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					Program Name                                                            INSTRUCTIONS & EXPLANATIONS BELOW
Term, City/Country
Faculty Director:                            Days abroad                                                    USD/???                           4%
Program Dates:                                                          Enter costs in foreign currency     2nd X-rate =rate                       rate
                                                                                                                                       % Interbankdate
Faculty Travel Dates:                                                   when possible, unless dollar is
Number of participants:                                                 the more reliable currency.         3rd X-rate =rate                       rate
                                                                                                                                       % Interbankdate

FIXED COSTS / EXPENSES PER PROGRAM                                                                                       OFFICE USE
                                                                                                            STUDY ABROAD BILLS
                                                                                                            PAID PRE- CASH   PAID
                                                                                      US dollar             PROGRA ADVANC   POST-
Director Expenses                                                                                              M       E   PROGRA
Housing (receipts must be provided)
Meals (per diem allowance is based on DOS rate)                                0.00        0.00
Airfare                                                                                    0.00
U.S. airport transportation                                                                0.00
On-site transportation                                                                     0.00                                 0.00
CISI insurance

Program Assistant Expenses (requires 18+ students)
Housing (receipts must be provided)                                                        0.00
Meals (per diem allowance is based on DOS rate)
Airfare                                                                                    0.00
U.S. airport transportation                                                                0.00
On-site transportation                                                                     0.00
CISI insurance                                                                             0.00
Program Assistant TOTAL                                                                    0.00

Group Expenses
Faculty/staff phones                                                           0.00        0.00
U.S. miscellaneous (ads, postage, xerox, development)                                                                           0.00
On-site miscellaneous (ads, postage, xerox, development)                                                                        0.00
Classroom rental                                                               0.00        0.00
On-site instruction costs/honorariums                                                      0.00
On-site coordinator                                                                        0.00                                 0.00
Airport transportation
GROUP PAYMENTS TOTAL                                                                       0.00
VARIABLE COSTS / INDIVIDUAL EXPENSES PER STUDENT                                                AMOUNTS
Housing (receipts must be provided)                                                                 0.00
Meal allowance                                                                 0.00        0.00     0.00
Airfare                                                                                             0.00
Excursions                                                                                 0.00     0.00
On-site transportation (7 day rail pass)                                                            0.00          0.00
Group meals (i.e. welcome/farewell)                                            0.00        0.00     0.00                        0.00
Director's discretionary                                                                            0.00                        0.00
Emergency contingencies                                                                             0.00                        0.00
SAO admin fee                                                                                       0.00
CISI insurance                                                                                      0.00
INDIVIDUAL TOTAL                                                                           0.00

Summary of Fixed and Variable Costs
Fixed Costs Total                                                                         0.00
Subsidies                                                                                 0.00                           Faculty signature
Fixed Costs per student             0                                                 #DIV/0!
Projected Program Fee / costs per student                                             #DIV/0!
OFF-BUDGET STUDENT COSTS (not included in program fee/non-billable, estimated fees)
UIUC Tuition & fees: Summer Range III                                                                            By signing this budget, I agree that I
Passport, visa, photos                                                                                      understand the budget categories and agree
Books                                                                                                          that I must stay within my budget or risk
Airfare (if not provided)                                                                                        covering costs myself. Specifically, I
Meals (if not provided) 12 days                                  0.00       0.00                            understand the use of the student emergency
Other (please specify)    on-site transportation                 0.00       0.00                              fund and Director's discretionary fund and
Personal Expenses
Total Off-Budget Student Costs
TOTAL STUDY ABROAD COSTS PER STUDENT                                    #DIV/0!

                                                                                                                     By initialing, I fully understand the explanations.
ROUNDING                  For best accuracy and reconciliation of your program, you should enter the figures with their full decimal amounts

GROUP SIZE                Group size strongly affects the amount of the program fee. The more participants there are, the lower the average fixed costs.
                          LAS courses abroad should have a minimum of 15 students; other colleges may have their own minimum criteria. In rare
                          circumstances courses abroad can have fewer students - such as late drops or special permission by the College.

FOREIGN CURRENCY For the majority of UIUC destinations, local currencies are usually less volatile than the US dollar. Listing costs in the currency
                 in which the program pays bills, helps allow SAO to better anticipate when exchange rates are affecting real program costs.

                        For the majority of UIUC destinations, local currencies are usually less volatile than the US dollar. Listing costs in the currency
                        in which the program pays bills, helps allow SAO to better anticipate when exchange rates are affecting real program costs.

