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  APRIL 2004                                                                                      VOLUME 19, ISSUE 1

Custom Cell Phone Adapter Brings Peace of Mind
to Massachusetts Teen and His Family

           ike most moms, Linda                                                             Linda grew increasingly worried
           Freeman wanted a way to                                            Alexander     until she learned that Alexander’s
           keep in touch with her                                             places a      bus had broken down, delaying his
                                                                              phone call
           16-year-old son when life’s                                                      safe arrival. After that, Linda began
                                                                              using the
whirlwind of work, school and                                                 custom        searching for adapters that would
everyday activities kept them both                                            cell phone    allow Alexander to use a cell phone
going in opposite directions. After                                           adapter he    on his own.
                                                                              received in
all, what parent wouldn’t want the                                                              That search led her to SHARE
reassurance and security that a cell                                                        and the UMass Dartmouth Center
phone can provide?                                                                          for Rehabilitation Engineering,
     But the compact size and small                                                         where rehabilitation engineer
buttons of a standard cell phone                                                            Mark Whittaker designed a custom
were major obstacles to an otherwise                Alexander had planned to let himself    adapter for Alexander’s cell phone.
perfect solution. Because Linda’s son               in after school. But when Linda         The cell phone slides into the
Alexander has cerebral palsy, he                    called home to check on him, no one     adaptive unit and interfaces with
lacks the muscle control in his arms                answered. She called and asked a        scanning software that Alexander
and hands to manipulate the tiny                    neighbor to look in on him to be sure   can control by pressing a head switch.
buttons, making it nearly impossible                he was okay, but Alexander wasn’t
to use a cell phone independently.                  home. Still more than an hour away,     Continued on page 2
     “If you have mobility issues, cell
phones are just out of your league,”                UMD Center for Rehab Engineering
says Linda.
     A close call convinced Linda that              Still Going Strong Despite Funding Cuts
they both needed the peace of mind                  Even in the face of significant               In comparison, the Center
a cell phone could offer. She was out               funding cuts, the UMass Dartmouth       assisted 283 individuals with
of town attending a funeral, and                    Center for Rehabilitation Engineer-     disabilities during FY 2002; 161
                                                    ing kept pace with the many             were new clients. Staff completed
                                                    demands for service it received         709 service transactions in 2002,
      I N S I D E                                   during Fiscal Year 2003.                installing 130 new systems.
 Christopher Reeve Grant Award ...... 2                  According to the SHARE Foun-             “Although our service output is
 Save the Date 2004............................ 2   dation 2003 Annual Report, the          somewhat less than last year, we’re
                                                    Center assisted 255 people with         still doing a lot with the resources we
 Yankee Subscriptions for SHARE .... 2
                                                    disabilities last year; 136 were new    have,” says Center director Les Cory.
 New Staff at Engineering Center ...... 3
                                                    clients. Throughout 2003, Center        “We’ve still been able to touch a lot
 You Can Make Miracles Happen...... 3
                                                    staff completed 594 service transac-    of lives, and that’s something we can
 Thank You to Our Donors ................ 4         tions, installing 127 new systems.      all be very proud of.” I

        A Publication of the Society for Human Advancement Through Rehabilitation Engineering Foundation, Inc.
Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation                                                   Save the Date
Awards Quality of Life Grant to SHARE
                                                                                                  The 21st Annual

