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  Volume 22                              Communication... It's Not Just l a & .        ..                          WINTER 2004

      Advancements, Adjustments, and Accommodations
                                                                                                What's new a t PUC

       Parking garage scheduled to
                                                         options and minors

               In This Issue

    A Word from Dr. Kamalipour
                                     2          Advancements, adjustments and accommodations have been focal points for
                                             this academic school year. Advancements were made when, in April, 2004, the

   StudentIAlumni Presentations
                                     3       Curriculum and Education Policy Committee (CEP) approved documents submit-
                                             ted by the Department of Communication and Creative Arts. The LASS University
                                             Senate reviewed more than 80 documents in the 200312004 school year sessions

Spring & Summer 2004 Graduates
                                     4       with 37 of those originating from the Communication Department. Students now
                                             have a more comprehensive package of options to choose from in the Department
                                             of Communication.
               Alumni News Briefs               The 37 documents approved were designed to clarify course descriptions,
                                             requirements, introduce new degree options with supporting courses, as well as
                                             collaborative options with the Department of Management, Political Science,
                                             Computer Graphic Technology, and Foreign Languages and Literatures. We now
                                             have ten options overall and a wider variety of minors that students majoring in
                                             other fields of study can use to enhance their academic pursuits.
                                                The Department is also making adjustments as the new four story parking
                                             garage reaches the third floor in.its construction next to Porter Hall. Faculty, staff,
                                             and students have had to adjust to parking relocations, shortages, tickets, and rid-
                                             ing a shuttle bus from Woodmar Mall in the first month or so of classes this fall.
                                             Although, initially, parking has been challenging, all involved seem to have adjust-
                                             ed to make this semester a productive one for everyone. The garage is scheduled
           . JC alumnus Adal lskanda         to open Fall 2005.
         I    Spgklng TNmtoPolrer               Besides noticing the construction of the new parking garage, visitors and alum-
                                             ni will notice the student housing construction taking place on 173rd Street.
                                             Housing accommodations are set to open Fall 2005 with space for 376 students.
                                             There will be 94 four bedroom apartments, each apartment having two bathrooms
                  Faculty Spotlight
                                         I   and a full kitchen. Some utilities will be included in the $399.00 a month rent;
                                             internet, satellite TV service, water, gas, trash, and sewer, with students paying for
                                             their own phone and electricity. American Campus Communities is in charge of
              Faculty & Staff News       I   student housing at PUC.
                                            A Few Words from the
Winter 2004                  vol. 22
                                            Department Head.. .
        Department Head
                                                  Communication,.. it's Not Just Talk!                                       Communication    ...
      Dr. Yahya Kamalipour                  Welcome to another informative issue of The                                      it's Not Just Talk!
                                            Communicator. In response to the market                                          It is an exciting,
         Managing Editor                    demands, student interests, and changes in the                                   dynamic, evolving,
         Patricia Mellon
                                            dynamic field of communications, the                                             and highly diverse
                                            Department of Communication and Creative                                         field of study. Our
        Publication Editor
                                            Arts has significantly expanded its degree                                       programs prepare stu-
        Heather M. Cook                                                                            dents for a wide range of career opportunities
                                            offerings. Effective fall 2004, the department
                                            will offer the following programs:                     in advertising, broadcasting, business, educa-
       Editorial Contributor                                                                       tion, government, journalism, law, marketing,
         Adel Iskandar
                                            Associate of Arts, Concentration in
                                            Communication Studies or Media Studies                 social services, graphic arts, other related pro-
                                            Bachelor of Arts in Communication                      fessions, or graduate study.
          Amy Pilarczyk                     (Communication Studies), with options in
                                            Communication, Marketing Communication,                Please feel free to share this exciting infoma-
      Production Coordinator
                                            Organ~ational    Communication, and Political          tion with your friends and colleagues and keep
                                            Communication.                                         us posted of your personal and professional
          Susan Van Ti1
                                            Bachelor of Arts in Communication                      achievements.
                                            (Media Studies), with options in Advertising,
The Communicator is published by            Broadcasting, Journalism, Media and Culture,           With warm regards and best wishes for a
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                                            Minors in Advertising, Broadcasting,
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                                            Journalism, Marketing Communication, Media
                                            and Culture, Organizational Communication,
                                                                                                   Yahya R. Kamalipour, PhD
its readers with the latest news
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department. Any questions or                Technical Communication, Theater, Visual
correspondence from readers is              Communication and Graphic Arts.
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Alumni & Students Present Papers

