications Limited. Ibadan,
                           Oyo State.
                           Director of Affairs.

                           2002-2004 Global Adventure Nigeria Ltd. Lagos state.

                           2000-2001 Ivuikwe Grammar School Edo State.
                              Teacher ( NYSC)

Conferences:              National Political Science Association Conference
                           (NPSA), Kano, Kano State (2007).

                         National Political science Association conference
                          (NPSA),Markudi, Benue State (2008)

                         Multi-Regional International Visitor Leadership     Conference:
                          New York City USA (2009)

Courses Currently Lectured
  In the University:                Constitutional Development in Nigeria

                                   Structure of International Society

                                   Theories of International Relations

                                   Law of Nations

                                   Foreign Policy Analysis

                                   Nigerian Government and Politics

                                   Comparative Government and Politics

                             Ancestors/Evolution of Contemporary International System

                                Contemporary Strategic Studies

                               Introduction to International Relations

                               Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution.

Interests and Activities:          Reading, Thinking and Planning.

Competences:                      Creative, Bold, Excellent       Communication   and
                                  Interpersonal Skills

Special Skill:                    Computer Literate

Membership of Organization:       Society for Peace Studies and Practice (SPSP)
                               Nigeria Political Science Association (NPSA)
                               Alumni (IVLP) International Security Issues, USA

References:                       Prof. Ajayi, Matthew Ola-Rotimi
                               Vice Chancellor,
                               Landmark University, Omuaran Kwara State, Nigeria
                               Phone No: 234-080-335-742-10

Prof. Kayode Soremekun
Professor of International Relations
Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria
   Phone No: 234-08057511458


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