T     he Christopher Reeve Paralysis
     Foundation (CRPF) recently
awarded a $7,500 Quality of Life
                                               $713,897 as part of the CRPF Quality
                                               of Life Program’s second funding
                                               cycle for 2003. Originally conceived
                                                                                           Ben Boyle Golf Classic
                                                                                                  Sunday, July 25
                                                                                              Richmond Country Club
Grant to the SHARE Foundation to               by Dana Reeve, CRPF director and
                                                                                                  Hope Valley, RI
support the ongoing work of the                chairperson of the Quality of Life
UMass Dartmouth Center for                     Committee, CRPF’s Quality of Life                  Sponsored by the
                                                                                            Pawtuxet Valley Rotary Club
Rehabilitation Engineering. Since              grants are awarded twice yearly
                                                                                           and the Sunday Morning Golfers
1999, the Christopher Reeve Paraly-            and are intended to help in such
sis Foundation has funded more                 categories as sports, arts, education,          For more information,
than $4.2 million in Quality of Life           outdoor recreation, advocacy,                 please call Ron Kostyla at
grants to organizations that work to           employment and assistive                    401-821-6203 or 401-821-7527
increase opportunities, improve                technology.                                                #
accessibility and enhance the every-               “The Quality of Life grants are
                                                                                                 The Tenth Annual
day quality of life for those living           designed to substantially improve
with disabilities, especially paralysis.       the lives of people who otherwise           Auto Show & Fun Day
     “We are thrilled to receive the           could not enjoy the full range of               Sunday, August 15
Quality of Life grant from the Chris-          activities that most people take for         UMass Dartmouth Campus
topher Reeve Paralysis Foundation,”            granted,” says Dana Reeve.                                 #
says Les Cory, SHARE founder and                   For more information about the
president. “The funds will allow us to         Christopher Reeve Paralysis Founda-             SHARE Fun Walk
design and adapt high-technology               tion Quality of Life Program, contact          Sunday, October 17
equipment tailored specifically to             the Quality of Life Department at            UMass Dartmouth Campus
meet the unique needs of the people            (973) 467-8270 ext. 201 or visit
who seek our help.”                   for a                For more information about
     SHARE was among 103 organiza-             complete list of grant recipients. I           these events, please call
tions nationwide to receive a total of                                                         SHARE at 508-999-8482

            SHARE, Yankee Magazine Team Up                                               Custom Cell Phone Adapter
            to Help Individuals With Disabilities                                        Continued from page 1

    For just $20, you can order a year’s subscription to Yankee Magazine and help        The scanner continuously scrolls
    SHARE provide adaptive computer equipment to children and adults with                down a list of menu options from
    disabilities such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease,       which Alexander can choose, allow-
    spinal cord injuries and more.                                                       ing him to turn the phone on and off,
          How? For each subscription sent to Yankee through the Yankee Community         select from a directory of phone
    Partners Program, Yankee will send $8 to SHARE. Each month, subscribers will love    numbers, and dial and end a call by
    reading feature articles about remarkable people and places in New England. They     hitting the switch when the desired
    will view breathtaking photos of impressive sights and historical places, discover   option is highlighted. Powered by
    tasty recipes and browse sections on real estate, travel, food and a multitude of    Alexander’s wheelchair battery, the
    other fun and interesting topics.                                                    adapter mounts onto the wheelchair
          And while they explore the magazine’s inviting pages each month, SHARE,        arm, but both the device and mount-
    the fundraising arm of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for          ing bracket can be easily removed
    Rehabilitation Engineering, reaps the benefits. You can even renew a subscription    when the cell phone isn’t needed.
    through this offer!                                                                       “Alexander’s so thrilled to have
          To help SHARE in this project, call (508) 999-8482 to obtain your special      something that gives him that
    Community Partners subscription card. Or, visit the Yankee Community Partners        access,” says Linda of the adapter.
    web page and order your magazine designating SHARE as the charity                    “It’s going to be incredibly valuable
    recipient. The online address is          when he needs to use it.” I