                                                                Students benefit from
                                                                   OSCLG and NCA
        mi Kl    )ski,     Rc    -Schieb, Amy Pleasant,
           Toni Cipriano-Seffenaand Laura DeSMlsa
                                                             Dr. Carilli joined undergraduate and graduate alumni in a
Dr. Theresa Carilli and Dr. Jane Campbell accompanied        panel presentation at the 90th Annual National
five graduate students to the 27th Annual Conference of      Communication Association (NCA) Conference held in
the Organization for the Study of Communication,             Chicago, IL, November 11- 14,2004 sponsored by the
Language and Gender (OSCLG) October 14-17,2004.              Performance Studies Division of the NCA. Lori
   In a Panel discussion entitled "Women's                   Montalbano-Phelps, Purdue Calumet Alumna
Autoethnographies," Dr. Theresa Carilli facilitated the      (MA 1990) and Head of the Department of
presentation of several authoethnographies written by        Communication at Indiana University Northwest, was the
Communication Master Degree seeking students at the          respondent for the panel.
conference Saturday, October 16, 2004 at Saint Mary's           The following Alumni and one undergraduate student,
College in Notre Dame, Indiana. Papers were presented by     Ieesha Hearne, participated in "Performing
the following students in that panel discussion:             'Enter/Cultural' Narratives and Autoethnographies":
     "I am not contained Between My Hat and Boots:                         Heather Cook - MA 2004
                                                                      + Sarah Lowe - BA 2003
Being 'Lily White' in a Northwest Indiana Steel Mill" by
Ami Kleminski                                                              Donna George - BA 2004
     'The Myth of Monogamy: An Autoethnography on
Swinging and Open Marriage" by Amy Pleasant
     "La Bendicion: A Video Portrait of My Puerto Rican
by Gloria Roldan-Schieb ( ~ ~ ' 2 0 0 0 )
   Dr. Jane Campbell facilitated a panel discussion enti-
tled "Women and Film" where Dr. Carilli presented her
paper "Locating Italianita in the Films of Nancy Savoca
and Penny Marshall." The following graduate students
presented papers along with Dr. Carilli in that panel dis-
     "Anita Loos: Female Filmmaker of Pre-Hollywood"
by Laura DeSousa                                             One professor in the audience commented that it was impressive
     "Am I Different From My Mother? An Examination          that the participants were recent graduates, students and not
of the Mother-Daughter Relationship in the Films,            "tenure-track" panelists. The Department appreciates continued
'Hysterical Blindness, Reel Women Have Curves, and My        alumni support and congratulates Dr.Carilli and all who partici-
Big Fat Greek Wedding"' by Toni Cipriano-Steffens            pated in both the OSCLG and NCA conferences.
                                                                        Bachelor of Arts
                                         Organizational                                                      RadioITV

                              ES          Denise Brennan
                                        Kathalina Hernandez
                                                                         Public Relations
                                                                            Michael Buck
                                                                             Aaron Davis
                                                                                                           Daniel Alonzo
                                                                                                          Tabitha Bolden
                                                                                                          Robin Carlascio
                                         Communication                    James Drzewiecki               Matthew Cieplucha
                                          Maja Businoska                   Laura Furmanek                  Charles Dixon
                                           Rachel Clifton                  Jocelyn Gallegos                 Adam Hull
                                            Sheila Hearn                    Donna George                    Clint Keene
                                          Michelle Hussey                    Gina Jimenez                  Karen Kenzie
                                          Theresa Mikula                    Roberta Kyler                Matthew Kodicek
        Master of Arts                     David Owens                     Kathryn Lannon                Sarah Lamoureux
         Heather M. Cook                   Christine Parry                   Peter Laspas                 Anthony Nichols
          Mary Haynie                      Jamie Riordan                  Nicole Mackowski                Adam Niebling
           Robin Perez                      Brett Robson                      Erin Meyer                  Rosalina Nieves
                                          Marisha Rosenski                Ste~hanie Peitrzak              Tiffany Wenrich
                                          Shaunna Weaver

