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									                                LOCH RAVEN HS BOOSTER CLUB
                                   APRIL 2009 NEWSLETTER
4.14     Schools Reopen from Spring Break                              Craft Fair – A great Success!
4.18     Junior Prom 7 – 10 pm
5.5      Booster Club Meeting 7pm – ALL ARE WELCOME!                   Thank you to everyone (too numerous to mention by name)
5.18     Spring Sports Award Ceremony 7pm                              who volunteered at the 2nd Annual Craft Fair! People shopped
                                                                       and vendors left happy! We had over 500 people attend plus
                                                                       well over 50 volunteers!
 Spring Sports Award Ceremony
                  Monday, May 18th                                     Thank you to the wonderful Class of 2010 who helped on
A huge thank you goes out to everyone who helped with the              Friday evening and also worked from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm on
Winter Ceremony: parents, coaches, and students! A special             Saturday! Thank you, 2010, for also selling PIZZA. The
thank you to those who served as parent reps for their child's         National Art Honor Society and Mr. Dursa did a nice job setting
team!!                                                                 up the Gallery Walk, Relay For Life did a great job getting their
                                                                       information out (one team sold lollipops for a team fundraiser),
The Spring Awards Ceremony is Monday, May 18. Save the                 and the Boosters launched the sale of LRHS FLIP FLOPS.
date! Tickets will be sold during all three lunch shifts May 4 - 8
($3 for boosters and $5 for non-boosters). Be sure to purchase
                                                                       John Cosby sold 100% of the fresh fruit brought to raise funds
your tickets then as tickets will cost $2 more at the door. If you
can help sell tickets during lunch, contact Karen Beauford             for the PPP! The boys’ baseball team showed up to sell their
(Karen_beauford@pfm.org).                                              team fundraiser. In addition, Charcoal Grill sold around 180
                                                                       sandwiches and the PTSA/Boosters received a cut of the
The Booster Club needs volunteers to help with the Awards              sandwich sales. Hilary Cosby and crew did a wonderful job
Ceremony Committee. Help is needed communicating via                   with concessions.
email with parent reps, coaches, and volunteers and planning
and coordinating event details for the three programs. Persons         Thank you to the clean up crew. It was nice to have your help
interested should contact Karen Beauford                               after two long days. Our custodian Cynthia was all smiles
Karen_beauford@pfm.org. Please consider volunteering so                when she saw the cafeteria ready for Monday morning and all
that the awards programs may continue. Get a friend to                 hallways spotless!
volunteer with you!
                                                                       The Booster Club will split all proceeds and expenses with the
Parent Team Reps Needed!                                               PTSA. The PTSA will be able to fund eight scholarships this
The team parent is the liaison between the coach, players, and
                                                                       year and the Boosters will add dollars to their stadium projects.
parents. They ensure that information between the coach and
                                                                       Loch Raven High School will benefit 100% from all proceeds.
team parents is communicated, as well as create a spirit of
Loch Raven school pride. We are still in need of a parent team
rep for the following teams:                                           Kathy Kerch, Glenda Lehman/Co-Chairs Craft Fair 2009

Baseball - Varsity and JV; Boys Lacrosse - Varsity and JV;                       BOOSTER CLUB MEETING
Girls Lacrosse - JV; Softball - Varsity and JV.                        Our next Booster club meeting will be held on Tuesday, May
                                                                       5th at 7 p.m. in Room 101. Please join us for this one-hour
As a parent rep, you would encourage membership in the                 meeting!
Booster Club, provide players with team roster, encourage
parent attendance at games, provide volunteers for the Awards
Ceremony, coordinate coach's gift with team captains,
coordinate senior gifts with coach and senior parents, and
attend Booster Club meetings. Please contact Pam Russell
(russell_pam@hotmail.com) if you would be willing to serve in
this capacity.

                                                         LRHS Booster Club
                                             1212 Cowpens Avenue; Baltimore, MD 21286
                                            lochravenhs.bcps.org, then click ‘Booster Club’
                                                            APRIL 2009

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