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               The Bledsoe Buzz
Bledsoe PTA Newsletter                                  November/December 2012

 Thank you so much for donating to the
 i$upportBled$oe fundraising campaign.
 With your help we raised $23,725.29!
 This money will be put to good use for
 programming, gifting and new books
 for Bledsoe.
 Thank you for supporting your child,                Upcoming
 your school and your PTA!                            Events
 Your feedback is important. If you have
 any comments or suggestions about            December 4th: Spirit Night at
 the campaign, please send an email to        December 13th: Teacher                  Appreciation Luncheon
                                              December 21st: Winter Parties
                                              December 24th-January 4th:
                                              Winter Break
                                              January 15: PTA Meeting 7PM
        2012-13 Reflections Update                   Multi-Cultural Minute
 Bledsoe students submitted a total of 54 works
                                                   The Multicultural Minute
 of art in four categories. Each work of art
                                                   featured many more cultures
 submitted is reflective of this year’s PTA        during Good Morning
 Reflections contest theme, which is ‘The Magic    Bledsoe! On Oct. 12th,
 of a Moment.’ The number of entries               Rodrigo Hurtado, Erica Michelle
 submitted by category are:                        Pap, and Leonardo and Diego
      24 visual arts                              Gonzales spoke Spanish and
      17 photography                              represented Mexico and Puerto
      11 literature                               Rico. Rodrigo even brought a
      2 musical composition                       bullfighter's cape that belonged
 Local judging will occur on Wednesday,            to his grandfather! On Oct.
                                                   26th, Jaswin Jabbal, Harleen
 December 5th followed immediately by District
                                                   Buttar, and Gurgot and Ishmeet
 judging that will occur on Thursday, December     Singh spoke Punjabi and
 6th. All participants will be recognized and      represented India. We learned
 winners will be announced at Good Morning         that India has over 200
 Bledsoe in January.                               languages, and Punjabi is just
                                                   one of them! On Nov. 9th,
                                                   Radek Rymarz spoke Polish,
                                                   representing Poland. Radek is
                                                   truly bilingual since his family
                                                   moved to the US in 2011. On
                                                   Nov. 30th, Anne Marie Joe
 There’s an APP for That!                          represented Vietnam and
FISD has launched a new mobile application,        China, speaking in both
which is available FREE for download at both the   Vietnamese and Mandarin. In
Apple iPhone App Store and the Android Play        the past few weeks, we learned
Store. Just search Frisco ISD or visit             how to say "hello" and
                                                   "goodbye" in Spanish, Punjabi, or
                                                   Polish, Vietnamese, from your smart          and Mandarin!
phone. The app features news, upcoming
events, lunch menus, and more, which can be
available to you right at your fingertips!

 Keep Your Immunity Strong                                    Parent’s Corner

Your family can get through the Holiday season, with
                                                              What do you do at home to keep your
all it's amazing food and still be healthy! The key is        family active during the winter
to keep the focus on fruits and veggies throughout            months?
your celebrations! People who eat the recommended
number of fruits and vegetables every day have
strong immune systems and are the ones least likely           “Andrew, Zach and Ellie all play hockey several times a
to get sick in the winter.                                    week, so they get good fitness there. We still walk to
                                                              school in the winter – unless it’s super cold and windy. If
                                                              it’s nice out – I still ship them outside. They play
Turkey and Wild Rice Soup                                     basketball or hockey in the driveway. We also have a
from                                     family membership at the Y and they’ve all had their intro
                                                              class, so they can workout there.” -Nicole Warhoftig
2               Carrots
2               Celery stalks                                 “We bundle them up and go hiking at Arbor Hills or Lake
1               onion – medium                                Ray Roberts. The whole family has fun. I have made
½ cup           All-Purpose Flour                             "assignments" for each child to find a long red leaf or a
                                                              flat rock or something unusual like a scavenger hunt.”
4 cups          low sodium chicken broth
                                                              -Stephanie Brown (Cailey 10, Trevor 8, Carter 5)
2 cups          wild rice – cooked
6 ounces        Turkey breast meat
                                                              “We enroll them in an indoor sport, like basketball. Our
1 pint          half and half – fat-free or full fat          daughter also does gymnastics. I try to get to the Y at
1 tsp           dried parsley                                 least 3 times a week.” -Roddy and Leslie Wright (Chase
½ tsp           Salt                                            th        rd         th
                                                              5 , Chloe 3 , Caden 8 , Carson 7 )

¼ tsp           black pepper
2 TBSP          olive oil

                                                               Student Wellness Council
       In a stockpot, heat olive oil over medium-high
        heat. Add the carrots, celery and onion; cook         Calling all 4th and 5th graders! We are forming the
        and stir until tender.
                                                              Bledsoe Student Wellness Council. Are you
       Stir in flour until blended; cook until bubbly.
                                                              interested in Nutrition? Fitness? Promoting healthier
        Gradually whisk in broth. Bring to a boil,
        stirring constantly; cook and stir for 1-2
                                                              lifestyles at your school?
        minutes or until thickened. Stir in the
        remaining ingredients; return to a boil.              Be on the lookout for The Bledsoe Blaster’s
        Reduce heat; simmer for 20 minutes, stirring          Student Wellness Council Application in your
        occasionally.                                         Thursday folders this November 29th.

                               Bledsoe Lifestyles for Active Students and Teachers
                                                   Bledsoe PTA

         Fall Book Fair: Every Reader is a
Bledsoe’s All Star Fall Book Fair: Every Reader is a Star, kicked off Friday November
9th during Good Morning Bledsoe. Frisco High School cheerleaders and football
players came to share their favorite childhood books and story characters with the

During the Fall Book Fair, the school opened at some additional times, allowing
families ample time to shop. We were excited to offer a “Lunch with All-Star
Readers” Day, shopping during the Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program, and a
Saturday morning for shoppers to come see the many award-winning titles offered
at the Book Fair.

As always, one of our goals is to ensure that as many children as possible receive
books and have access to books. One of the ways we accomplish this is through the
All for Books Program. With your help, we raised $190.39 to help our local Frisco
YMCA. With that money we were able to donate many books, including Percy
Jackson, Magic Tree House, Junie B. Jones, and the Cam Jansen series to name a
few. All of the donors were recognized at the Fair with personalized stars
displaying their name on the “All for Books” wall inside the library.

Book Fair customers helped build Bledsoe’s classroom libraries by purchasing books
through the Classroom Wish List Program. During our All Star Book Fair you
generosity provided over $1,120 in books donated towards teacher’s wish lists.

 We want to thank the many volunteers that helped us with decorations, setup,
class preview/sale days, as well as, those who coordinated the participation of the
Frisco High School cheerleaders and football players. Please know that Bledsoe PTA
appreciates your participation and support of our Fall Book Fair.

Look for more details to come about our Spring Book Fair:
“Story Laboratory: Reading Gives You Super Power!” from
Friday March 1st thru Thursday March 7th.
Let’s Celebrate Our November and
   December Staff Birthdays!
       November                    December
   Emily Arnold – 15th         Leslie Wright – 4th
  Hugo Montes – 17th           Kelly Starnes – 11th
    Ruth Green – 22nd         Tracy Lockhart – 11th
Shantiel McGowan – 23rd         Janell Bunt – 17th
 Brandon Hunter – 26th         Emily Harris – 23rd
                               Amy Ceron – 20th


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