                        - Alumni News Briefs -
                          Regina D.           Christine Drapac                            Keith Berry
                          Biddings            BA 2000                                     M 1999
                           MA 1996            Christine is a Contract Paralegal           Keith presented four papers at the 90th
                           BA 1985            Specialist for the U.S. Attorney's Office   Annual NCA Conference in Chicago, IL.
                           Regina was         in Hammond, IN.                             Keith is an Assistant Professor at the
                           appointed                                                      University of Wisconsin, Superior.
                           Executive          Brett Barber
                           Assistant to the   BA 1992                                     Mike Klawitter
                           Chancellor for     Brett is currently on the Radio/TV          BA 1983
                           Engagement.        Academic Standards committee with the       Mike is the Public Relations Manager for
                         - began her          Indiana Department of Education. This       Duluth Trading Company in Belleville
                           new position       committee is creating the High School       WI. In March 2002, Mike sent samples
                           on June 1. She     and Vocational state standards that all     the Longtail T to various media outlets.
will represent PUC and the chancellor         Indiana programs must follow. Brett         This was marketed as the "anti-plumber's
before external organizations and con-        teaches Radio, TV and Technical Theatre     butt shirt" because it had an extra three
stituencies. She also will support and        at Chesterton High School.                  inches of length. He began getting calls
advance university engagement efforts                                                     from all over the world about the shirts.
and assist the chancellor in various other
on and off campus initiatives.
                                              Felicia Middlebrooks
                                              BA 1982                                     Krista Longtin
                                              Felicia is teaching COM 491A, a special     MA 2002
Dena Deanovich-Gasic                          Topics in Communication Course enti-        Krista recently presented "Meetings 101:
MA 1993                                       tled Broadcast News this Fall 2004 at       How to Run a Meeting Without letting it
Dena is a senior consultant at Sungard        PUC.                                        Run Away from you" for the Inspired
SCT. She is a consultant for the Banner                                                   Leaders Series at PUC. She is currently
Student Information System.                   Manuel de la Rosa                           the Lead Academic Advisor for the
                                              BA 1993                                     Department of Communication Studies at
Rachel Lesniak-Reid                           Manuel is the Creative Services Director    IUPUI. Krista also presented two papers
BA 1991                                       for KMIR 6 in Palm Springs, CA. He is       at the 90th Annual NCA Conference in
Rachel is a media supervisor at the           also a film critic for the MIX 100.5        Chicago, IL.
advertising agency A. Eicoffi Company.        morning show.
                                                                       Alumni Perspective

                       Truth to Power"
                                         By Adel Iskandar

                                   Arab-Canadian, my concern      ing myself, an intellectual
                                   about the then-novel myopic    mentor, his death was a tragic
                                                                  loss. I had written my first
                                   thesis of the "clash of civiliza-
of Porter Hall, a newcomer to      tion" continued to heighten. I paper on Said during my time
the United States, thoughts        felt a strong personal commit- at PUC. As an act of mourn-          Adel is currently completing
rushed through my head. I had      ment to contest this and other ing and to memorialize his           his Ph.D. dissertation at the
just arrived at PUC from           similar theses-to dismiss them legacy, I decided to edit a          University of Kentucky in
Halifax, Canada with much          for their irrationality and anti-
                                                                  compilation of writings by           Lexington. His topic is a
enthusiasm but little under-       humanistic consequences.       some of the most renowned            discourse analysis of the
standing of the path I was             Just four years after leav-academics and activists who          U.S. government's Arabic
about to take. Overwhelmed         ing PUC, these very contesta-  knew and were inspired by            language radio channel
by a sense of anxiety, I was       tions are reflected in all my  Said.                                which broadcasts through-
uncertain about everything.        academic writings and public       Assembling this book has         out the Middle East. He is
Like most graduate students at     commentary. Shortly after the  allowed me to engage with            the recent recipient of a
the beginning of their endeav-     tragic events of September     some of the greatest minds. A        Dissertation Enhancement
ors, the unfamiliarity of this      1lth, with the notion of the  few months ago, I sat before         Award for his research.
new educational quest was          "clash of civilizations" at thelinguist Noam Chornsky in his
thrilling, yet unnerving. Just     height of its popularity, I co-MIT office for an interview.
days ago, I was nostalgically      authored the first book on Al- A few days later, I met
sifting through some old           Jazeera (the Arabic language   Columbia post-colonial femi-
papers and found                                                               nist Gayatri Spivak
 the notebook I
used in my first
semester at PUC.
The very first
                 I       My experience and time at PUC was and then Yale soci-

