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					                                                                        Spybot Instructions

Double left click Spybot icon on your desktop.

When program window opens it should look like this, and note the “Search for Udates” button. You should left click this button once.
You should see a dialog box that looks like this, double left click any American flag. If you see one that says “No newer update available” then click ok and got to
“Search & Destroy” button.
You should then get a dialog box that looks like this. Left click the download button once and it will tell you that it is downloading updates and each box next to
updates will get a large green check mark. When done downloading it may tell you to re-immunize which you are going to do anyway so left click the “OK” button and
click on the “Exit” button. This should return you to the main screen. Some times Spybot will restart after updating if this happens just wait and main screen will
When main screen comes back up then left click the “Immunize” on left side of window.
The little wall symbol will begin building and you will see files being added to unprotected. When done left click green cross symbol at top left, note red arrow points
to unprotected files this number will go down.
When Spybot is done immunizing, note green arrow on left shows that unprotected files equals zero. Note red arrow points to “Search & Destroy” button, left click
this once.
You should get this window, note green arrow, left click “Check for problems” button once.
This window should appear, if you get a message box about deleting temporary internet files just click “OK” and this window will appear. Note red arrow points to a
box that says “Please wait, scan in progress”. Also note that thin bar at bottom will turn green as scan continues, these things tell you Spybot is working. It is okay to
leave your computer and let the scan run, I do not recommend you use the Internet while scan is in progress.
When spybot is done scanning your computer you will get a window similar to this, disregard any thing that appears in green lettering and note the ones in red
lettering these are important. Left click once on “Fix selected problems” button.
It will then ask “ You are about to remove these entries do you want to continue” and click “Yes”.
When it is done fixing problems left click “OK” (note green arrow), then click red X at top left to close Spybot (note red arrow). And your done.

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