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									                    Cell Phone Radiation
                      Protection News
                                                    Monthly Newsletter
                                                   Vol. 1, No. 1, December, 2008

           ello everyone and welcome to our newsletter! At the end of this month, many folks will be thinking about
           setting “New Year’s Resolutions.” Well, one of the resolutions we ought to be setting is to protect ourselves
           from the hazards of cell phone radiation! It is the purpose of this newsletter to educate the reader about these
           real or potential health concerns. Some of you readers are already aware of these concerns because you may
           have purchases our product, “The Wave Shield.” Others are new to the topic. Regardless of where you stand
on the issue, look to this newsletter to help keep you up-to-date in this important field.
    There are MANY questions consumers have about cell phone radiation and frankly, many have NO questions because
they’re not even aware that there could be potential health hazards associated with cell phone use. This monthly
newsletter will keep you informed of the ever-increasing documentation of potential hazards and how you can protect
yourself as much as possible. The three topics for discussion today are: (1) Introduction to the “Electromagnetic
Spectrum”, (2) The dangers of cell phones, (3) Examining the data against cell phones and (4) How to minimize the
dangers associated with cell phone use. Each month, there will be further discussions to keep you well informed.

                                      Introduction to “Cell Phone Dangers”
                                                       by Tom Petrie, Nutritionist

                               ||   Cell   Phone     Energy   ||
   The cell phone uses energy that is part of the “electromagnetic spectrum,” illustrated above. Notice how a very small segment of this
spectrum is visible light! Cell phones use signals that are between microwave and radio waves as illustrated between the lines above.


           o make sense out of this chart, remember our early         range of electromagnetic energy between microwave ovens and
           science lessons about waves. They have a height or         radio waves. The cell phone could be considered to be like a
           amplitude and they have a number of times they             radio that sends information on signals via waves that are really
           vibrate each second or frequency. The higher the           pushed by a burst of power. The bulk of the cell phone radiation
           frequency of the wave, the lower the amplitude.            is emitted from the antenna (obvious or built into the phone), and
From the chart above, we can see that cell phones operate in a        from the speaker. This burst of power provides most of the
radiation we’re concerned with. Yet, when a cell phone is not in        6. While the microwave radiation from cell phones is NOT
use, there is still a low level of radiation to keep it connected to    enough for thermal (heating) effects the energy IS sufficient to
the nearest tower. This is why one would either turn their cell         significantly alter protein concentrations! This effect is similar
phone off when not in use or keep it away from the body.                to what has been shown in cultured cells. Cells are the building
                                                                        blocks of all tissues in a living organism, whether plant or
      Clemson University. in South Carolina has an excellent
                                                                        animal. Cultured cells are cells that are taken from a living
summary of the basics of electromagnetic radiation on their web-
                                                                        organism and then grown in a laboratory—usually in a petri
site: http://rh5.clemson.edu/ropermtn/cellPhone.php.
                                                                        dish. (New Scientist, Feb., 23, 2008) Altering DNA structure
     Currently, there are about 2-3 billion cell phones in use          and function—as mentioned earlier would be considered a “non-
today! In other words, upwards of half the world’s population of        thermal” effect.
6.3 billion people, is using them! While a cell phone emits and
                                                                        7. Many illnesses are associated with exposure to radio waves
receives electromagnetic waves, it is difficult to determine the
                                                                        and these include: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease,
amount of radiation one is exposed to (and thus their “health
                                                                        autism, fatigue, disturbed memory and cognitive function.
risk”) while using their cell phone because this depends upon the
strength of the signal and the distance from the cell phone tower.      8. Some folks are using wireless devices such as the popular
The “base-station” that can be a few miles away so the further          “Bluetooth”. Such devices should NOT be used as they triple
away the base station, the stronger the signal needs to be.             the radiation reaching the users brain!
Contrary to what you might think, the fewer the number of bars,
                                                                        9. The current regulations of microwave radiation from cell
the greater is the amount of radiation you’ll be exposed to!
