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					A Study of Two Faces:
Every Picture Tells a Story

1. To create a genetic study of two faces.
2. To demonstrate and apply your knowledge of the genetic
   terms such as dominant, recessive, hybrid, phenotype, and
3. To examine the features of two related or unrelated people to discover genetic

Background Information: Consider the following scenarios.
     Cousins are mistaken for siblings.
     An adult’s baby picture looks just like his or her child’s baby picture. (Some
        people even mistake one for the other!)
     Every child in a family looks like the others or close siblings look like twins!
     Someone says that you and unrelated person look related.
     You know kids who are often mistaken for each other.
     Two parents have very different traits. One child looks like one parent. Another
        child looks like the other parent. The children don’t even look related!
I’m sure you can think of even more of these stories of similarities between people –
related and unrelated. What makes people who are related look alike? How many traits
do they have in common if you really look closely? How many traits do unrelated people
who look a lot a like have in common?

 Think about some of the people you know who share a lot of traits. These could be
   neighbors, friends, or family members. One of the people could be you!
 Select two people for whom you could create a genetic study of faces.
 Part 1. Get a picture(s) of the two people or take a picture of the two people. (A few
   disposable cameras will be available for borrowing if you don’t have a camera of
   your own.) Place the picture(s) at the top of a piece of 11x17 construction paper held
   portrait-style. You’ll get a suggested format sheet.
 Part 2. Describe at least 5 common traits of the people pictured and tell whether the
   traits are dominant or recessive.
 Part 3. Identify the two people. Write up an interview of the two people you are
   studying. Find out how they feel about your study of their traits. Have they thought
   about the traits they share before? Try to determine the origin of their common traits
   – mom’s, dad’s, grandmothers, etc.
 Part 4. Write a 5 sentence reflection about this activity using as many of the genetic
   terms that we have been studying as you can. How did you feel about this activity?
   What surprised you? What did you discover that you didn’t know before?

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