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									                  Primal Reflex Release Techniques(PRRT) Seminar
                                    Boerne, Texas

Have you watched the DVD and listened to the CD’s included in the PRRT home study

If your answer is NO, please take the time to watch the DVD and listen to the CD’s this
week! When you take action and perform these techniques on your patient, they will say
things like:                        That’s incredible!
                               How the heck did you do that?
                             I can not believe how good I feel!
             No one has ever been able to give me that kind of relief that quick!
………………..How about that for word of mouth advertising!
        ----And that is coming from the hardest patients to get better-Adhesive capsulitis,
Fibromyalgia, Cancer pain, Chronic cervical and lumbar pain patients!!

If your answer is YES, have you applied these nine techniques on your patients? If you
have tried these techniques and have been blown away by the results…..
                        YOU HAVEN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET!

The seminar in Boerne, Texas will be worth every penny!

What does the PRRT basic course include?
I will personally show you the one minute Nocioceptive exam and teach you over 30 new
techniques not shown in the home study course. These techniques will help you with
treatment issues throughout the body. You will be able to go home and immediately
apply these techniques and have tremendous success on Monday when you return to the
                        100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!

I am so sure of this I am offering 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied by
lunch on the first day. No questions asked, I will refund the whole cost ($797) of the
course. If you attend the course with a co-worker, I will take off $60 for each participant
from the same facility. Sign up two weeks prior to the basic seminar date and I will take
off an additional $25.
       *This basic course is an 18 hour course, 8-7 on Saturday and 8-3 on Sunday*
            **IT HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR 1.8 CEU’s by the TPTA **
If you have any further questions you can go to thePRRT.com or contact me directly at
bpti@boernepti.com or at 830-249-7211.
P.S. My assistant or I will be contacting you by phone in two weeks to answer any
further questions and to see if you are interested in attending the basic seminar.
***I have attached the registration form for your convenience.***
Thank you,

Danny Kasprowicz PT, ATC, LAT
Basic PRRT Instructor/Owner/PT
Boerne Physical Therapy Institute
Comments from past Seminar attendees:
NEW, Organized approach that utilizes many things we were taught in school and after
school. Look forward to putting it into practice with my patients and attending future
       - Danny B, PT

The content was very understandable. As a PTA I am very limited in diagnostic
techniques so this information is perfect in that it offers me a diagnostic tool without
stepping out of the bounds of my licensing.
       -Jennifer A, PTA

I feel these are wonderful, quick techniques that can be utilized by many different
practitioners. I think it will help people in a way never thought possible.
         -Nicholas B, MT

Great! I can’t wait to try it on my patients in the clinic!
       -Bruce F, PT

Excited to use it!
Allen E, PT

Great! Exciting! Can’t wait to see it work in the clinic!
David H, PT, DPT

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