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                    Calculate Your Target Heart Rate Range

          220                               Start with 220                                       220
                                           Subtract your AGE
                                  Equals MAXIMUM HEART RATE
                                  Subtract RESTING HEART RATE
                                   Equals HEART RATE RESERVE
           .6                         Multiply INTENSITY LEVEL                                   .85
                                   Equals the ESTIMATED RANGE
                               Add back your RESTING HEART RATE
                            ESTIMATED TARGET HEART RATE ZONE
        Target                       (Beats Per Minute)                                       Target
       Threshold                                                                              Ceiling
       Heart Rate                                                                            Heart Rate

   Your Personal Target Heart Rate Range=                                          to
                                                          Target Threshold                      Target
                                                             Heart Rate                      Ceiling Heart

Read and solve the following scenario:

Helda is a 19-year old female that is overweight and in desperate need of exercise. She joined the
local YMCA and attends three times per week. Her personal trainer has put together a workout plan
for her that includes cardiovascular activities, muscular strength and endurance training, and yoga.
Her current Body Mass Index is 32, her body composition in 35% body fat, and her resting heart rate
is 80.

220     _____ = ______         _______   = _____ X 0.6=     _______    +     ________ = ___________
         Age                     RHR                                           RHR        Target Threshold

220     _____ = ______         _______   = ______ X 0.85=    _______       + ________ = ____________
         Age                    RHR                                            RHR         Target Ceiling

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