2        A Publication of the Society for Human Advancement Through Rehabilitation Engineering Foundation, Inc.
Computer                                      You can make
Technologist Joins
Center for Rehab
                                              miracles happen.
Engineering Staff                             Like most of us, you may write out a check to a favorite cause and
                                              still wonder…Where does the money go? Will my gift really make a
The UMass Dartmouth Center for                difference?
Rehabilitation Engineering recently           Rest assured, your gifts to SHARE make miracles happen in the lives
welcomed Christine Pavao to its staff         of children and adults living with disabilities. Here are just some of
                         as a computer        the ways your donation today can truly change a life:
                         duties for           $25 will provide a wireless call system for a nonverbal individual
                         the Center           who is unable to call out for assistance.
                         delivering           $50 will provide a wireless keyboard and mouse for a student
                         and setting          using a wheelchair to access her computer.
                         up computer
                         equipment            $70 will provide a switch for a child using a scanning on-screen
                         in clients’          software package to enable him to “write” his school assignments.
homes. She is also responsible for
training clients in Internet use and          $150 will provide a sound-activated switch for a person with
office software and developing                Parkinson’s disease to control a scanning telephone with a
training plans to enhance clients’            prerecorded emergency message.
computer skills.
     “Chris spends much of her time           $200 will provide a scanning television controller to enable a
out in the community, visiting                person who cannot use her hands to control her TV set by pressing
clients to assure that they have the          her head against a pillow switch in her hospital bed.
correct equipment for their needs
and abilities and that it is working          $250 will provide Internet access for a year for a person in a long-
properly,” says Les Cory, Center              term care facility so that she may “visit” with her family via e-mail,
director. “Having Chris on staff has          view digital photographs of her newborn godson, and see pictures of
allowed the Center to provide                 her homeland.
much-needed outreach services
to our clients.”                              $300 will provide a flat screen monitor for a bedridden individual
     Christine received her                   that, when placed on an over-the-bed table, will allow him to read
associate’s degree in computer                current news and books online.
systems management from Johnson
and Wales University in Providence,           $400 will provide a person with multiple sclerosis with a device
Rhode Island. She has more than               that will allow him to start his computer independently from his
15 years of related job experience.           wheelchair without touching it.
     In addition to her work at the
Center for Rehab Engineering,                 $500 will provide a Piezoelectric switch that will enable an
Christine currently provides hard-            individual with ALS to continue communicating his medical and
ware and software technical support           safety needs to his caregivers by using only his eyebrows.
and web maintenance for Tin Can
Sailors in Somerset, Mass., and               As always, we at SHARE and the UMD Center for Rehabilitation
Fillion Associates in East Providence,        Engineering salute your ongoing support and generosity, which
Rhode Island.                                 make this vital work possible. Your commitment and concern
     We’re proud to have you on our           continue to empower and enrich the lives of so many others.
team, Chris! I                                Thank you!

       A Publication of the Society for Human Advancement Through Rehabilitation Engineering Foundation, Inc.          3
                                                    THANK YOU
              We extend our heartfelt thanks to the many supporters who have donated to SHARE
     over the past few months. Your generous gifts are making it possible for us to provide the opportunity
                for independent communication to more children and adults with disabilities.