                                                                        phones ONLY look at “thermal effects”, e.g., the effects that
     What this means is that making shorter calls is not                such radiation can have on HEATING surrounding tissues.
necessarily safer. What matters is where you are when making the        “Non-thermal effects” (get used to hearing this term), are not
call and how far you’re from a particular base station. This            taken into consideration.    The body DOES have ability to
makes it impossible to access the risks, if any, from making your       counter thermal effects on various tissues. The more important
cell phone calls.                                                       question is this: Can our bodies reverse non-thermal effects of
                                                                        cell phone radiation? The answer is we just don’t know!
      There are two basic dangers we’re concerned with from cell
phones: the near field effects, namely those that occur within a few    10. Cell phones reduce sperm count and motility. With fertility
inches of the cell phone, when on. The other effects relate to a more   rates decreasing some fifty percent over the previous 70 years
insidious and persistent problem: The constant background               worldwide, ANYTHING that decreases fertility (and decreasing
electromagnetic radiation. It is this radiation that has increased      health and vitality of sperm would qualify), should be seriously
dramatically over the past several decades. There are ten basic         questioned and scrutinized! The connection between infertility
concerns about the safety of cell phones. All the research is not       and cell phone use has received little public attention.
in, but we can start the investigation from some of these issues:
                                                                              Examining the Data Against Cell Phones
1. We are using them too frequently without a clear
understanding of the potential health hazards that are associated            Some critics of the supposed dangers of cell phones will
with their use. As with many technologies, the rush to use it is        point to an April 2000 British study that claimed cell phones to
often NOT taken with a serious concern or interest in look-ing at       be safe. [Rothman, K.J., Epidemiological evidence on health
potential hazards. This is no where more true than in the general       risks of cellular telephones, Lancet, Nov., 25, 2000; 356: 1833-
avoidance or concern for cell phone dangers by both                     36, 1837-40. ] Nonetheless, they still suggested that children—
“responsible” federal authorities and the general public.               whose brains are still developing, not use mobile phones
2. Use of cellular phones can increase the risk of cellular DNA                          What Some Countries Have Done
damage. DNA is crucial for the replication of all cells—
reproductive and others. If DNA is damaged, a host of                        Health officials of Great Britain (home of Lancet), have
challenges can occur such as infertility, birth defects and cancer.     twice urged the nation’s wireless industry to refrain from
                                                                        promoting mobile phone use in children and to limit any calls to
3. Extensive use of cell phones is associated with a dramatic           just emergency calls only.
increase in the risk of brain tumors. It is important to note that
NO ONE has studied the long-term effects of cell phone                      The German Academy of Pediatrics has warned parents to
radiation on one’s brain.                                               limit the use of cell phones among children.

4. Use of cell phones and even exposure to back-ground cell                 The Russian Radiation Protection Bureau has advised
phone radiation (in other words, from not even using a cell             pregnant women and children under the age of 16 to avoid
phone directly), can contribute to or cause behavioral problems         mobile phone use altogether.
in children including ADD, ADHD and learning disabilities.                  Scandinavian health authorities have recommended that all
5. According to the World Health Organization, (WHO)                    consumers, especially children, should use whatever means
exposure to electromagnetic radiation —such as that which               possible to reduce their exposure to mobile phone radiation
comes off your standard cell phone—can cause symptoms such              emissions.
as headaches, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms             Finally, Health officials of Austria and Israel recom-mend
like prickling, burning sensations and rashes. It can also cause        that children under the age of 16 not use cell phones at all!
muscle pains and aches.
                                                                           A recent letter of warning comes from Dr. Ronald
                                                                        Herberman of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center and
was sent out in the form of a memo to the center’s staff and           since a child’s brain is NOT so well developed and their skulls
faculty of about 2,960 people.                                         are much softer and thinner than an adults. (Yes, some of us
                                                                       have thicker skulls than others!)
     Dr. Ronald Herberman is the director of the University of
Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) and the UPMC Cancer
Center. He is also associate vice chancellor for cancer research
within the School of Medicine, Department of Health Sciences.
Other appointments include chief of the Division of
Hematology/Oncology and the Hillman Professor of Oncology.
