Tic Tac Toe by waishengda


									                                   Tic Tac Toe

Complete a Reading      Show 3 different words            Draw something from the
Response Journal        you decoded by turning them       classroom that ties in
Entry                   into a math equation              with the book. Explain
                        (chunk + chunk = whole word).     how it ties to the
Debate with yourself!                                     selection.
Present 2 opposing      dis + may = dismay
viewpoints              dis + may + ed = dismayed           Choose and draw an
from the selection.                                         object to represent
                                                            something (metaphor)
                                                            from the selection.
Make up a rap song                FREE CHOICE!              Create a postcard about
about the book.        Writing – write a letter to the the selection to send
Pretend you are the    author about the book (tell the      home. Draw a picture for
main character (get    author why you think he/she chose    one side, then write your
sucked into the book   certain words or topics and ask what note home about it and
                       you’d like to know about the author)
so that you become                                          address the postcard on
                       or write a letter to a character
the main character to                                       the other side. Your note
                       in the selection (tell the
write your rap) or use                                      should tell the people at
                       character how you feel about what
the main idea in the   happened in the book or offer advice home the significance of
selection.             to the character if you have ever    what you drew.
                        been in a similar situation).
                        Visualization – write a
                        paragraph about how you
                        pictured a section of the text.
                        Sequence – draw a picture in
                        comic book format that tells
                        the main events of the
                        selection in order.
                        Poems – write a poem about the
                        Jokes/Riddles – write a joke
                        and a riddle about the
Create 3 good           Tell which 2 comprehension        Write and act out part of
questions about the     strategies you used the most      the selection in Readers’
selection for others    while reading the selection and   Theater format. Check
to answer.              how they helped you. Tell         with the teacher to see if
Check with the          which strategy you need to        you may work with a
teacher to see if you   work on some more.                partner.
may work in partners.
            Tic Tac Toe

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