graduate class attended was
                             both uplifting and memorable
                                   satellite station emanating
                                                                         -I    ologist Irnrnanuel
                                                                               Wallerstein. Aside
                                                                               from their discipli-
                                                                  nary differences, they all had
Dr. Cathy Gillotti's seminar on    from the peninsular gulf state one thing in common, a               His book Al-Jazeera: The
Communication Competence.          of Qatar). The decision to do  shared respectful reverence for      Story of the Network that is
The words at the top of the        this was to dismiss the preva- Edward Said.                         Rattling Governments and
notebook were some rather          lent dogmatic arguments about      Unquestionably, my time in       Redefining Modem
juvenile inspirational words       Middle Eastern media and       the Department of                    Journalism has been
 which I wrote to help calm my     public opinion in the Arab     Communication and Creative           described by the Sun
 uncertainty.                      world. Fortunately, the book   Arts has introduced me to            Francisco Chronicle as
     Thankfully, this uncertainty  would get acclaim from hun-     ideas that changed my life. It      "required reading for
 did not last for long. The next   dreds of newspapers domesti-    set me on a track which I am        Bush's entire cabinet. " The
 18 months would prove to be       cally and internationally and   fortunate to have taken. Said       book was also listed among
 the most transformative in my     help reverse the tide of irra-  has left scholars, activists, and   Choice's Outstanding Books
 educational life. With the sup-   tional demonization directed    concerned citizens with a           in the Humanities. He is
port and mentorship of Dr.         towards all Arab media.         responsibility we need urgent-      currently co-editing Edward
 Yahya Karnalipour, Dr.                As September 1lth and the   ly at this junction in history. I   Said: Emancipation and
Theresa Carilli, and Dr. Cathy     ensuing wars widened the        read it for the first time in one   Representation which will
 Gillotti, and some of the clos-   ridge between the US and the    of the aisles of Purdue Cal's       be published by the
 est friends I made at the uni-    Middle East, the world suf-     library. A responsibility that      University of California
 versity, my experience and        fered another loss in           has become synonymous with          Press in 2005. Adel is afre-
 time at PUC was both uplift-      September of last year, The    his name, one which has dis-         quent commentator on
 ing and memorable.                death of the renowned literary  solved all the uncertainty I        Middle Eastern affairs for
     It wasn't long before I       critic and Columbia             had when I first arrived at         national and
 developed an interest in issues
 of identity, media representa-
 tion, and equity in internation-
 al communication. As an
                                   University professor Edward
                                   Said left many in the humani-
                                   ties shocked, and I shattered.
                                   Considered by many, includ-
                                                                   PUC, and one which keeps the
                                                                   flame inside me lit. "Speak
                                                                   truth to power!"
 Do you recognize
        these Profs?
                                                                                Milan Dakich                    By Amy Pilarczyk

 TIP: "Interested in an     I
Linternship?.... Let's
         talk!"         1                                                His service and research work is
                                                                         focused in busiiess and technical
                                                                         communication areas. He is also
                                                                         the coordinator of the internship

