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					                 Tic-Tac-Toe for Earth’s Structure and Earthquakes

Directions: Choose three squares that are connect in a straight line. (Just like you would play tic-
tac-toe). Complete the assignment as directed. Each square is worth 30 points. You will earn
10 points for your cooperation and following directions during the exercise. Notice that Square 3
is a group assignment. There can be a maximum of three students in this group. You may work
in partners for one other square but BOTH of you must turn in work to receive credit. Write
down your partner’s name on your papers.

                        30 Points = Very creative; one or two spelling mistakes; very thorough
                                    with your use of the content material.
                        25 Points = Creative; two to five spelling mistakes; thorough with your
                                    use of content material. There are at least 3 mistakes in your
                        20 Points = Needs more creativity; more than five spelling mistakes;
                                    requires a greater use of the content material. There are more
                                    than 3 mistakes in your answer.

1. Write a story about your      2. Create a poster about        3.        GROUP
journey to the core of the       how earthquakes impact          Create a presentation that
earth and the processes you      people. Make sure to            reports what the group has
see occurring there. Make        include intensity,              learned in Chapter 5 and
sure to include the different    magnitude, and past             this unit!
layers as well as vocabulary     earthquake activity.
and content material from
Chapters 4 and 5.
4. Demonstrate the               5.    Your Choice               6. Write a story about a
different faults and waves       Choose one square from the      natural disaster caused by
associated with earthquake       menu which you have not         plate tectonics, such as a
in front of the class.           completed and complete it.      tsunami or an earthquake.
                                                                 The story will be written
                                                                 from a 1st person
                                                                 perspective. Make sure to
                                                                 use vocabulary!
7. Answer the review             8. Write a song or rap on       9. Create a crossword
questions at the end of each     natural disasters caused by     puzzle on earthquakes.
section in Chapter 5. Re-write   plate tectonics, such as a      Make sure to utilize the
the question as a part of your   tsunami or an earthquake.       vocabulary from Chapter 5
answer and write your answers
                                                                 and the unit.
in complete sentences.
                                 Make sure to use
Section 1 - #1-5
Section 2 - #1-6                 vocabulary!
Section 3 - #1-6


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