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									         What Do I Do With Used Storage Boxes?
Once you move into your new apartment, you find yourself left with all sorts of boxes that you got
from your old one. Well, they have served their purpose, but now you are absolutely clueless of what
do you do with them. This becomes more pronounced when you see the amount of space they are
taking up. For one, you could simply trash them or burn them, but you could also do quite a few
different, exciting things with them. Want to know what are they? Read on.

Recycle: Did you think about this one? It is the best way to dispose used boxes and is eco-friendly.
                                            All you need to do is flatten them and ask the recyclers to
                                            pick it up from your place. If you don't find one in your
                                            locality, go to any of the recycling centres and they’ll do
                                            the needful.

                                            Charity: You have probably used them, but if the
                                            Storage boxes were used for moving, they are sure
                                            enough sturdy. You can call any local library or store or
even schools to find out if they are in need of some boxes. This way, you won’t be throwing away
and will be able to help someone in need.

Store: This may sound funny; nevertheless, believe me you’d be surprised at how often you use
them. Well, you need not save all of them, but a few of them is
always a good idea. You can save different sizes and shapes for
your different needs and requirements. Besides, since the boxes
are strong, they can be used to stock up your seasonal goods,
tools and equipment, accessories, etc. So, pack them in as many
boxes as required and store them in your cellar, loft or garage.

Insulation: Cardboard boxes are ideal as an insulation
material. Quite a lot of householders can make use of them to
pad and protect the garage. In fact, you can even them out and use it so as to cover the roof or walls
in a draughty garage to preserve heat, or use it to lower the temperature in a warm garage.

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