He is also a professor of Medicine and Pathology. In serving as
vice chancellor for cancer research, he has the responsibility for
enhancing and facilitating the basic and clinical research
activities of the six schools of the health sciences and of the
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). Dr.
Herberman remains personally involved in several cancer
research programs.                                                                  Wave Shield, for Cordless phone; $20
In this memo, he stated:
                                                                        The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation
  “Recently I have become aware of the growing body of
  literature linking long-term cell phone use to possible                   One of the key figures in the field of EMF dangers is Dr.
  adverse health effects, including cancer. Although the               George Carlo, Chairman of the Science and Public Policy Institute,
  evidence is still controversial, I am convinced that there is        a non-profit health group based in Washington, D.C. He is often
  sufficient data to warrant issuing an advisory to share              considered one of the world’s top experts on the health effects of
  some precautionary advice on cell phone use.”                        electromagnetic radiation. He is also the co-author (with Martin
                                                                       Schram) of Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age.
Dr. Herberman’s advice is straightforward and simple:                       The Institute that Dr. Carlo founded in 1990 has studied
                                                                       various controversial problems such as the dangers of silicone
1) Keep cell phone calls as short as possible.
                                                                       breast implants to ignored hazardous waste sites. For the past
2) Use text messaging whenever possible.                               several years, Dr. Carlo’s organization has been tracking health
                                                                       problems amongst its 6,000 members. It also is aggressively
3) Use speaker phone options or headsets.
                                                                       trying to solve the problems associated with unfettered cell phone
4) Do not allow children to use cell phones except in case of          usage.
emergency. This is because their developing organs are the most
                                                                            Many think the government should be “tracking” the cell
likely to be sensitive to any possible effects of exposure.
                                                                       phone industry and the safety of its products. It should be
     Dr. Herberman’s memo also advises against using cell              pointed out that various companies address this issue in their
phones in public places because it exposes other people to             introductory booklets that come with new phones. For example,
electromagnetic fields. This could be looked at as a sort of           the Motorola VU 204 cellular phone states this on page 94:
second-hand smoke effect.                                              “Your Motorola mobile device is designed to comply with local
                                                                       regulatory requirements in your country concerning exposure of
      One of Dr. Herberman’s suggestions is to use head-sets, but
                                                                       human beings to RF (radio frequency) energy.” Later the booklet
we need to be careful about this recommendation since the use of
                                                                       recommends to “…keep the mobile device and its antenna at
headsets can expose the brain to three times the radiation coming
                                                                       least 1 inch from your body when transmitting.”
out of your phone speaker! This is because the wire can act as an
antenna, focusing more electromagnetic radiation into the ear               It is wise to keep your cellular phone at least one inch away
and—of course, your brain! Certainly, using a speaker phone is         from your body, but how many people actually do this? Dr.
useful, since the intensity of radiation decreases as the “square of   Carlo points out in a recent interview that the industry continues
the distance” from the source. In other words, the radiation at 2      to deny any link to health troubles. (Total health magazine, Vol.
feet is ¼ of the radiation at one foot, NOT half. But forget the       28, No. 1, 2006) Strangely, this denial comes while the industry
math! The further your phone is from your ear, the less radiation      has conducted NO long-term safety studies.
you’ll be exposed to.
                                                                            What has kept the public naïve about this topic is that the
     As noted earlier, devices such as “Bluetooth” ear pieces          efforts have changed from the scientific field to optimize our
should NOT be used since they transmit and receive signals at a        understanding of cell phone dangers, to the political field. Thus
frequency close to that of microwave ovens. Devices such as the        lobbying by special interests has largely framed the debate now.
