; Detailed Presenter Agenda- Day 3
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Detailed Presenter Agenda- Day 3


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									                                             Project FIT Day 3- Detailed Presenter's Agenda

                                                                                                                     Handouts, Supplies &
Duration    Start      Stop       Topic         Agenda Item                   Strategy / Activity                                                    Presenter

                                                                                                                1 master thumb drive,
                                                                 set up refreshment table, one table per
                                                                                                             *handout packets for team
                                                                   team, enough space for large group
                                             Set up Room,                                                    tables, *sticky notes, pens,
0:30:00    7:30 AM    8:00 AM    Start up                        activities in front of room; and one large
                                          equipment, food, etc.                                              pencils etc. for team tables,
                                                                MEP staff table; registration table must be
                                                                                                            registration table, *breakfast
                                                                                                               snacks, *coffee service;

                                                                                                                  sign in sheet, *photo releases
                                                                                                                    (for any new participants),
                                                                                                                  handout packets,*name tags,
0:30:00    7:30 AM    8:00 AM    Start up Registration & Coffee                       NA                                                               Both
                                                                                                                  *marker set, *extra name tags

                                                                   Review evaluations and questions from
                                                                                                                      *evaluations summary
                                                 Welcome,          January Training, housekeeping issues
0:15:00    8:00 AM    8:15 AM    Start up                                                                            *objectives *participant          Mary
                                                 Objectives,           (including language concerns)
                                                                                                                       agendas in packets

                                                                                                                      Bingo sheets for each
                                  Team          Ice Breaker-       Using the SEMY Instructions and Bingo             participant, *extra pens,
0:15:00    8:15 AM    8:30 AM                                                                                                                         Sarah
                                 Building       People Bingo                     Sheet                                     *pencils, etc.

                                                                Same as first session, but quick review of
                                                                       agreements according to SEMY
                                                                                                                   *Chart Paper,* markers, etc.
                                  Team          Group Norm       Instructions. Give an opportunity to add
0:15:00    8:30 AM    8:45 AM                                                                                              Instructions               Sarah
                                 Building    Consensus Building    or change agreements (like starting on
                                                                  time). Make sure new participants sign

                                                                   District teams look at their 2010-11
                                                                 posters to determine the 5 action steps
                                                                that they need to work on the most (their
                                                                                                          Red and Yellow Dots.District
                                                                 most challenging) and put a red dot on
                                        Determining Priorities                                             Posters from 2010-2011,
0:30:00    8:45 AM    9:15 AM Plan-ning                        their 3 most important and a yellow dot on                                              Mary
                                            for Planning                                                  Chart Paper for each priority
                                                                 their 2 less important. All teams report
                                                                                                                  Action Step
                                                                out (round robin style) and staff makes a
                                                               chart paper for each one (a maximum of 7

                                                                   Looking at the SDP by Audience Group
                                                                                                           MERO 189 SDP by Audience
                                               Discussing how     tool and the tool created by MERO 105 to
0:20:00    9:15 AM    9:35 AM Plan-ning                                                                           Group tool                           Mary
                                             action steps overlap show how different action steps can be
                                                                                                           MERO 105 Overlapping Tool
                                                                     fused together in the same activity.

                                                                  Reading each new and priority action step
                                                                         togehter. Stop after each step
                                                                   1) in pairs, participants paraphrase the        *One Chart Paper station for
                                                                    action step to see if they understand it       each new action step for the
                                               Introducing next
                                                                   2) presenter checks for comprehension            upcoming school year with
                                              school year's SDP
                                                                  and rephrases or gives more examples if         that goal and step typed out at
                                                LEA Posters or
                                                                                    necessary                        the top of the chart paper.
                                                projected LEA
                                                                   3) After understanding is reached, each          Also will use chart paper for
0:45:00    9:35 AM    10:20 AM Plan-ning       worksheets from                                                                                        Sarah
                                                                     participant (silently/individually) writes    the priority action steps from
                                              thumb drives with
                                                                    ideas for how to implement that action                 previous years.
                                               steps and goals.
                                                                  step (one idea per sticky) if they have an
                                                 Whole group
                                                                      idea that they are excited to share.        lined stickies for participants,
                                                                     4) AFter all steps are read, etc. Each                    pens,
                                                                  participant posts their ideas on the wall in              marker sets
                                                                      the area where that step is posted.