                                                                                                                        Milan Dakich
                                                                         and CO-OP program for over 10 years.
                                                                             Dakich has been a life long resident of Lake County IN. He
                                     TIP: "I don't really                was born and raised in Gary. He received his bachelor's
                                   smoke a pipe much any-                degree in 1953 and his master's in 1964 from Indiana State
                                           more ..."                     University. He has taught at Purdue since 1970. Dakich said
                                                                         he enjoys teaching because he feels that it is satisfying to be in
                                                                         a learning environment that brings new challenges. In his free
                                                                         time Dakich likes to read and attend sporting events. He is
                                                                         manried to Edith, a ~etired  schoolteacher.
                                                                             He is a board member of the M d v i l l e Conservancy and
                                                                         the Lake County Dramage Advisory Committee. He is the for-
 Cogranrianons,             Award Winning Documentary
                                                                         mer codirector of the Merrillville Community Leadership
                                  "Chantilly Lace:
                          The True Story of J.P. Richardson"
                                                                              Dakich has seen PUC grow over the years he has been
                                                                         teaching. He believes that although it is exciting to see PUC
                              *Eric Sera and Peter Aranda for won a       growing he enjoyed the smaller campus. 'My fondest memo-
                            Gold 2004 Aurora Award for sctipt writing.
                                                                         ries center around the time when we wae a smaller campus,"
                                                 The crew won:            he said. 'The small size seemed to foster a more closely knit
                    *Bronze 2004TeHy Award in Low Budget category        faculty and student body."
     Q004 International Communicator Print MediaAward of Diinction          Dakich has published many articles in the IEEE Professiod
                                              forwribins/viScript         Communication Journal. He has also presented papers at
        *Gold 2004 Aurora Award for Documenbry/B'iraphycategory          Speech Association Conferences and the Popular Culture
                                                                          Association annual meetings. These conferences were a great
                   Gold 2004 Aurora Award for Low Budget category         time for Dakich. "It gave me a chance to see other parts of the
                     *Award of Excellence 2004 VdeOgqher Award            country and meet new friends," he said.
                                for Vdeo Productions/Documentary
                                                                       Back from Sabbatical...