“Waveshield” (http://www.bestcprb.com) are devices—about the           For example, there is NO regulation of the cell phone industry by
size of a penny, that block up to 99 percent of the radiation from     the FDA. And because of huge budget cuts at the EPA, they are no
reaching the user. Note, they do NOT affect the radiation coming       longer involved with this issue.
off the antenna or the body of the phone, just the part that enters
                                                                            Still, there is one initiative that is designed to help protect
the soft tissues of the brain through the ear. This is, of course,
                                                                       American consumers and that is “The Safe Wireless Initiative.”
the area, that needs the most protection since the skull of the
                                                                       They try to track health problems associated with electro-
brain acts to block much electromagnetic radiation (EMF) from
                                                                       magnetic radiation exposure (e.g. cell phones). They are at:
reaching the brain. Obviously, in children, this is not so true,
     To be on the safe side, it is best to limit our cell phone use   of Surgeons. He is also an expert on the potential health hazards
and practice “safe” cell phone practices. Dr. Vini G. Khurana is      of cell phone use. Here is a summary from his website:
a Mayo Clinic-Trained Neurosurgeon with an advanced                   http://www.brain-surgery.us
neurosurgery Fellowship in Cerebrovascular and Complex
Tumor Surgery from the Barrow Neurological Institute in
Phoenix, Arizona and a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College
                           SAFETY TIPS: The following important points regarding
                                mobile phone safety should be kept in mind:
     1.   Bluetooth ear-piece devices are NOT safe. Microwaves                 Keeping a mobile phone close to one's head overnight is
          generated by the mobile phone are wirelessly                         NOT safe. Even "at rest", the mobile will regularly emit
          transferred and directly transmitted into the ear canal              a pulsed microwave signal to its closest base station in
          and surrounding head region via the coupled blue tooth               order for the mobile phone's position to be tracked in
          device.                                                              order to maintain its expected service.
     2.   Wired ear-pieces are NOT safe unless they are                   6.   A regular land-line IS safe. In fact, this remains one of
          specifically shielded against electromagnetic radiation.             the safest forms of electronic verbal communication.
          Wearing an ear-piece connected by a wire to a mobile            7.   Using the "speaker phone" option on a mobile phone,
          phone in essence converts the user's head into an                    with the phone held at least 20 cm from the head is a
          antenna for the base-station.                                        safer alternative (inverse square law for radiation fall-
     3.   Home-based cordless phones do not emit as much                       off), however, this naturally compromises the privacy of
          electromagnetic radiation as conventional mobile                     the communication to some extent.
          phones, however they are NOT to be regarded as being            8.   Using a mobile phone via hands-free car kit (where the
          safe owing to the longer usage time (typically cheaper               car speakers and car microphone are used instead of the
          calling rates) associated with home-based calling plans.             mobile phone being held to the side of the head) IS safe.
          Using such phones for less time and on "speaker-phone"               Here, the car roof acts as the antenna, and the user's
          mode with the cordless phone held at least 20 cm from                head is at an acceptable distance from both the roof and
          the head is a safer alternative to holding them close to             the phone (inverse square law for radiation fall-off).
          the side of the head.
                                                                          9.   A child's brain is structurally developing well into
     4.   The desktop base stations associated with cordless                   adolescence, has a greater relative water content and
          phones emit a constant electromagnetic radiation plume               lower volume compared with an adult's brain, and
          of up to 3 meters in diameter, and so are best not kept              subject to more "plasticity" (structural and functional
          close to the head for prolonged periods of time such as              reprogramming) at a microscopic level. It is logical to
          overnight.                                                           expect that exposing a child's brain to cell phone
     5.   "Walkie-talkies" are NOT safe. They emit very high                   radiation is likely to cause cellular damage that, in due
          levels of electromagnetic radiation, up to 50 times more             course, may lead to brain cancer. Children should NOT
          than a mobile phone.                                                 use mobile or cellular phones unless in an emergency.
                        Tom Petrie is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in
                        Nutrition and Biochemistry. He was Nutritionist with the
                                                                                               Use the WaveShield!
                        Pritikin Longevity Center in Santa Monica, CA and
                        Nutritionist for the Total Health Foundation in Albany, NY.
                        He has been a guest on WABC radio and local TV. He
                        currently works with The Healing Clinic in Spring Valley and
                        the Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine in Suffern,
                        New York. His Website is: http://tompetrie.net.

  To learn how to protect yourself from the potential dangers of cell phone radiation,
  go to http://www.bestcellphoneprotection.com or http://www.bestcprb.com.
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