                                  BREAK/                                                                           SEMY Instructions 3-5 soft
0:15:00    10:20 AM   10:35 AM
                                               Group Juggling             Page 1 of 2
                                                                         Using the SEMY Instructions
                                                                                                                  balls or toys for tossing around
                                             Project FIT Day 3- Detailed Presenter's Agenda

                                                                                                                       Handouts, Supplies &
Duration    Start      Stop       Topic         Agenda Item                     Strategy / Activity                                                   Presenter

                                                                    Create one team for each step (people go
                                                                         the the step that they are the most
                                                                    excited about- if that team is full, move to
                                                                    the next step) to develop a model plan (or
                                                                     plans) for implementing each one. Once          Poster stations w/ goal and
                                               Create plans for
                                                                    teams are formed, for each of their steps,        action step, marker set at
0:30:00    10:35 AM   11:05 AM Plan-ning     implementing each                                                                                          Mary
                                                                        they 1) gaze at the ideas on the wall,              each station;
                                                                       2)group the ideas, then 3) discuss the
                                                                       groupings and develop a plan from the
                                                                      ideas and create a poster. Try to make
                                                                     sure that noone is taking over (everyone
                                                                                 should participate).

                                                                     3 min team presentations to the whole
                                              Teams share their      group with the microphone; each team
                                                                                                                     *microphone,*team posters,
0:45:00    11:05 AM   11:50 AM Plan-ning      strategies with the   member must be involoved in some way                                                Mary
                                                                                                                    *tape or *clips to hang on wall
                                                 whole group                  in the presentation;

                                                                      Lead a discussion about the types of
                                                                    events/workshops/activities/support the
                                                                                                             *List of MERO offerings on the
0:40:00    11:50 AM   12:30 PM    LUNCH       Catered- On Site      MERO should be offering in order to best                                           Sarah
                                                                            serve migrant districts.

                                  Team                                                                                 **small paper cups and
0:15:00    12:30 PM   12:45 PM                Candy Ice-Breaker            see instructions from SEMY                                                  Sarah
                                 Building                                                                           individually wrapped candies

                                  Cultural                                                                           Barnga instructions, cards,
1:00:00    12:45 PM   1:45 PM                      Barnga               According to Barnga Instructions                                               Sarah
                                 Learn-ing                                                                              folders, pads, pens

                                                                                                               LEA worksheet Poster with all
                                                                                                                2011-2012 Goals and Action
                                                                                                                  Steps. *Copies of each
                                             Share strategies in         Districts consider ideas from the
                                 Planning                                                                      district's 2010-2011 LEA SDP
                                             district teams and      brainstorming session and presentations
1:00:00    1:45 PM    2:45 PM    and PAC                                                                         goal worksheets for cutting            Mary
                                               work on LEA          for each step and create a plan that works
                                 Meeting                                                                       and pasting ideas they want to
                                              worksheet poster                        for them
                                                                                                                continue with what they were
                                                                                                                        doing last year*

                                                                    Whole group; each participant shares one   **resources list**, website
                                 Closing          Personal             thing they learned, something that          address, tokens of
0:15:00    2:45 PM    3:00 PM                                                                                                                          Sarah
                                  Circle        Appreciations        inspired them, or something they are    appreciation, plus/delta forms
                                                                          grateful for from the training.

                                                                     individuals fill out and turn in the tickets
                                  Evalua-                                                                              tickets out form in their
12:05:00   3:00 PM    3:05 AM                    Tickets Out             out forms found in their packets                                              Sarah
                                   tions                                                                                       packets

                                                                    Districts can choose to continue planning
1:25:00    3:05 AM    4:30 AM                 Free Planing Time     their Family Involvement programs for the                                           Mary
                                                                                 next school year.

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