MULTI-CURRENCY          A few programs may travel to different currency zones. We recommend keeping track of the costs in each currency.

FIXED COSTS VS          Faculty and group costs do not change even if the group is very small or very large. Honestly separating out these two types of
VARIABLE COSTS          costs, helps plan group size and excursions. Vendors should be discouraged from giving "free" rooms or tickets for certain
                        sized groups and instead price everything individually.

                        Most budget lines can be freely added or deleted. However, please use the provided lines as much as possible. No deletes
                        should be made to CISI insurance, contingency and emergency funds, SAO administration, or U.S. miscellaneous. To add or
                        delete a line, the worksheet must be unprotected first (Tools Menu). Be sure to remember when building your budget that you
                        need to stay in the budget lines; moving funds from one line to another while on the program makes it highly difficult to balance
                        the expenses. Please contact the Study Abroad Office before moving expenses from one budget line to another while abroad.

DIRECTOR HOUSING        SAO will pay up to half the published US State Department housing per diem rate. Receipts or invoices are required for
                        payment. Any housing costs beyond this limit, must be paid for by the faculty. If faculty housing is used by others
                        accompanying the group off-program - like for an accompanying spouse - the program should only make payment for the faculty

MEALS PER DIEM          NO RECEIPTS ARE NECESSARY. -SAO will give up to half the published US State Department meal per diem rate.
                        However, all group meals must be deducted from the per diem amount. Per diem is not given for international travel days since

U.S. AIRPORT            Include shuttle or car costs here. If departure is sufficiently early or returns sufficiently late, an affordable overnight should also
TRANSPORTATION          be included. We will cover up to $200 for these expenses.

ON-SITE                 Include all transit passes/tickets necessary for the day-to-day operation of the program while abroad. Use excursion lines to
TRANSPORTATION          cover any additional excursion transportation costs.

CISI INSURANCE          This is mandatory by the University of Illinois. This is very comprehensive insurance covering medical, family reunion and
                        medical evacuation costs. This coverage has no deductibles and up to $100,000 benefits.

                        All staff accompanying the program should have cell phones. If necessary, these should be purchased abroad, though SAO
                        has many phones available from past programs. This budget line should include cost of phone, SIM cards, phone cards, etc.
                        Please budget for internet costs on this line as well.

U.S. MISCELLANEOUS This includes ads, postage, xerox, and development costs and is not available for faculty to take with them on their program.

ON-SITE                 This includes ads, postage, xerox, and development costs while on-site and is available for faculty to take with them on their program.

ON-SITE                 Programs regularly depend on a limited number of outside guest speakers, paid by properly receipted honorariums. On-site
INSTRUCTION             instruction costs could include purchasing materials to enhance the learning environment. These funds should not be used to
                        pay for local instructor fees because students are already paying UIUC tuition for UIUC faculty instructions.

ON-SITE                 Programs normally require local coordinators for local arrangements, local student orientation and local emergency services.

GROUP MEALS             Faculty should budget for welcome and farewells meals in this line. Receipts must be provided and NO ALCOHOL purchases
                        should be depicted on the receipts, as alcohol can not be reimbursed-per policy and procedures of the university.

EXCURSIONS              This budget line is available to those faculty who prefer to keep track of excursion expenditures in a more general way. DO
                        NOT OVERSPEND THE EXCURSION BUDGET. The program fee can only cover what was budgeted.

DIRECTOR'S              The amount of this line cannot be changed. This fund is to be used within University guidelines and can be used for small,
DISCRETIONARY           unplanned expenses, properly receipted of course. It CANNOT be used to purchase gifts, souvenirs or personal items for
                        students. Please contact your SAO coordinator if you plan to use any of this money. It also cannot cover major overages.
                        RECEIPTS REQUIRED.

EMERGENCY               This fund is only available for emergencies, such as taxi fares to doctors and hospitals, and other emergency costs. Students
CONTINGENCIES           who seek medical attention and have the faculty leader pay upfront, will have their student accounts billed and they will need to
                        file a claim with CISI to be reimbursed. Faculty will return the remainder of the fund upon return to the University of Illinois, and
                        not use the funds for any other expense.

SAO ADMIN FEE           Covers administrative support from the Study Abroad Office.

OFF-BUDGET              Though not included as part of the program fee, students will be facing additional costs of participating in the program. Please
STUDENT COSTS           list these costs, adding lines as necessary. This allows SAO to better inform students about total costs of doing a program.
                        Typical costs here may be tuition, meals, airfare, required medications/inoculations, visas, local transit passes, and books, in
                        addition to personal expenses.


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