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									 1.  Roosted-a place where birds rest and sleep
 2.  Curious-wanting to know or learn about something
 3.  Lapped-it touches something in small waves or to drink using quick movements of the tongue
 4.  Seldom- very rarely
 5.  Fortunate- lucky
 6.  Sprawled- to lie or sit with your arms or legs stretched out or if a building or town sprawls, it
     spreads out over a wide area in an unattractive way
 7. Images- the opinion that people have about someone or something or a picture that you can see
     through a camera or a picture that have in your mind
 8. Gesture- a movement of your hand, arm, or hand to express your feelings or something you do or
     say to show that you care about someone or something
 9. Warily- careful and worried about danger or problems
 10. Prey- an animal that is hunted and eaten by another animal or to be affected by something
     unpleasant or to try to influence or deceive weaker people
 11. Stalked- to follow a person or animal quietly in order to catch or kill him, her, or it
 12. Faggot- a bundle of sticks or twigs, esp when bound together and used as fuel
 13. Fierce-menacingly wild, savage, or hostile:violent in force, intensity, etc.: furiously eager or
      intense: Informal . extremely bad or severe:
 14. Braiding- to weave together strips or strands of hair
 15. Entangled-

deeply involved especially in something complicated;
"embroiled in the conflict"; "felt unwilling entangled in
their affairs" or twisted together in a tangled mass
  16. Prying- to look closely or curiously; peer; peep or
      To try to find out details about someone’s private life in an impolite way

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