                                                                                                                     By Amy Pilarczyk
Dr. Lee Artz                       Over" last semester. The stu-       Dr. Cathy Gillotti spent her sabbatical in
presented       "Culture     and   dents each earned a National        Spring 2004 studying how doctors give
Hegemony" at the International     Credit for their camera work.       bad news to patients. Gillotti has been
Humanities Conference in Prato,                                        researching bad news delivery for 10
Italy in July. He also presented   Tom Bogucki                         years. She started researching this topic
"Political Legitimacy, Cultural    & Patricia Hales                    at the University of Kentucky, where she
Leadership and Public Action"      have, again, surpassed expec-       wrote on the subject. She decided to take
at the Global Fusion 2004          tations in their work with the      the next step and go right to the physi-
Conference in St. Louis on         Creative Arts portion of the        cians to ask how they deliver bad news.
Oct. 30. Artz gave a talk on       Department. Under the direction        Gillotti worked with the Chicago
                                   of Tom Bogucki, The Purdue                                                            Dr. Cathy Gillotti
"Understanding Media Bias"                                             College of Osteopathic Medicine. She
at the Harbor Country Forum        Theatre Company won 4 awards        wanted the physician's perspective and any training that pre-
in Three Oaks, MI on Sept. 8       at the NW Indiana Excellence in     pared them for giving the news. She gave questions to all
and the "Presidential Elections    Theatre Foundation Awards.          different types of physicians. She received the most respons-
and the Distortion of Democracy"   B s Principal Actress in a Play -
                                    et                                 es from emergency medicine physicians.
at a PUC's Political Science       Sheny VerWey for Agnes of God           Gillotti found that most of the physicians spoke of death
Clum forum Oct. 11. Artz also      Best Principal Actress in a         when asked to define bad news delivery. When she ques-
presented papers and chaired       Musical - Linda Wilczynski          tioned one physician about this he said if you're still alive
panels at the 90th NCA             for Chess.                          then it is not bad news. "This doesn't speak to the patients'
Conference in Chicago, IL.         Best Principal Actor in a           quality of life," she said. "Death is not the only bad news."
                                   Musical-Steven Becker for Chess.    While somewhat surprised by the narrowness of this defini-
Dr. Neil Nemeth's                  Best Orchestral Direction-          tion, Gillotti also understood this perspective given the
comments on teaching com-          Trisha Hales for Chess.             emergency room context.
munication ethics were part of                                             She is taking her results from the study and writing an
an article in The Quill, the       Corya Channing                      article that will be published in a communication or
magazine of the Society of         directed Catsplay, Saturday
                                                                       crossover medical journal. One day Gillotti hopes to study
Professional Journalists in        November 13, 2004, as part of
                                   the Building Community              the patient's perspective on receiving the bad news.
Aug. 2004. His comments
about news ombudsman were          Through the Arts Program at             Gillotti is thankful to the participants. "I am extremely
published in The Nation on         PUC. The day began with             grateful to the physicians.It was generous they participated.
Oct. 11, 2004. He is dong          Hungarian Culture Day festiv-       Many are very compassionate."
research at the Columbia           ities and the Toborzo Folk
University Library in New          Dance Troup. Corya will be
York City this fall while on       working with the American            I PRESS RELEASE !
sabbatical. He is finishing a      Heart Association February
monograph on the Bureau of          19, 2005, at the Radisson Star     War, Media, and Propaganaa:
Accuracy and Fair Play at the      Plaza in Merrillville. A group      A Global Perspective
New York World and a biogra-       of students, acting as              Edited by Yahya Kamalipour and Nancy Snow, this
phical article on Isaac D.         Hollywood look-alikes such as
                                                                       book presents a multif-       look at war, media and
White, the bureau's director       Lena Horne, Rita Hayward,
and the first news ombudsman.      Frank Sinatra, Gertrude Stein,      propaganda hminternational perspectives.
                                   etc. will assist the Association    Focusing on the media's role in global conflicts,
Professor                          during an auction.                  prominent authom,journalists, scholars, and
Mary Beth O'Connor                                                     researchers provide and insightful overview of the i p c of globaliza-
developed a new class, Visual      Craig Blohm                         tion on media practices. The processes behind media coverage of war,
Aesthetics in Film. The class      published The 1960's, The           e t i c a t e d propaganda techniques, the dynamics of public opinion
was offered for the first time     Great Society: The War on           and the effects on human affairs and communication are covered in the
this past summer. Also,            Poverty with Lucent Books,          book As t e book moves h u g h theoretical discussions to regional
Professor Mary Beth O'Connor       2004. Craig also became             and national views, it explores cultural-politidimplications for the
and students Matt 'Potocki,        "Grandpa" to Ethan Andrew
                                                                       United States and other countries around the world, concluding with
Chad Early, Adam Niebling          Blohm, born on November 16,
                                                                       recommendations and solutions to key problems of media globalization.
and Joe Goldstein shot footage     2004 to Eric and Kimberly
for the NBC show "Starting         Blohm. CongratulationsCraig!
             a e y q sMau leuoslad AO ~wo!ssa~o~d asopua aseald ' ~ M ) z - E z ENI ~'puowue~' ~ a a qw g ~
                                               Aue                                                    j     0022
                   'yo03 JaweaH 0/3 'qq a ~ ~ e pue uoRes!untuuq p auauwedaa am q I!eu pue p-10 aseald
                                                ag                                                      JIU

                                                                     :uo!j!sod pue ssaqsnq jua~~n3

                                                             a ~       s                   ,ill
                                                 :(mdje a ~ noA a ~ ! pa6uey3 sey acueu ~noA

i s m ! aJryn4 JOJ suo!jsa66ns auos sn ago pue 6u!op aJe noA jeyM uo pau~.~o~u!
                                                                            sn daay aseald

 Purdue University Calumet
 Department of Communication and Creative Arts
 c/o Patricia Mellon
 2200 - 169th Street
 Hammond, IN 46323-2049

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