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Directions JPAL Africa by ajizai


									                                                Directions to J-PAL Africa
                                              P.D. Hahn Building, Office 7.64
                                                    Phone: 021 650 5981
                                          University of Cape Town, Upper Campus

Directions to the UCT Upper Campus from the airport
To reach the university from the airport, proceed on the N2 towards Cape Town and take the Muizenberg (M3) off-ramp.
Continue until you reach and turn off at the Woolsack Drive/University of Cape Town off-ramp.

Directions to the Upper Campus from Cape Town
The University of Cape Town's Upper Campus (Groote Schuur
Campus) is situated on the slopes of Devil's Peak in the suburb
of Rondebosch. To reach the upper campus from the city, drive
along De Waal Drive or Eastern Boulevard, passing Groote
Schuur Hospital on the way. Just past the hospital the road
forks. Take the right-hand fork (M3 to Muizenberg). Just
beyond Mostert's Mill (windmill) on your left, take the Woolsack
Drive/University of Cape Town turn-off (Exit 7 Rosebank -
M89) Turn right at the traffic lights on Woolsack Drive and go
under the bridge and round a hairpin bend to the northern
entrance of the campus.
Please check in at the Visitors' Reception and Information
Office opposite the Sports Centre, where directions, campus
maps and temporary visitors' parking permits may be obtained.

We are located in the PD Hahn building, office 7.64 on UCT's
Upper Campus (confusingly, the 7th floor is labeled 3rd floor in
the elevator). You can find PD Hahn Building on the Upper
Campus Map in square C9. (The visitor center is at E10).

UCT Upper Campus Map

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