The following donations were       James & Suzanne Healey        David Sheahan                    Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Cottle
received from September 23, 2003   Mr. & Mrs. John R. Hinves     Mr. & Mrs. James Shepley         Country & Coastal Properties
through March 22, 2004.            Mr. & Mrs. William Holen      Jennifer Shepley                 Filip Cruz
                                   Robert S. Howland             Mr. & Mrs. Eric Shettle          Mr. & Mrs. James D’Agostino
THANKS TO                          Charles & Iana Hutchins       Mr. & Mrs. Milton Silva          Rev. Jose Delgado
                                   Karleen Iovino                Myron F. Simmons                 Dr. & Mrs. Kermit W. Dewey
Mr. & Mrs. George C. Ackley
                                   Nancy Jesseau                 Susan Simundson                  Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. De Wolf
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Aisenberg
                                   Lt. Col. Anthony J. John      Leona P. & Brett Sorensen        Dr. Ronald DiPippo
Claire Antaya
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Marc Kaner         Michael & Sarah Spieldenner      Michael Duarte
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Antonell
                                   Sarah Kennedy                 Spinnaker Real Estate            Robert P. Duarte
Atty. Richard & Barbara Bachand
                                   Mr. & Mrs. John Kenyon        Stergis Supply, Inc.             East Repairing
Beryl Barkman
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas LaPointe    Barbara Sullivan                 Fall River Municipal
Malcolm E. Beattie
                                   Richard J. Larschan           Dennis Talbot                          Credit Union
Carlos Benavides
                                   Mary Leeman                   Amit Tandon                      Qinguo Fan
Roberta Benjamin
                                   Albert LePage                 Cornelia Burr-Tarrant            First Church of the Nazarene
Rev. & Mrs. David G. Berube
                                   Michelle Levesque             Linda Texceira                   First Federal Savings Bank
Robert & Elinor Bettencourt
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Melvin H. Levine   Prof. & Mrs. Howard C. Tinkham   John A. Freeman
Dr. Martin Bide
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lubets     Mr. & Mrs. John Tolley           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Galib
Frederick M. Bodington
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Mach         Tom Manchester Landscaping       Dr. & Mrs. Charles Gormley
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Boerth
                                   Louis & Jenny Maderios, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. H. Sanford Town       Prof. Louise A. Habicht
Lisa Di Bonaventura
                                   Dr. & Mrs. John E. Manning    Lorraine Travers                 Harborside Healthcare
Ella Botelho
                                   Marion Welding, Inc.          Dr. Jefferson T. Turner          Mr. & Mrs. William S. Hathaway
Beth Bowen
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Martin   Alison M. Wade                   Judge & Mrs. George Jacobs
Dr. Neil & Carol Bowen
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Martins     Walker’s Roadside Stand          Dr. & Mrs. James J. Kaput
Atty. & Mrs. Thomas T. Brady
                                   Julie Maty                    Mr. & Mrs. Edward Walton         Ed Karas
Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Branco
                                   Jennie E. McGuire             Sherif D. El Wakil               Dr. Wolfhard G. Kern
George Brenner, Realtor
                                   Michael McKenna               Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Ward       Lafayette Federal Savings Bank
Wendell Brown
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard McNally    Larry & Ida Washington           Professor Kenneth Langley
Mrs. John C. Bullard
                                   Antone Medeiros               Ernest A. Wheeler                Capt. & Mrs. Robert E. Larson
Elizabeth W. Bullock
                                   Edward M. Mello               Mr. & Mrs. Mark Whitehouse       Dr. Robert N. Leamnson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bushnell
                                   Lt. Col. & Mrs. David Miles   Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Whittle        St. Johns Lodge
Marilyn Cabral
                                   Anthony & Kathy Miraglia      Mr. & Mrs. Leslie J. Wilson      Loyal Unity Lodge 6434
Rachel, Talia & Jan Campbell
                                   Denise Mitsuma                Robert Wilson                    William & Jean Mahavier
Col. & Mrs. William Carroll
                                   Aaron N. Mittleman            Edward B. Witkowicz              The MathWorks, Inc.
Kristy Casella
                                   Mrs. Edward W. Morris, Jr.    David Wood                       Mr. & Mrs. Norman B. Maynard
Mr. & Mrs. L. Dean Cassell
                                   John & Carol Mullaly          Raymond & Margaret               Dr. & Mrs. Greer McBratney
Valmont Caswell
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Nadeau           Woodhouse                   Martha McCarthy
Paul Chatterton
                                   F. Lee Nason                  Clara & Lenny Worsley            Prof. Janice McKeachern
Chester Wilkie Excavating
                                   Walter Nicolau                W. Manchester Lawn Service       Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Chetwynd
                                   Christopher & Janice Nolan    Dr. & Mrs. Chang Ning Wu         Isabelle Middendorf
Susan M. Clarke
                                   Nancy J. O’Connor             Thomas Zbyszewski                Walt & Jennie Mierzejewski
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Cordeiro
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Olding      Vic & Marge Zeller               Dr. Heather Miller
Camilla Corvelo
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Peal                                     Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Moniz
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cory
                                   Melissa Pepper                                                 Donald G. Neville
Dr. Antonio H. Costa                                             SPECIAL THANKS TO
                                   Michelle Pequita                                               Robert A. Neville
Doris (Trudy) Costa
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Paul & Nelia Costa
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Mr. George Crowther
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Bruce Cryan
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                                   Michael & Deidra Ricci        Rev. & Mrs. Nehemiah             Mr. & Mrs. Gerald F. Pietruska
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                                   Mary Rice                          Boynton III                 Dr. Robert L. Piper
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Shana, David & Jane Filipek
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David & Lisa Freeman
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Normand Savoie     Catherine Mary Cetta             Shaw’s Supermarkets
Honorable Eugene G. Gallant
                                   Richard P. Schaefer           Dr. & Mrs. Paul Chervinsky       Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Siegal
Mr. & Mrs. James Gomes, Jr.
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Goulart’s Package Store
                                   Kathleen Scieszka                  of South Dartmouth          Karen Skinner
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Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Gunning
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