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       o   Find Child Care
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       o   Find a Child to Adopt (TARE)
       o   Adoption & Support
       o   Voluntary Adoption Registry
       o   Fostering Connections
       o   Foster Care Medical Services
       o   Guide to Medical Services
       o   Medical Consent
       o   Youth & Young Adult Services
       o   Transitional Services
       o   Texas Youth Connection
       o   Extended Care and Return
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            Exceeding $100K
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          o   Regional CPS Contracts
          o   Regional APS Contracts
          o   Community Prevention
          o   Prevention and Early Intervention

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Public Awareness Campaigns

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News and Information

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      While Your Child Is in Our Care
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      Parent's Guide to a CPS Investigation
      Guía para padres sobre las investigaciones
      Mientras Cuidamos a Su Hijo

Business Information

      Contracting with DFPS
      Texas Faith-Based & Community Initiative
      Introduction to Funding Opportunities
      How to Start a Child Care Business
      Active DFPS Contracts Exceeding $100,000
      Regional Children Statistics in DFPS Care

Find a Service

      Search for Child Care
      Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent
      Search for a Child to Adopt
      Find Your Birth Family or Biological Sibling
      Preparation for Adult Living Program
      Prevention Programs in Your County
      Request a Copy of a Case Record

Other Information

      Texas Health and Human Services
      State Expenditure Database
      Texas Online
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